What You Need to Know About Post Office Boxes in the UK

In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about PO Box Addresses in the United Kingdom, including how much they cost and how to obtain one.

You are already aware that you require a PO Box. Click here to get a free UK PO Box address from UK Postbox.

For over a century, PO Box Addresses have been a part of the UK postal system. They are usually found in a Post Office or one of Royal Mail's sorting facilities, and they allow you to have a different, secure, and private mailing address than your primary residence or business location. PO Boxes are synonymous with privacy because they protect the owner's home or office address.

Why would I require a Post Office Box?

There are numerous reasons why individuals and businesses begin using a PO Box Address. A PO Box address allows you to conceal your actual location, allowing you to avoid unwanted visitors and maintain security wherever you are. We've listed some of the most common reasons people get a PO Box below:

The following are the top six reasons for having a PO Box Address:

1. Confidentiality and professionalism for home-based businesses

Many small businesses that work from home do not want their actual location to be made public. A PO Box provides additional security and helps to keep unwanted visitors away from their homes. PO Boxes can also assist these small businesses in appearing more professional.

2. To keep unwanted visitors out of the office.

Some large businesses, like small businesses, do not want customers showing up unannounced at their offices. PO Box Addresses are used by insurers, call centers, and large solicitors, among others, to conceal their actual location.

3. Get a UK address regardless of where you are in the world.

You'd be surprised at how many people live abroad and require a UK address. Expats, in particular, frequently require a physical address in the UK after they leave. International businesses can also benefit from having a PO Box in the UK because it allows them to establish or expand their presence here.

4. Maintain a UK postal address while temporarily abroad.

Many people leave the UK temporarily, but what happens to their jobs while they are gone? Many people who travel to the UK for work or pleasure will miss important letters until they return home. PO Boxes, when combined with an online post management app like ours, allow people to continue receiving mail regardless of where they are.

5. A permanent address for those who move frequently or are in temporary housing

A large proportion of the population moves at least once a year, which increases the risk of important positions being lost or falling into the hands of the wrong people. Renters are increasingly using PO Boxes so that they can keep the same postal address no matter where they move.

6. Victims of abuse's right to privacy

Privacy is, of course, critical for those who are vulnerable. A PO Box can "shield" abuse victims, protecting them and their location.

Our UK-based team is always available to help those who have been subjected to abuse in any form. If you want more postal privacy, please contact us to speak with one of our team members in the strictest of confidence.

Are you ready to obtain your free PO Box Address?


For many years, Royal Mail has provided PO Boxes to individuals and businesses; typically, their service provides you with a physical address in a sorting office and you can choose to either collect your mail or have it forwarded to you at a different location. The main distinction between UK Postbox PO Boxes and Royal Mail PO Boxes is flexibility; a UK Postbox PO Box allows you to read and manage your mail online. Whereas Royal Mail only allows you to collect or forward your mail to a single location, our advanced mail app (free with all accounts) allows you to access and control your mail from anywhere.

When your UK Postbox PO Box receives mail, we'll notify you via email or mobile app notification. You can then log in from anywhere in the world, read your post online, have it forwarded to you, or request that it be saved until you are ready to receive it.

Then you can log in and tell us what you want us to do with it. Request that we open and scan it so you can read it online, that we forward it to wherever you are in the world, or that we store it until you are ready to receive it. It's a smarter PO Box.

Furthermore, our PO Boxes provide you with an address in one of the major UK cities of your choice. Traditionally, you'd be bound to your local sorting office with Royal Mail, but not with us. You can choose between London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, and Poole.

How much does a Post Office Box cost?

The price of a Royal Mail PO Box varies according to the service you select. The cheapest option, where you pick up your mail at the sorting office, costs £215 per year. Want it forwarded to another UK address? The cost then rises to £265 per year. You could receive one letter or a hundred letters and pay the same flat fee.

How much does a PO Box with UK Postbox cost?

PO Box Addresses in the United Kingdom are FREE. Anyone, no matter who they are or where they live in the world, can have a UK address and will only begin paying when they receive mail.

We want to make PO Boxes as accessible as possible, and by eliminating the fixed annual fee, we open up the option of having a PO Box to even those who only receive a few letters per month. In fact, we have some customers who only receive a couple of letters per year and only use the service for the odd bits and pieces. They pay next to nothing and receive all of the benefits.

Read and manage your posts online from any location.

To summarize, you receive a physical address in the United Kingdom, just like with Royal Mail, but with the added benefit of being able to read and manage your mail online from anywhere in the world.

The value of our service is not so much the PO Box Address as it is the ability to access your mail from any location. As a result, we charge you based on the volume of mail you receive.

We offer five basic plans, each of which includes a free PO Box Address and access to our Advanced Postal Management App.

All of our prices include 20% UK VAT, but you may not be required to pay this.


Ideal for up to ten letters per month, with no monthly commitment and only paying for the postage you receive.

£9 for Letter 10 00 monthly

A basic plan for people who expect to receive up to ten letters per month.

£12 for Letter 25 00 each month

For recipients of up to 25 letters per month

£21 for Letter 50 00 monthly

Plan for people who receive up to 50 letters per month.

£36 for Letter 100 00 monthly

Our highest volume letter plan is designed for people who receive up to 100 letters per month.

There is no plan for you.

Please contact us for a customized quote.

Obtain a free PO Box Address


If you are expecting thousands of letters and do not require online access to your mail, go to the Royal Mail website and sign up for their flat fee.

If, on the other hand, you require more flexibility; like the idea of reading your post from anywhere; and see the value in being able to control forwarding on an item-by-item basis, then sign up with us.

The sign-up process is quick and simple, and you should have your new address within 24 working hours. First, go to our pricing page to find the best plan for you; then, go to our online mail app, ipostalmail. You'll be asked to choose a plan, provide information about yourself and your location, and then your account will be created.

Finally, because we are regulated for money laundering, all of our customers must go through identity verification. This varies depending on who you are, i.e. e Whether you're a business or a consumer, be sure to check out our page on identity verification so you're prepared. Our identity verification team is here to make the process as simple as possible, so if you have any questions, please use the live chat feature or visit the site's contact us page and select your preferred method of communication.

Alternatives to PO Boxes

You might be looking for an address in London to forward your mail to, an official address for your company, or an actual street address. If a PO Box does not meet your needs, please see the pages below to learn more. All of our addresses include our Advanced Mail Management App, which allows you to read and manage your mail from anywhere at any time.

Redirection Address for Royal Mail

Street Addresses in London

Registered Office Location

Directors Service Address

Postal Address for Parcel Forwarding

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Free PO Box Addresses
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