What time does season 2 of Euphoria premiere in the UK?

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Rue's battle with addiction has continued in the new episodes, while she and Jules have dealt with the new dynamic brought on by Rue's new friend Elliot (Dominic Fike).

Meanwhile, toxic Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi) has begun a secret romance with troubled Cassie Howard (Sydney Sweeney) despite the fact that she is the best friend of his fiery ex-girlfriend Maddy Perez (Alexa Demie).

Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane), Nate's sinister father, also comes to a crossroads in his life as we learn about his past.

Meanwhile, drug dealer Fezco (Angus Cloud) develops feelings for the well-behaved Lexi Howard (Maude Apatow), and Kat Hernandez (Barbie Ferreira) tries a monogamous relationship with sweet Ethan (Austin Abrams).

Will they all be happy? We have our doubts.

So, without further ado, here is when we can expect to see Rue and Jules again.

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Season 2 of Euphoria premiered on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK on Monday, January 10, 2022, at 2 a.m. BST.

This coincided with the release of HBO Max in the United States on January 9, 2022.

The new episodes will then air weekly on Sky Atlantic and NOW before becoming available for on-demand viewing.

The episodes will also air every Monday at 9 p.m. on Sky Atlantic for the duration of their run.

The second season is expected to consist of eight episodes.

The new season was preceded by two special episodes, one focusing on Rue and the other on Jules, which aired in December 2020 and January 2021, respectively.

Angus Cloud as Fezco in Euphoria

In Euphoria, Angus Cloud plays Fezco. HBO/Eddy Chen

HBO and HBO Max are Euphoria's home in the United States.

The first season premiered on Sky Atlantic in the UK on August 6, 2019, and was soon available on NOW and Sky Q.

Season two will premiere on Sky and NOW on the same day as HBO Max in the United States, on January 10, 2022.

The second season of Euphoria appears to be eight episodes long, as was the first.

The following are the episode titles and UK air dates:

  1. Trying to get to Heaven before they shut the door - January 10th, 2022
  2. Out of Touch - January 17th, 2022
  3. Ruminations: Big and Little Bullies - January 24, 2022
  4. You Who Cannot See, Consider Those Who Can - January 31, 2022
  5. Stand Still Like a Hummingbird - February 7th, 2022
  6. A Thousand Little Trees of Blood - February 14th, 2022
  7. The Theater and Its Double - February 21, 2022
  8. My Heart Has Always Desired Something I Can't Name - February 27th, 2022

The second season will conclude by the end of February.

We now have a musical teaser trailer for the new episodes, which show Rue alive but not particularly well.

The teaser features all of our favorite characters, including Nate, Jules, and Fezco, and hints at some drama to come.

Will Rue find love?

Given her drug problem and the fact that she appears high in the trailer, it does not appear likely.

On Monday, December 20th, 2021, the series released a full trailer that gave a great insight into what to expect in the new season.

In addition to being reunited with Jules, we see Rue put herself in danger by handling a gun and becoming involved in crime.

In other news, Cassie appears to be struggling and pursues a romance with the toxic Nate. How will Maddy react to the news that her ex-boyfriend is now dating one of her best friends?

Finally, it appears that Kat may not be as content in her new relationship as she had hoped.

All of our favorite characters are returning for the new season, but there are a few new faces joining the Euphoria cast as well.

  • Rue Bennett is played by Zendaya.
  • Hunter Schafer in the role of Jules Vaughn
  • Lexi Howard is portrayed by Maude Apatow.
  • Fezco is played by Angus Cloud.
  • Cal Jacobs is played by Eric Dane.
  • Maddy Perez is played by Alexa Demie.
  • Ali is played by Colman Domingo.
  • Nate Jacobs is played by Jacob Elordi.
  • Kat Hernandez is played by Barbie Ferreira.
  • Nika King plays Leslie Bennett.
  • Storm Reid in the role of Gia Bennett
  • Christopher McKay is played by Algee Smith.
  • Cassie Howard is played by Sydney Sweeny.

All of our favorites from the first season have returned.

