Where else should I go if I only have a few days in Edinburgh?

Learn how far Edinburgh is from other popular Scottish destinations (as well as London, in England). There is also a mileage table to assist with trip planning. We outline what is possible from a base in Scotland's capital, as well as the amount of time required to see the best of Scotland.

If you are planning a trip to see us, knowing how far Edinburgh is from various starting points is very important. Scotland is a small country, and visitors from other countries frequently fly in via London, England. So let us begin there.

What is the distance between Edinburgh and London? By car, the distance between Edinburgh and London is 414 miles/662 kilometers. So, let's say at least seven hours driving time, five hours by rail, or more than an hour by air.

When it comes to flying, another question that some visitors have is how far Edinburgh Airport is from the city center. Let's call it just under 8 miles / 13 kilometers. There are frequent airport bus services as well as a direct tram link to the city center. Overall, these are good connections.

An August evening; Edinburgh during the Festival An evening in August in Edinburgh during the Festival

So, now that you've arrived, what's next? There are numerous places outside of Edinburgh that you could visit in the future. (We could pause here while you read, oh, more than a hundred pages on this website.) )

Alternatively, take a look right here at the most popular things to do in and around Edinburgh - all of which are easily bookable.

However, you may be in the planning stages and unsure whether you should base yourself in Edinburgh or Glasgow, Scotland's largest city.

So you might be wondering how far Edinburgh is from Glasgow. That's simple. The distance between city centers is 48 miles / 77 kilometers. There are also many trains. In less than an hour, you'll be done. You simply cross Scotland's congested central belt by road or rail. You've arrived in the Lowlands.

However, hills on the horizon can be seen from many high points in Edinburgh, reminding us that Edinburgh and Glasgow are not far from Highland scenery.

Edinburgh city-centre On a passing Edinburgh tram, the poet Allan Ramsay (statue of) looks down with approval from Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens. It's a convenient way to get to the airport from downtown, but there's also a regular airport bus service.

So you might decide, well, how far is Edinburgh from a variety of Highland and other day trips?  

St Andrews in Fife, for example, is a popular choice at 50 miles/80 kilometers despite being a classic east coast Lowland town.

A day trip to The Trossachs (61 miles / 98 km) might be interesting for a Highland experience. It's a gentle introduction to a more rugged Scotland (and Stirling Castle could be included). )

If you are a hillwalker, for example, you can day-trip to a variety of mountains during the long summer days and still return to an Edinburgh base.

Some of the Glenshee hills, for example, or Ben Ledi on the outskirts of the Trossachs, among many others.

Autumn in the Trossachs Trossachs in the fall What is the distance between here and Edinburgh? Driving time is just over an hour.

So, what if you want to see more of Scotland? What is feasible for a simple day trip to your desired destination? How far is Edinburgh from Inverness, for example?

(This is not the same as recommending that you stay in Inverness.) This bustling Highland city is just one example; it's a natural route hub with plenty to see and do. )

In simple terms, the distance from Edinburgh to Inverness is 157 miles / 251 kilometers. The A9 and the Highland Road are the shortest routes by car.

Bridge over River Tay at Dunkeld, Perthshire The bridge here over the River Tay leads directly into the pleasant little Highland community of Dunkeld, just a few moments from the main A9 road.

And, as a reminder that there are many places to visit near the A9 en route to Inverness, the small Perthshire town of Dunkeld is worth a visit.

The Tay River, which runs between the A9 and Dunkeld, was bridged in 1809. The handsome bridge was built as a toll road by the local toff, the Duke of Atholl. He and his grazing successors charged ordinary people for using it for decades. (Well, they would, wouldn't they?) )

Residents had had enough by 1879. Rioters threw the toll gates into the river. Hurrah The tolls were removed. A later Duke of Atholl still lives along the road at Blair Castle, which is open to visitors, so you can still tip the dukes if you go.

Pitlochry, in the heart of Highland Perthshire, has a good selection of accommodation and dining options.

(To be honest, we wouldn't go to Inverness via the A9, but that's just us wanting you to get off the beaten path in Scotland.) )

Anyway, on the way from Edinburgh to Inverness, Strathspey, anglicised (as in 'dumbed down') to Spey Valley, is another area worth exploring. Bases include Aviemore, but we prefer the quieter Abernethy or Boat of Garten.

Explore the Cairngorms National Park from here - pine forest, high mountain plateau, beautiful scenery - while remaining close to Inverness's attractions, such as the Culloden Battlefield.

