Using the 'Secret' Sky function, locating a misplaced TV remote is a breeze.

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Your ability to flip the living room upside down might soon come to an end.

TikTok user @jodierebeccaxoxx

Prepare to feel terrible if you've wasted countless hours of your life looking everywhere for the lost TV remote.

Due to the fact that everyone has discovered this week that Sky TV remote controls have a very useful feature that makes finding them much simpler.  

A TikTok video was used to find the hack because, well, where else these days? ), where user @jodierebeccaxoxx showed how a straightforward action on your Sky box can quickly locate a lost remote.  

Jodie demonstrates in the video, which has since received over a million views, how holding the Q button on the Sky box causes the remote to make a loud beeping noise, allowing you to find it (probably down the sofa crack). in my universe  

Naturally, viewers were completely perplexed as to how they had never heard of this feature before, with one writing: "No way can't believe I've never heard this." ”

Another user said: "It took me a long time to realize the remote was beeping until my 2-year-old pressed it the other month. ”

Sky hasn't officially announced the ostensibly hidden feature, but they have been working on something new—the first satellite-free television system ever.

The ground-breaking Sky Glass will cost £649 for the 43-inch version and £1,048 for the 65-inch version and come with a 4K display, integrated Dolby Atmos, and five different color options.

The demise of the satellite dish will relieve customers of the need for complicated installations at their homes, which will be a godsend for many people who live in rented housing.

Customers will merely need to connect their Sky Glass to their home WiFi connection in order to bring in their television connection in place of that. Sky has also stated that the new TV only requires one cable to function and only takes ten minutes to set up.  

Facebook / Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary

In Manchester, a man was seen giving away nine puppies in a bucket to random onlookers.

Walking through Manchester's streets, one man offered a woman a dog, but he declined because he couldn't afford to care for it.

She reportedly took all the dogs because she was concerned for their welfare, and on Monday, December 12th, they arrived at Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary in Liverpool.

The puppies are still at the shelter as they look for the owner to assist him.

Facebook / Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary

The animal sanctuary posted on Facebook that it was in yet another emergency and that it urgently needed puppy supplies.

"Through the wardens, who were called to pick up the puppies from a Manchester veterinarian, nine puppies came to us.

"Unfortunately, the details we do have are very sketchy, but we were told that a man was walking down the street with two dogs that looked like huskies carrying a bucket of puppies in this bitter cold.

"A kind woman who was passing by took all of the puppies off of him because she was worried about their welfare because he was trying to give them away individually and claimed he couldn't afford them." ”

"We do not want any negative comments to be made as we do not know the circumstances of this man, and we would like to find out who he is so that we can offer support with a vet check for the mother and dog as well as food if necessary," they continued.

We are unsure if there were any additional puppies in the litter that had been given away, and if there were, we are very worried about them. We also want to help anyone who may have acquired a sibling to these puppies yesterday afternoon. ”

They continued by stating that the puppies were about a week old and still had their eyes closed when they arrived at the sanctuary.

To give the puppies the best chance of surviving, they have been divided into groups of three and are being hand-reared by a team of three fosters who have received training as vet nurses.

"Our job is to get them to the point where they need homes, which is currently a long and rocky road considering their terrible ordeal," the shelter continued. ”

The puppies are using up a lot of supplies, so they are asking for donations to help them out. If you can, please visit their Amazon wishlist.

Geograph / Liz Dawson

Personally, I've always believed that the question of where the North of England starts is conclusively answered: anything south of Cheshire is the Midlands.

However, a study by academics at Liverpool University has reignited that discussion, infuriating Northerners everywhere by asserting that the North-South divide actually begins all the way down in Leicestershire.

Is Leicestershire amusing itself?

Google Maps showing where they believe the North begins

According to them, more people are moving to the South East in search of "better employment opportunities," so the population center has shifted from Upper Midway in Derbyshire to Snarestone in Leicestershire.

They discovered this absurdity by compiling population data on the UK's densestly populated regions and determining the North-South divide from these data.

Just because people have been moving to London for a fancy new job doesn't mean you can mess with that and say everything above Leicestershire is "Up North." The North of England is a historically significant region with a variety of accents and proud heritages.

Using Google Maps, you can see where the North actually begins.

Professor Chris Lloyd, who oversaw the project, stated: "Our study of population changes in Britain finds that, as the population of the country has shifted towards the south east, the population center for each Census has moved steadily further south from Upper Midway in Derbyshire to Snarestone in Leicestershire.

This reflects a north-south divide in population growth, with London and the South East of England experiencing more rapid growth than other regions.

We have affordable beer, a Greggs on every corner, more culture than you can shake a stick at, and the ability to actually purchase a home without going bankrupt, so keep up the rapid growth.

That'll suffice for me.

Following a string of antisocial behavior, the services were completely suspended over the weekend.

Eddie and Google Maps with Flickr

Bus drivers were instructed to avoid stopping at a northern housing estate due to its antisocial behavior.

Earlier this year, two bus routes through Leeds' Swarcliffe Estate were canceled after teens allegedly threw rocks and other projectiles at the vehicles and people inside.  

First West Yorkshire stated on social media that the 40 and 56 services would avoid the estate in both directions due to "attempted vandalism."  

"SERVICE UPDATE - 40/56," read the tweet thread. We are veering away from the Swarcliffe Estate in both directions due to attempted vandalism.

Due to an attempted vandalism, we are detouring away from the Swarcliffe Estate in both directions. SERVICE UPDATE 40/56

I'm sorry if this has any negative effects on your trip.

— First West Yorks on March 5, 2022 (@FirstWestYorks)

I'm sorry if this causes any problems for your trip.

This will remain in place until the conclusion of this evening's service. The safety of both our drivers and passengers is served by doing this. I apologize for the inconvenience. ”

One of the world's most lethal snakes discovered in Salford's industrial area

Councilwoman Jessica Lennox of the Cross Gates and Whinmoor ward addressed the vandalism in a Facebook post, announcing that the 40 and 56 buses would be rerouting around the neighborhood "as a result of some serious vandalism that took place earlier."  

Wikimedia Commons / Mtaylor848

Previous residents have described how they "live in fear" on the estate, claiming that obnoxious anti-social behavior is getting worse.

When the youths who vandalized the buses came down here, a local teen said to Leeds Live, "They throw stones and break the buses." I wasn't shocked.

"Recently, I saw three buses stopped at the bottom of the estate because they were all covered in broken glass." A mother and her stroller were lost in the area.

"You should turn around and head the other way if you see a large group of people anywhere in this area." ”

Maps on Google

"There's nothing for the kids to do around here, so stones are always thrown at buses, and it's really bad where big groups gather around the Co-Op," her grandmother continued.

"My grandson lives nearby and has been assaulted twice," We don't typically go out at night, but if we did, we would take a taxi. It is unpleasant for both the drivers and the passengers. ”

Another resident, Keith Pettman, told the publication that there were many antisocial behavior problems on the estate, saying: "There are some young people on the estate who are a little rowdy."

"They play around with bikes and other items like all bored teenagers do, but I know they obstruct traffic and pedestrians,"

Certainly, there are vandals who occasionally break a few things. The field is also destroyed, and recently a number of trash cans were set on fire. ”

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