Vitamins and minerals don't seem to be doing much.

You're taking supplements to get the benefits you want, and you want to get them as soon as possible. Because the world of nutrition is complex, it can be difficult to determine what kind of timeline you can expect.

Our new Feel Multivitamin contains even more health-promoting nutrients than ever before, and now is the time to find out just how quickly this epic multivitamin will begin to deliver its benefits. To get you started, here are a few quick facts:

  • Depending on your level of deficiency, nutrients work faster or slower.
  • Not all types of supplements absorb at the same rate.
  • Water-soluble nutrients act more quickly than fat-soluble nutrients.
  • In your body, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients collaborate.
  • Some nutrients work much better when combined with others.

Different supplements absorb at different rates.

On the inside, the human body is anything but simple or straightforward. Minerals such as boron , for example, primarily serve to enhance the effects of other nutrients, and anemia requires both iron and vitamin B12. Nature was never intended to be picked apart by science, so as we unravel the mysteries of nutrition, we must proceed with caution.

The human body is astoundingly complex.

Individual nutrients work together in synergy to produce a holistic health boost throughout your entire body; human nutrition is anything but mechanistic. Taking a specific nutrient on its own will not help you, and certain nutrients work best when combined with other substances. Turmeric is a spice. When combined with piperine, it becomes 2000% more bioavailable. , for example, and your body has difficulty digesting calcium without vitamin D.

Timeline for supplement effects

Supplements have different effects on different people. If you are severely deficient in a specific essential vitamin or mineral, It may take weeks or months to completely cure your deficiency. y Not all supplements are created equal. There are numerous calcium forms used in multivitamins, but only a few are considered safe. There is one golden rule you should follow in the future:

Water-soluble nutrients are absorbed much more quickly than fat-soluble nutrients.

Some nutrients bind to water and quickly absorb into your tissues. Other nutrients, on the other hand, bind to fat much more slowly, resulting in longer tissue retention times.  

After a day

You may begin to notice the effects of the B vitamins and other highly soluble ingredients in your multivitamin 24 hours after taking your first Feel capsule. These effects, however, will fade unless you continue to take a Feel capsule on a daily basis.

1 week later

After a week, you may notice an overall improvement in your energy, digestion, and mood. Some of the less-bioavailable nutrients in your daily Feel capsule are starting to take effect, and the glow you're experiencing will only intensify if you continue to provide your body with the nutrients it requires.

  • Healthy biological cycles are establishing themselves.

After a period of two weeks

Some of the systemic effects of your nutrition-boosting choices will become apparent two weeks into your daily Feel regimen. You may experience fewer aches and pains, and your skin may appear healthier and more radiant. Your supplementation regimen is paying off, but the truly profound effects are still to come.

  • Improved energy processing reduces anemia and other deficiency-related conditions.

After a month,

After a month of taking the vitamins and minerals your body requires, you'll have completed a major cycle of your biological clock, and your body will become accustomed to the nutrients you're providing it.

Remember that Feel Multivitamin contains far more than the previously mentioned essential vitamins and minerals. Our one-of-a-kind multivitamin formula also contains the hottest ingredients that are trending in natural medicine today, such as turmeric, reishi mushrooms, and spirulina.

  • Nutrient synergies begin to work together to bring your body back into balance.
  • Increased alertness, health, and happiness

After three months

After three months of daily supplementation, your body will be in a nutrient-rich groove that will propel you through life with ease. Nutrients have been fully distributed throughout your system, and your risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease has been reduced.

  • Fat-soluble vitamins and minerals have been completely absorbed into your tissues.
  • Calcium is stored in your bones, and your cells have all the compounds they require to grow.

After a year

You have now completed a full year of nutritional improvement with WeAreFeel. Your overall disease risk has decreased significantly, you have more energy, and your psychological well-being has greatly improved. Overall, your outlook on life has shifted significantly, and you're more open to the experiences that life has to offer. You're on track professionally, and you haven't had this much energy in years.

  • Because of your daily Feel capsule supplementation, your body has established a balanced nutrient schedule.
  • As long as you continue to provide your body with what it requires, your improved health will result in greater happiness throughout your life.

FAQ on Vitamin and Mineral Timelines

How long does vitamin B12 take to work?

Because vitamin B12 is water-soluble, it absorbs quickly into your tissues. However, vitamin B12 only works optimally when combined with the other B vitamins. Each vitamin in the B complex plays an important role, and these nutrients work in synergy.

How long does vitamin C take to work?

Because vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient, it is quickly absorbed. If you want to reduce the severity of a cold, you should begin to notice the symptoms. within 24 hours of taking your vitamin C supplements s

How long does vitamin D3 take to work?

Because vitamin D is fat-soluble, it takes some time to absorb. Within a week, you should notice the effects of your vitamin D supplements. All of the beneficial effects of this nutrient typically take effect within a month. h

WeAreFeel is part of the nutrition revolution.

Every nutrient absorbs differently, so if you supplement in pieces, your body will become confused. Our Feel Multivitamin is unique in that it combines all of the nutrients your body requires into a single supplement. Some of these nutrients will take effect immediately, while others may take several weeks; all you need to do is keep taking a Feel capsule every day, and our unique multivitamin formulation will do the rest, working in tandem with your body's untapped resources. While taking Feel, don't forget to keep your diet clean and healthy as well. Using a supplement

We looked for the most bioavailable, vegan-friendly, and safe nutrients for each ingredient in our new Feel Multivitamin. Our daily supplement capsule contains all of the nutrients that science has identified as essential, as well as some of the most innovative ingredients that are currently taking the nutrition world by storm. We'll evolve with nutritional science, and that month's supply of Feel will continue to arrive at your door like clockwork.

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