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Published on Monday, 8th August 2022 by Catherine

This week, we will examine the environmentally friendly CSCS Labourer Card and address any queries you may have regarding the cards themselves, the application process, and the necessary qualifications.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) plays a vital role in enhancing safety standards for construction sites, workers, and employers by providing evidence that on-site workers possess the appropriate qualifications. While there are various types of CSCS Cards available for different sectors, occupations, and levels of experience, our focus today will be on the green CSCS Labourer Card. *Please note: On 1st July 2014, the Labourer Card replaced the Construction Site Operative Card.

Who requires a Labourer/CSCS green card?

Unlike the Red CSCS Cards mentioned in our previous blog, there is only one green CSCS Labourer Card available. The Labourer Card is specifically designed for construction laborers employed to perform a variety of manual labor tasks on construction sites. It enables workers to engage in entry-level positions on sites and remains valid for a period of 5 years. If you are employed in any labor-intensive environment involved in the physical construction and/or demolition of buildings and infrastructure, you are eligible to apply for the green CSCS Card.

What is the purpose of a Labourer card?

The Labourer card serves to confirm that the cardholder possesses the minimum required qualifications and competency in basic health and safety measures to work on a construction site. Although CSCS Cards may not be mandatory for all construction sites, the vast majority of employers do require them as a prerequisite for site access. Take a look at the comprehensive list of different CSCS Card Types to verify if the Labourer Card is suitable for your needs.

What are the prerequisites for obtaining a green CSCS card?

In order to apply for the green CSCS Labourer Card, you must be at least 16 years old and meet certain qualification requirements.

  • You must have successfully passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test within the past two years and hold one of the following qualifications:
  • An RQF Level 1/SCQF Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment. (This qualification is valid for a lifetime)
  • An SCQF Level 5 REHIS Elementary Health and Safety Certificate.
  • The NOCN/CSkills Awards Construction Health & Safety (F/618/0738) unit.
  • There are alternative qualifications available, with the most popular one being the CITB Health & Safety Awareness Course.  This course can be completed within a day and remains valid for 5 years. We offer this course in two formats: classroom training at various locations throughout the UK, or online learning via Zoom for those working remotely or preferring the convenience of online education.

You can find other alternative qualifications currently accepted by CSCS here.

How much does a green CSCS Card cost? How can I obtain a green CSCS Card?

To apply for a CSCS green Card, you must successfully complete the Operatives CITB Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) test. The HS&E test can be taken through the CITB for a fee of £22.50. You can find all the necessary information regarding test booking here. In addition to the HS&E test fee, the CSCS Card itself costs £36 and can be paid for over the phone.

For a convenient and efficient application process for your CSCS card, we highly recommend utilizing the CSCS online service. This service guarantees a fast and accessible experience.

A helpful step-by-step video guide on how to apply for a CSCS card is available below, alongside a useful online application assistance document, which can be accessed here.

If you do not possess an online CSCS account, you have the option to apply over the phone. Simply call 0344 99 44 777.

Once your application is approved, your CSCS card will be dispatched to you on the next working day. Online applications are processed more swiftly. If your CSCS card does not arrive within 10 days, please contact CSCS.

If you are an employer seeking to apply for CSCS cards on behalf of your employees, you can submit an online application via the Employer Application Form. When registering your account, make sure to select the 'Employer' checkbox. It is important to note that bulk applications are exclusively available online, not via telephone.

How can I renew or replace my CSCS card?

Every CSCS Card has a limited validity period and will eventually expire. The most expeditious method to renew your card is through the CSCS online application service. Card renewal can be initiated from 6 months prior to the expiry date displayed on the card and up to 6 months after it. The renewed CSCS card will retain the expiration date of the initial card, plus the duration of its validity (details can be found here). It is imperative to have passed the HS&E test within the last two years.

In case of a lost, stolen, or damaged CSCS card, you can also employ the online application service to obtain a replacement. If you do not possess an account, please contact CSCS on 0344 994 4777. Make sure to have your CSCS registration number or National Insurance number readily available.

CITB Site Safety Plus courses

The 1 Day CITB Health & Safety Course stands out as a frequently chosen option for individuals seeking a green CSCS Labourers card. However, it is worth noting that the scheme offers a comprehensive framework for career advancement, with an array of training courses tailored for every level of the workforce. As beginners enter the industry, they can begin with the Health & Safety Awareness course, progress to the SSSTS course for those assuming supervisory responsibilities, and move on to advanced levels such as the SMSTS course, designed for individuals with management responsibilities.

Image shows Blue CSCS Skilled Worker Card

At Essential Site Skills, we provide an extensive range of CITB Site Safety Plus Courses to facilitate career advancement.

Is it possible to complete a Health and Safety Awareness Course online?

To accommodate workers and employers who prefer remote access to the CITB Health & Safety Awareness course, ESS offers alternative training options for obtaining the necessary skills to apply for a green laborer's card.

Our highly sought-after CITB Health and Safety Awareness course is available as online learning through Zoom. We offer a diverse selection of dates that can be found on the course page or by visiting our Training Calendar to explore upcoming courses.

What are the opportunities for progression after obtaining a green CSCS card?

Now that you possess a green CSCS card and are gaining valuable experience on construction sites, what comes next?

The construction industry offers numerous avenues for growth and development. Many individuals choose to further their education by enrolling in plant training courses such as CPCS or NPORS, followed by achieving an NVQ qualification to demonstrate expertise as a fully skilled plant operator. Alternatively, they may opt to acquire new skills and train as craftspersons in specific trades such as Civil Engineering, Roofing, Plastering, Roadbuilding, and more. Regardless of their chosen career path, acquiring new skills and qualifications can significantly enhance career progression.

After completing the necessary training and NVQ qualifications, you can apply for a Blue CSCS Skilled Worker Card for craft operatives or a Blue CPCS Competent Operator Card for plant operators.

You may also aspire to advance into supervisory or management positions, which provide greater job security and higher salary prospects. We offer qualifications ranging from Level 1 to Level 7 Construction Senior Management, ensuring that we can cater to your career development needs.

At Essential Site Skills, we offer various NVQ routes and training courses to support your career advancement. Take a look at our NVQ Index or explore our homepage to find the right options for you.

Do you have any other questions regarding the Laborer card?

If you are still unsure whether the green CSCS Laborer Card is suitable for you or if you have any inquiries, please reach out to us for advice and career guidance. Essential Site Skills provides a wide range of NVQs and training courses that will assist you in obtaining a CSCS Card. Feel free to give us a call at 0115 8970 529 or email one of our knowledgeable training advisors at [email protected].

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