Watch Switzerland vs. Turkey online: A global guide to Euro 2020

Both Switzerland and Turkey must win on Sunday in order to advance to the Euro 2020 knockout stage.

The Swiss are in a slightly better position heading into the final matches of Group A this weekend. A point from their first game against Wales (Opens in new window) means that victory here would most likely be enough to keep them in the tournament.  

Vladimir Petkovic will be disappointed that his team did not win that match; Switzerland (Opens in a new window) were the superior team and should have won the game before Kieffer Moore equalized in the second half.

On Wednesday, Switzerland was defeated by Italy, necessitating a trip to Rome. (Opens in a new window) Euro 2020's second outstanding performance (Opens in a new window) A 3-0 defeat harmed Switzerland's goal difference as well as their confidence, with Petkovic's team soundly defeated by a hungrier, more energetic, and better-equipped opponent.  

Switzerland would fail to qualify for the knockout phase of the European Championship if they did not win all three points in Baku, as they did for the first time five years ago.

GUIDE EURO 2020 LIVE STREAMING: How to Watch Every Game From Anywhere in the World

Even a victory here may not be enough for Turkey. (Opens in a new window) to advance to the round of 16 Their performances thus far have not been deserving of continued participation beyond the group stage, and Senol Gunes' side will need to significantly improve if they are to take anything from their most recent match.  

Turkey, shaky at the back, blunt in attack, and constantly overrun in midfield, were humiliated by Italy and Wales, and are now under pressure to salvage some pride at the very least.

Turkey has not lived up to their pre-tournament billing as a potential dark horse, and a much-touted defense could easily have conceded more than five goals. Switzerland has been disappointing so far, but they will be optimistic about their chances against this Turkish defense.

The game begins at 5 p.m. BST and will be broadcast on ITV/ITV Hub. Watching information for where you are can be found below.

If you are out of the country for any Euro 2020 matches, your domestic on-demand services will not work because the broadcaster knows where you are due to your IP address (boo). ) You won't be able to watch it, which is unfortunate if you still want to see Harry Kane's in-swinging corners without resorting to illegal feeds found on Reddit.

However, assistance is available. To avoid this, simply obtain a Virtual Private Network (VPN), provided it complies with the terms and conditions of your broadcaster. A VPN establishes a secure connection between your device and the internet, preventing the service from determining your location and automatically blocking the service you've paid for. As a result, all information passing between is completely encrypted.

There are numerous low-cost options available, including:

VPN legal disclaimer for Euro 2020 live stream

(Photo credit: Future)

UK VPN Euro 2020 live stream

The BBC and ITV will broadcast live Euro 2020 matches.  

The BBC will broadcast two Wales group games as well as the huge England vs Scotland clash, while ITV will broadcast two England and two Scotland group games each.

USA VPN Euro 2020 live stream

Euro 2020 rights are held by ESPN and ABC. If you have them as part of your cable package, you can watch games directly on the ESPN website. (Opens in a new window) as well as the ABC website (Opens in a new window)  

Cord-cutters are also in luck, as you can get both channels without having to subscribe to an expensive cable package. FuboTV is the best option among the many for soccer fans looking to watch a Euro 2020 live stream. (Opens in a new window)  

It's a full-service cable replacement service with ESPN, ABC, and over 120 other channels starting at per month. 99 per month - and you can get a FREE FuboTV trial. (Opens in a new window)  

Sling TV, with its Sling Orange package, is another excellent option. (Opens in a new window) Sling offers ESPN channels for $35 per month - check it out and save money on your first month! (Opens in a new window) New or existing subscribers to US streaming services can still access their preferred platform from abroad with the help of a good VPN.

Canada Euro 2020 live stream

Soccer fans with a cable subscription can watch a live stream of Euro 2020 on TSN and the French-language channel TVA Sports.

Even better, you can watch matches online by registering with your pay TV provider's information or by signing up for a standalone streaming package.

The TSN Direct channel (Opens in a new window) A streaming service can be obtained for as little as . 99 per day or (much better value) $19 per day Anyone can purchase it for per month.

Likewise, TVA Sports Direct (Opens in a new window) The service is also ideal for cord-cutting fans in Canada, as it costs only $19. 99 a month  

Also, if you're not in Canada during the tournament, a VPN is the best way to watch Euro 2020 live.

Australia VPN Euro 2020 live stream

Optus Sport is the only place in Australia where you can watch Euro 2020. (Opens in a new window) set to show all 51 tournament matches  

Optus coverage can be accessed via mobile and tablet using the channel's app, and cord-cutters can also use Fetch TV, Chromecast, or Apple TV.

And if you leave Oz at any point during the tournament, simply connect to a VPN and continue watching as usual - scroll up for more information.

New Zealand VPN

(Photo credit: Future)

Sky Sport is New Zealand's official broadcaster for Euro 2020. (Opens in a new window) , which is included in a variety of pay TV packages  

Subscribers can watch online via the country's Sky Go service, while cord-cutters and others can try the Sky Sport Now streaming-only platform, where a weekly pass costs only $19. 99

Anyone visiting New Zealand from abroad or vice versa can use the VPN described above.


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