Upgrade Your Bathroom: A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Bath Panel!

A Bathroom Makeover Made Easy

Today, I am thrilled to share some tips on how to refresh and revamp your bathroom without breaking the bank. In this post, I will show you how to replace an unsightly plastic bath panel with an MDF veneer finish, a mold-ridden shower door seal, and a jaded plastic toilet seat with a fabulous shaker style alternative.

As we all know, renovating a bathroom can be an expensive project, which is why I have decided to give my own a little DIY overhaul to save on costs. I still have a few jobs left to do before it’s complete, but I’m excited to share my progress so far.

When I moved in, the bathroom fixtures were outdated and worn out. My plastic side bath panel was broken and ugly, the toilet seat was peeling with a broken seal, and the shower seals were infested with mold. Simply replacing these three items not only made it look cleaner, but it has also given me the motivation to tackle the rest of the decor.

A New Plastic Bath Side Panel in 5 Easy Steps

Thanks to some fantastic instructional videos on YouTube, I was able to successfully replace my plastic side bath panel in just over an hour. Here’s what I did:

1. Remove your old broken bath side panel by unscrewing and checking for any damage.

2. Use your old bath panel as a template to cut your new bath panel to size. Take your time to cut the plastic bath panel without any uneven edges, using a hand saw or jigsaw. It’s important to sand any rough or uneven areas before you install your new panel.

3. Slot in your new bath panel, and attach any necessary fixtures. You can drill the bottom board to the panel, or use an adhesive or sealant to bond the two together.

4. For a seamless finish, apply a caulk silicone sealer around any areas that meet the bath. Applying silicone is optional, but it will help prevent water damage in the future.

5. Follow these same steps for replacing a wooden bath panel too.

Changing your Toilet Seat

My old plastic toilet seat was disgusting. But with a few simple steps, I was able to swap it for a practical and stylish shaker style seat. I found mine in Argos, but you can also find some great options online. Here’s how to do it:

1. Remove your old toilet seat by unscrewing it.

2. Align the new seat over the toilet bowl. Ensure it’s central and that the threaded holes are lined up.

3. Insert the bolts from the underside of the toilet bowl and tighten the nuts to secure the seat in place.

4. Adjust the position and level it if necessary, then re-tighten the nuts.

5. Cover the bolts with plastic caps.

No More Moldy Shower Seals

Finally, I addressed the moldy shower door seals, which just looked grim. You can tackle this job easily by removing the old seals and cleaning the area thoroughly. Then, carefully apply new seals and press them into place using your hands.

Now that you know how to give your bathroom a refresh with little effort and cost, give it a try yourself. Happy DIY-ing!

Despite multiple attempts at cleaning, my toilet seat remained unappealingly dirty. However, I soon discovered that replacing the seat was remarkably easy. All I had to do was unscrew the fixings underneath and lift it off. Once removed, I simply installed the new seat by following the provided instructions. To witness how I handled these tasks, check out my Youtube video.

I also found that I could easily and affordably replace the seal on my bath panel. The original seal had become broken and moldy despite my attempts to bleach it back to life. I procured a replacement rubber seal from Screwfix.ie, although they can also be found on Amazon and eBay. I made sure to pick a seal that would fit my 6mm thick glass and cut it to size using the old seal as a guide. Then, I cleaned the glass and added the new seal, instantly transforming the look of my shower.

While these DIYs aren't the most glamorous, they demonstrate that even the smallest changes can yield significant results. I still have plenty of bathroom renovations on my to-do list, including replacing the broken and moldy bath seal, swapping out the taps, and painting and decorating. Be sure to watch my Youtube video to see the home decor items I picked up at Homesense for my bathroom.

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