Dominic Fike as Elliot in Euphoria

In Euphoria, Dominic Fike plays Elliot. HBO/Eddy Chen

Austin Abrams, who plays Kat's love interest Ethan, has been promoted to the regular cast, as has young Javon "Wanna" Walton, who plays Ashtray.

Meanwhile, musician Dominic Fike has been cast as newcomer Elliot in a regular role on the show.

In an interview with Variety, Fike described his character as a "homie" of Rue and Jules, adding that the character has a lot in common with himself.

Will Elliot get in the way of Rue and Jules?

Skins was to Millennials what Euphoria was to Gen-Z. Both were contentious, and both centered on a group of high school students pushing social boundaries.

The series is HBO's highest-rated show for younger audiences, indicating that the hard-hitting drama is popular.

Sam Levinson and producer Drake brought a teen angst drama based on an Israeli mini-series of the same name to HBO.

Zendaya and Hunter Schafer as Rue and Jules sat on a bridge in Euphoria

Euphoria stars Zendaya and Hunter Schafer. Eddy Chen for HBO

The dark story follows a group of teenagers as they deal with heartbreak, addiction, and rage.

The show's use of nudity was described as "pointlessly gratuitous" by The Guardian, but HBO's programming president Casey Bloys defended the scenes, which he said were based on Euphoria creator Sam Levinson's own experiences.

More of the same

"It may appear boundary-pushing, and the idea of putting them on TV may be, but somebody lived them," Bloys told the Hollywood Reporter, adding, "We're not trying to put out a Gossip Girl." "

Zendaya as Rue Bennett in the back of a car at night in Euphoria season 2 episode 1

In season two, Zendaya plays Rue Bennett. HBO/Eddy Chen

Season one ended on an ambiguous note, leaving fans wondering if Rue (Zendaya) died as a result of an overdose.

However, the trailer assures us that she is still alive and well, despite her addiction problems.

In an interview with RadioTimes com, Zendaya teased that Rue will reach "rock bottom" in the upcoming episodes, calling it a "long journey" for the beloved character.

"She makes decisions and does things that are painful not only to herself, but to others, and we see the fallout over and over again," Zendaya told RadioTimes.com and other media outlets.

"And this season, in particular, she hits rock bottom." When we get halfway through, the rock bottom hits, and it becomes extremely painful for all of us to watch. And seeing her go through it hurt me.

"It can be quite painful because your body, even if your mind, is unaware that it is not real." And if you really care about the characters, you can internalize their experiences.

"You just want them to make the right decision and be okay." And that's a painful internal battle in which you have to do or say something you wish they wouldn't do or say. "

Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard in Euphoria

Euphoria's Cassie Howard is played by Sydney Sweeney. HBO/Eddy Chen

There will also be plenty of story arcs to follow in the new season, including Nate's (Jacob Elordi) sexuality, Cassie's (Sydney Sweeney) and McKay's (Algee Smith) relationship, and Gia's (Storm Reid) growing rebelliousness. The future of Kat (Barbie Ferreira) and Ethan (Austin Abrams), as well as whether Kat is still working as a camgirl, and what happened to Jules (Hunter Schafer) after Rue abandoned her on the train.

The trailer seemed to imply that Cassie and Nate will spend more time together, while also hinting at Rue getting involved with some dangerous people.

Meanwhile, Gia actress Storm Reid teased that her "character is supposed to be developing and becoming her own," implying that Gia may get her own standalone episode.

Prior to the full second season, two special "bridge" episodes aired, the first on Sunday 6th December and the second on Sunday 24th January 2021.

The episodes are available to UK viewers on Sky and NOW TV.

Zendaya broke the news of the specials by posting a close-up image of Jules (played by Hunter Schafer), in whose eye we can see a reflection of Zendaya's character, Rue.

"They were sorely missed." Two special Euphoria episodes are on their way. "First one on @hbo on December 6th," the caption reads.

Zendaya shared a promo image for the upcoming episodes in a November Twitter post, captioned "THIS IS NOT SEASON 2." "

If you want to avoid spoilers for Season 2, read our Euphoria review.

Check out our TV Guide for more recommendations.

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