Where to Have Extra Keys Cut to Prevent Lockouts

Many people believe that it is acceptable to have a spare key cut anywhere, but this is not the case. When looking for a local key cutting company, it is critical to select a professional locksmith who produces high-quality keys. Selecting the best local key cutting shop can help you save time and money.

Top Tip: When changing your locks, keep an original key for key duplication to ensure precision. A copy from a copy is not the same thing.

The 5 Most Common Spare Key Cutting Questions

In this post, we will answer the five most frequently asked questions about getting a spare key copy cut in order to help you find the best key cutters in your area.

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1) Where Can I Get Keys Cut?

Where can I get a key duplicated is a common search question for those who have broken or lost keys or who need keys duplicated as spares. Do you know what to look out for when deciding where to have keys copied?

There are numerous places where you can get a key cut, and believe me, the quality varies greatly. As an MLA-approved locksmith, I respond to numerous calls resulting from cheap key cutting issues.

Where Can I Get Reliable Key Cutting Near Me?

Most people are unaware of where to duplicate keys or the significance of selecting a specialized duplicate key maker to cut a duplicate house key.

When we install locks, we cut standard keys for our customers and offer high security key cutting online as MLA mobile locksmiths. Because we do not offer a walk-in key cutting service on the high street, our advice on while you wait key duplication is unbiased.

As MLA-approved professional locksmiths, we recommend that you search for your local professional key cutting company here to save money and time.

Many businesses on the local high street cut keys;

  • Repairers of shoes
  • Laundrettes
  • A hardware store

  • Supermarkets
  • Locksmiths
  • Locksmiths who have been approved by the MLA

You may be able to get duplicate house keys cut at B&Q, ASDA, or Home Depot, but I strongly advise you to use your local MLA Approved locksmith to avoid costly and inconvenient problems.

What to Avoid When Having Your Keys Cut

You can avoid these problems by hiring a professional key cutting specialist to duplicate your keys.

  • Key blanks that are cheap and nasty and snap easily
  • Keys that are not properly cut and may cause damage to your lock
  • Getting in touch with a locksmith because your key is stuck or broken in your lock
  • Return trips to the key cutting shop to have keys cut

How to Select the Best Key Cutting Service

When having a key duplicated, there are three requirements:

  1. A skilled and well-trained professional locksmith
  2. High-quality key blanks
  3. High-quality machinery (detailed below) operated by an experienced operator

When it comes to getting high quality key cutting that is also good value for money, these factors make all the difference.

What is a Key Cut? Explanation of Key Duplication

There are several ways to cut a key;

  • Hand cut - this method requires considerable skill, is time consuming, and is the least common.
  • Mechanical machine - this requires some skill, and the precision of the key cut can vary depending on the individual using the machine.
  • Digital machines are both precise and expensive. They are most likely to be employed by a professional locksmith.

Keys are cut on blanks, and as previously stated, the quality of the blanks used is critical. Many highstreet key cutters use low-cost blanks, which can lead to serious problems.

More information can be found at How Cheap Key Cutting Could Cost You More Than You Realized.

Where can I get the most affordable key duplication? The cost of high-quality key cutting is determined by the type of key you require. These are approximate key cost savings.

  • Basic Yale keys start at £4.
  • Chubb and mortice keys start at £5.
  • Safe keys start at £15
  • Keys with high security starting at £12

Click here for the Master Locksmiths Association's Key Cutting Price List for more information on key cutting costs.

3) How Much Time Does It Take to Cut a Key?

Depending on the type of key you require, cutting one is a relatively quick process.

  • Yale and Chubb keys, as well as high security keys, can be cut quickly while you wait 5 minutes.
  • It could take up to 25 minutes to cut safe keys.

If you need to order high security keys online, we ship them within 48 hours and can send them special delivery to arrive the next day through our online high security key cutting shop.

4) Can you cut security keys?

You must locate a dealer for the specific brand of high security keys. High security keys necessitate specialized equipment and can only be duplicated by an authorized dealer. This could be a local high street locksmith or a company that offers high security key cutting online.

We offer high security key cutting online for Mul-T-Lock and Brisant high security keys at IKS Locksmiths. It is critical to select an online key duplication company with caution. I recommend looking for an authorized dealer on the MLA website. Advice on online high security key cutting can be found here.

There are several high-security key types;

Keys with high security or restricted access make it more difficult for anyone to duplicate a key. Some keys, such as the Mu-T-Lock Garrison, require a code to be entered. Others, such as the Mul-T-Lock Integrator, require a code and a card before the key can be cut. Various high security keys offer varying levels of security.

The difficulty of cutting a key that does not belong to them determines the level of security. More information on the benefits of high security keys can be found here.

5) How do I cut a key when I don't have one or when a key is broken?

According to my Top Tip at the beginning of the post, it is best to keep one original key that came with the lock when it was new, safely hidden away for the purpose of cutting duplicate keys.

Is it possible to cut a key without the original?

When it comes to replacing lost keys, you will notice that if you cut a duplicate key from another duplicate, the quality will deteriorate with each copy made. The most precisely cut key will come from the original key.

If you don't have the original key, a professional locksmith will advise you on the best course of action.

It is recommended that you change your locks if you have lost your keys and your security is compromised.

Can I have a key copy made without a key?

Yes, an experienced professional locksmith can cut a key by hand to fit a lock, but this is not always the most cost-effective option for the customer. It may be less time consuming and less expensive to change the lock. It is entirely dependent on the individual situation.

Can you repair a broken key?

You can learn more about copying a broken key here. It is rarely worthwhile to duplicate a broken key, and in most cases, it is more cost effective to replace the lock.

You can also learn how to extract a broken key from a lock by clicking here. You may be able to remove a broken key from a lock on your own, but you will almost certainly need to call a locksmith. Check out our guide on How to Choose a Locksmith.

These two points on snapped keys emphasize the significance of selecting high quality key cutting.

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We've discussed the issues that can arise from poor key cutting. Using your neighborhood MLA-approved high-street locksmith for key cutting ensures high-quality key blanks and key-cutting skills.

I hope you found this information useful. You can learn more about the significance of key protection by clicking here. Please leave a comment if you'd like to share your key cutting experiences.

Contact us if you require a professional locksmith in London or Hertfordshire.

How can we assist you?

Call Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist, for professional security advice and information.

The main image is courtesy of Jay Gooby on Flickr.

This article was revised in September 2020.


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