Tullochgrue, near Aviemore The view from Tullochgrue in the Cairngorms National Park, near Aviemore - birchwood, Scots pine, and a real sense of a wild place - is well worth seeing and is close to the main A9 road.

What is the distance between Edinburgh and Skye? If you decide to drive, the distance from Edinburgh to the Skye Bridge is 201 miles/322 kilometers, and it should take you all day.

There's so much to see along the way - Callander- Glen Dochart- Tyndrum- Rannoch Moor- Glencoe- the Great Glen... plus magnificent Glen Shiel - and only then do you reach the western seaboard with the iconic Eilean Donan Castle approaching - for more information on the route, click here. this visit our Skye driving directions page

It's a traditional Scottish journey in ways that the direct A9 Edinburgh-Inverness route isn't.

Of course, you can take public transportation to Skye. Both Mallaig and Kyle of Lochalsh on the mainland provide easy ferry or bus connections to perhaps Scotland's most famous island.

So you're in Edinburgh and want to see Scotland's rugged northwestern coast - the Highlands.

There are two distances to consider. First, consider the distance between Edinburgh and Glen Torridon, which is simply one of Scotland's finest and most spectacular mountain ranges. Consider Torridon to be west of Inverness.

Towards the North-West Highlands' seaboard

The second distance to consider is the one between Edinburgh and Ullapool, which is located further north along the west coast's unrivaled seaboard. (Actually, when I typed it, it came out as the 'wet seaboard.') Now I'm wondering if that was a Freudian slip. Whatever, let's keep going...)

First to Edinburgh, then to the Torridons. The distance is 203 miles/325 kilometers, but that is by the A9, not the more scenic route to Skye. (However, that is just my opinion.) )

Sure, you could get there in a day. The mileage given is to Kinlochewe at the glen's east end, rather than Shieldaig beyond the glen's western end, where there is a better accommodation choice.

On the link, there are comments about where to stay in Torridon and Shieldaig. If you want to explore Torridon and the Applecross area, you should stay at least a couple of nights.

In Glen Torridon, August Looking west in Glen Torridon in August There's a lot of atmosphere as the clouds move in and out. About an hour's drive west of Inverness It is not recommended as a day trip from Edinburgh.

Ullapool is yet another option for exploring the North-West Highlands. That is 210 miles (336 kilometers) from Edinburgh. There is a good selection of accommodations here, and it is a good base for exploring the seaboard.

Ullapool, like the Torridons or Gairloch - another west coast resort worth a visit - isn't really a day trip from Edinburgh unless you're completely insane and a driving nut. (In that case, keep in mind that the A9, the main route to Inverness, now has very effective average speed cameras, so you won't get away with any illegal high-speed driving.) )

Finally, there are dozens of other places you could visit if you leave Edinburgh to explore the rest of Scotland. You can, for example, drive to the top of Scotland in a single day.  

If you want to visit Orkney, for example, the distance to Scrabster, one of three mainland locations where you can take a ferry to Orkney, is 265 miles (424 km). (By the way, the other two connections are from Aberdeen and Scrabster.) Northlink Ferries operates the Aberdeen and Scrabster ferry services. )

If you don't start from Aberdeen, the A9 north of Inverness doesn't have much dual carriageway / divided highway, so starting from Edinburgh is a long day with an early start. You should plan for some rest and refreshment stops, especially if you want to make it in time for the Gills Bay to St Margaret's Hope ferry.  

The Orkney ferry Pentalina The MV Pentalina connects mainland Gills Bay with Orkney's St Margaret's Hope. It is a shorter crossing than the Scrabster to Stromness link (and significantly shorter than the Aberdeen link). The vessel's twin hull construction is visible in this image.

How far is Edinburgh from...

  • Edinburgh Airport is 8 miles / 13 kilometers away.
  • Glasgow is 48 miles/77 kilometers away.
  • St Andrews is 50 miles/80 kilometers away.
  • Trossachs (Loch Katrine Pier) 61 miles (98 kilometers)
  • Skye (Kyle of Lochalsh Bridge) 201 miles / 322 km
  • Torridon (Kinlochewe) 325 km / 203 mi
  • Ullapool is 210 miles (336 kilometers) away.
  • Scrabster (Orkney ferry terminal for Stromness) is 265 miles (424 kilometers) away.
  • London (England) 414 miles/662 kilometers

Here's how to get to Skye by car.

Alternatively, you could spend a day in St Andrews.

Or explore the Trossachs.

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