Tying the Knot: Celebrating Love and Union

Planning your Wedding/Civil Partnership?

Here are a few straightforward steps to help you organize your wedding or civil partnership in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Follow this order to ensure a smooth process.

  • Discover your ideal life partner - sorry, we can't assist you in this department!
  • Choose the location for your wedding/civil partnership ceremony. If you opt for the Maidenhead Ceremony Room at the Town Hall in Maidenhead, move on to step 3. For any other venue, including the Guildhall in Windsor, please contact the venue directly to provisionally book your desired date and time before reaching out to us.
  • Use our convenient online booking form below to book the registrars for your ceremony. For the latest pricing information, refer to our ceremony fees page.
  • Notify the registrars in your area of residence about your intention to marry by completing the necessary legal documentation. Remember, you must make an appointment at the register office in your district. This step must be completed at least one month in advance of your ceremony. If one of you is a non-UK/Irish citizen or a European Union citizen without Settled or Pre-Settled status, consult the gov.uk website for detailed guidelines.
  • Complete and return the ceremony checklist included in your confirmation pack.
  • Tie the knot with the person mentioned in step 1! We are more than happy to help. Have a truly remarkable day!
  • For further information on ceremonies in the Royal Borough, refer to our brochure. It contains detailed information about legal procedures beforehand, the flow of events on the day, a compilation of our team's favorite readings for ceremonies, and some frequently asked questions. We hope you find it helpful, but remember, our dedicated team is always available to address any queries!

    Booking a New Wedding/Ceremony

    We are currently accepting bookings for ceremonies until the end of March 2025.

    If you wish to reserve a registrar for a marriage or civil partnership at an approved venue, including the Guildhall, make sure you have already confirmed the date with your chosen venue before filling out the form below. Ceremony times at approved venues can be booked on the hour or half-hour.

    However, if you want to book the Maidenhead Ceremony Room for a marriage or civil partnership, both the ceremony room and the registrars will be booked once we process your form.

    The Maidenhead Ceremony Room hosts ceremonies at set times as outlined below:

    - From Monday to Friday, there are ceremonies at 10.30am, 11.30am, 2.30pm, and 3.30pm.

    - On Saturdays, ceremonies take place at 10am, 11am, and 12pm.

    - For weekdays after 3.30pm, Saturday afternoons, and Sundays, ceremonies are available upon individual request and subject to enhanced fees. More information can be found at [MY_REDIRECT_PREFIX]https://www.rbwm.gov.uk/home/community-and-living/births-deaths-and-ceremonies/registrars/ceremony-costs.

    Upon receiving your form, we will:

    - Verify availability.

    - Contact you to confirm the booking.

    - Take full payment over the phone using a debit or credit card.

    Please ensure that you are reachable at the provided telephone number and have your credit or debit card details readily available. In case we are unable to reach you, we kindly request that you resubmit your form.

    Regarding existing ceremony bookings:

    You have the option to postpone your current ceremony booking with us for up to one year from the original date. If you have already arranged a new date with your venue, please send us an email at [MY_REDIRECT_PREFIX][email protected], and we will confirm the rescheduled booking as soon as possible.

    Even if you do not have a new date yet, please notify us promptly if you are postponing your current booking. Additionally, inform us of any intended changes to the ceremony as soon as possible.

    For information on how to book your Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership, including legal requirements and necessary documentation, please visit our dedicated page at [MY_REDIRECT_PREFIX]https://www.rbwm.gov.uk/home/community-and-living/births-deaths-and-ceremonies/registrars/giving-notice-marriagecivil-partnership.

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