Whether You Should Use "Aunty" or "Auntie" and Why

Let us help you if you're about to send a card to your aunt and need to quickly check the spelling. Both are acceptable. Hurray

Is there a distinction between the meanings of the words aunty and auntie?  

There are some distinctions you should be aware of. To begin, aunty and auntie are both variations on the word aunt; you know, they are the ladies who usually come around for special occasions such as Christmas, New Year's, celebrations, and parties, but if they live nearby, they may drop by more frequently. They are your mother's and father's sisters, as well as your uncle's wives.

Aunty and auntie are simply shortened forms of the word aunt. Auntie is the most casual of the three, while aunty is more formal.

The main distinction is how people in different regions use them.

In some cultures, the terms auntie and aunty are used to show respect for older women who are not related to you in any way. They are used as nicer, more loving words to address closely related older women in some other countries.


What exactly is Aunty?

Aunty is a more affectionate term for an aunt.

It's great to see you, aunty I haven't seen you since your birthday celebrations. (My sweet aunty)

Is Aunt Jannet also coming, Mum? (the less well-liked aunt)

What exactly is Auntie? Is Auntie an English word?

Auntie is derived from the French word "ante," which was derived from the Latin word "amita," which means "like a mother." So this word was originally associated with the family, but it later came to be used to address a female relative who may not be as close or even a member of your family.  

My mother's best friend, Auntie Sara, is coming over tonight.

Have you talked to Auntie Jane and Uncle Paul lately? Their parking lot has been empty for weeks.

Auntie is more commonly used in American English, but it means the same as aunty in British English.  

Merriam-Webster defines The word auntie was first used in English in 1672, while the word aunty first appeared in English literature in the 18th century.

The spelling difference - Aunty vs. Auntie 

Both "auntie" and "aunty" are acceptable spellings in English. In English, the suffixes -y and -ie are frequently used to form endearing or familiar names. These suffixes are frequently added to nouns such as sweetie, granny, doggie, birdy, and so on to add extra affection and emotion to show how we feel about that person or thing.  

So you have a closer and more lasting relationship with your mother's friend, auntie Suzy, than you do with aunt Jess.   

It's the suffix that makes all the difference. While aunt sounds very formal, using auntie or aunty to address the same person conveys to the reader that you have a deeper connection and a closer relationship. As a result, we could say that you prefer Suzy to Jess.  

Native Americans believe that the monosyllable (one syllable) word 'aunt' sounds too sharp and emotionless. As a result, it is very different from the word's original meaning, motherlike (like a mother), so the suffixes 'y' and 'ie' make them a little more relaxed and endearing.   


What does the UK Oxford Dictionary have to say about these terms?  

The Oxford dictionary defines auntie (also aunty) as a noun (plural). oxfordlearnersdictionaries -- aunties) - Informal a person's aunt The word auntie has two meanings according to com:

 1 a colloquial term for aunt and

 2 (South-East Asian English, Indian English) a polite way of addressing or referring to an older woman

Online dictionaries, including lexico com, instead of showing the definition of the word aunty, redirects us to auntie As a result, the word auntie appears to be more easily found and recognized as the correct spelling.

How people in various countries use these words

The United Kingdom

Aunty/auntie is a more affectionate version of aunt used in the United Kingdom. Another meaning that has nothing to do with the original word but is mostly used by older generations is an informal name for the BBC (British Broadcast Corporation). Some claim it has something to do with their approach as a TV host. They were more relaxed and concerned about their audience than other television channels at the time. So, once again, the word aunty is associated with something lovable and meaningful to you.  

America the Beautiful

The term aunty is more commonly used in the United Kingdom, whereas auntie is more commonly used in America. It is most commonly used to replace the word aunt.  


The terms 'auntie' and 'aunty' are also used by Australians to refer to an indigenous(native) Australian woman who has earned their respect. This is especially true in spoken English, but in written English, it's always better to ask her how she wants to be addressed.  

Similarly, the British Aussies use aunty to refer to a television channel. Aunty is a woman. informal abbreviation for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Singular Nouns in Plural

Auntie and aunty are singular nouns with plural forms like any other regular noun.  

aunties -

aunty - aunties (akin to candy - candy or baby - baby)

It's the best thing ever to have three aunts. My oldest auntie is always willing to listen to me out, my middle auntie is always up for an adventure, and my youngest auntie knows how to persuade my mother.   

Now take out your pen and write your auntie/aunt on the card you're about to send. I'm sure she'll like it, but please don't rely on suffixes to express yourself; write it in full words.  

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