Unleashing the Inside Scoop: What Locals Need to Know

Bramham Citizens

If your regular travel route involves using the A64 eastbound to return to Bramham village, please opt for the A64 Eastbound from Seacroft to reach the new ELOR junction. From there, follow ELOR to the A58, then pursue the A58 towards Wetherby before commuting to Boston Spa, and eventually reach Bramham village via Clifford Moor Road and Bramham Road. This recommended route will enable you to evade any festival traffic that will be utilizing West Woods Road and Paradise Way throughout the festival, and potential slowdowns in your journey.

Thorner Citizens

Usually, if you use the A64 eastbound to get to Thorner village, you can follow the A64 from Seacroft Eastbound to the new ELOR junction. Next, pursue ELOR towards A58 and go to the Skeltons Lane roundabout to access Thorner via Skeltons Lane. Alternatively, Thorner can be accessed through the A58, which this year should be a traffic-free route since the new Red Route will be in place.

The recommended routes from the village to the A1M would be through Carr Lane to the A58 to Wetherby and either J45 or J46 A1M. This way, you can avoid the primary festival traffic routes. It is also possible to exit the village through Skeltons Lane to ELOR and continue to the M1 South or North.

Red Bus Layby Check Point

• The A64 Eastbound lane will be coned into the Red Bus layby to create a check point/stacking area. The cones and/or barrier will come back into the layby towards the A64 Eastbound carriageway to create a T-junction, still within the layby. The location will have maximum visibility to enable a right turn out of the layby.

• Staff will check the legitimacy of drivers requiring access to properties and businesses further East on the A64. In such cases, the cones will be moved, enabling a left turn-out. Vehicle passes will be in operation.

• All other vehicles will be turned right back onto the A64 (Westbound) towards Seacroft.

Park House Farm Closure

• At the layby by the bus stop and access gate to Park House Farm, opposite the Fox and Grapes, there is enough width to create a safe ‘U’ turning area for any vehicles that have misled staff at the Red Bus about their destination and are still trying to access either the Festival or the A64 Eastbound. The A64 will be entirely closed in the Eastbound direction at this point.

• There is no need for a no right turn TTRO at the Fox and Grapes or a no left turn TTRO at Park House Farm because these movements are already prohibited by the TTRO for the one-way system.

A64 Closure – U-Turns

A temporary traffic regulation order banning U-turns will be applied in relation to the A64 from the A6120 to the Jct 44 both Westbound and Eastbound.

Red Bus layby's layout with coning implies that cars can turn around and go back the way they have come without making a strict U-turn.

A64 Closure – Kiddal Lane

As in previous years, Kiddal Lane will be closed at the junction with the A64.

A64 Closure – Affected Bus Routes

Transdev Coastliner services (840 and 843) avoid the congestion along the A64 throughout the Festival period by taking an alternative route.

Arriva's 173 and 174 bus service will be allowed to pass through the Aberford Road junction road closure, as in previous years, since the timetable is not frequent.

A64 Closure – Residents and Businesses

All properties on the A64 Westbound carriageway, including the Fox and Grapes public house, have the freedom to turn left out of or into their property. Residents and businesses can take different routes to the A1(M) or York.

All properties on the Eastbound carriageway from and including Park House Farm have the freedom to turn right out of or into their property. Residents and businesses can take different routes to the A1(M) or York. If you're a resident looking to travel east, use the new ELOR junction, follow ELOR to the A58, and use the A659 to access the A1 south to York Road. Alternatively, travel south along ELOR from Leeds Road to join the M1 northbound and join the A64.

If you're traveling along the A64 Eastbound from Seacroft to the A1(M), please be aware of potential bus route diversions. Check in with Metro at www.wymetro.com or call 0113 245 7676 for the latest information.

Thorner Village will be closed at various locations during the festival, with a vehicle pass system in place during specific timings. These locations include the Northern part of Mangrill Lane, Carr Lane, Thorner/Skeltons Lane, Skeltons Lane/ELOR, Thorner/Milner Lane, Wothersome corner, and Thorner/Holme Farm Lane and Bramham Lane. The timings for these closures are as follows:

  • Tuesday 23rd August – 7pm – 1am
  • Wednesday 24th August – 7am – 1am
  • Thursday 25th August – 7am – 1am
  • Friday 26th August – 7am – 3am
  • Saturday 27th August – 7am – 3am
  • Sunday 28th August – 7am – 7am
  • Monday 29th August – 7am – 3pm
  • From 9pm to 3am on Friday 26th & Saturday 27th, and between 9pm on Sunday 28th August and 3pm on Monday 29th August, shuttle buses from the festival site can use the route through Thorner, with staff on hand at Church Hill corners to manage traffic.

For any queries, Thorner residents and business owners can contact Village Liaison Manager Marcus Griffiths at [email protected].

The junction of Main Street with the A64 just west of the Jct 44 roundabout will be closed from 4am on Wednesday 24th August to 3pm on Monday 29th August. There will be no access onto the Bramham Interchange from Aberford Village, with a hard closure in place and no through traffic permitted. Despite additional signage deterring festival traffic at Lotherton Lane, Bunkers Hill, Parlington Lane & Cattle Lane, residents will still be allowed access. The 173 and 174 bus service run by Arriva will be allowed through the Aberford Road junction road closure.

Aberford residents wanting to access the A64 can take the following diversion routes: Lotherton Lane to B1217 to Towton, to Main Street (A162) towards Tadcaster to join A64 eastbound. For A64 westbound, continue to Leeds Road to join A64 West.

For residents wanting to access M1 North and South/A1M North and South & A64, exit the village via Bunkers Hill, right turn onto B1217 to M1 Junction, M1 North to A1M and exit J44 to A64 Eastbound.

Village Liaison Manager Angela Daniels is available for Aberford residents with any concerns or questions at [email protected].

Finally, note that West Woods Road will be closed at its junction with Wattle Syke for Southbound traffic during egress times on Friday/Saturday from 9pm to 3am and Sunday/Monday from 9pm to 3pm. Access to Bramham from A58/Wetherby/J45 will need to be via Boston Spa, with Clifford Moor Road as the suggested route.

2. The intersection of Kiddal Lane and York Road A64.

3. The intersection of Potterton Lane and Kiddal Lane.

4. The bridge over A1(M) leading to Bowcliffe Hall and Bramham Park will remain closed temporarily except for residents and businesses.

5. Roadways indicated below will have a speed limit of 30mph, and u-turns will be prohibited:

-The stretch of Bramham and Thorner Road from the junction with Kirkfield Avenue to Bramham Bypass/Paradise Way.

-West Woods Road from Wattle Syke up to Thorner Road.

-The Bramham Bypass from Thorner Road, stretching along Paradise Way and Spen Common Lane, up to the A1(M)/A64 roundabout.

-The A64 York Road from the A1(M)/A64 roundabout to Thorner Lane.

6. No stopping (clearways) permitted on the following roads:

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