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I live in North Wales and have played this lottery since its inception. I've only ever won a couple of tenners and a book, and I've paid just over £2,000 in total. I'm beginning to suspect it's a scam. We know quite a few people who are beginning to suspect it's a scam, and we need to spread the word on social media right away. Let's get this lottery investigated.

Date of occurrence: January 10, 2023

I agree with the comments about scams. I also tried it for a short time and got the predictable small win at first, followed by sweet FA. What a coincidence so many up and down the country seem to have the exact same experience It appears to be a carefully crafted scheme in which you win a small sum and then pay week after week for nothing. If you cancel the lottery, by some miracle, you win another £10 to make you reconsider. Because there are only a few horses in the race, a small bet on a horse will provide far greater odds of winning, and a £1 bet has a far greater chance of winning at far greater odds, as well as being much more fun.

In my opinion, there is something very fishy about this Postcode Lottery.

Date of occurrence: January 11, 2023

Waterman, Mark

I won the postcode lottery and received a princely sum of around £40, which is more than most, believe me. the rubish rubish rubish That is not a good day.

Date of encounter: March 6, 2022

Played with 3 tickets for 5 years and won the £10 prize a few times, cancelled 2 tickets and won the £10 prize x3 a few days later, this lottery is rigged.

Date of experience: 11 January 2023

I cancelled my direct debit and notified them. They confirmed that it had been cancelled, but they are still deducting funds from my account.

Date of occurrence: January 13, 2023

I've been playing the lottery since it began, and I've won £10 and £20 at least three times in the last 18 months. When my neighbor started playing, I told him I bet you'll win £10 in the next couple of weeks, and he did.
So, does the computer work properly? I don't believe so.

Date of occurrence: January 7, 2023

Fake review from DeezBeadsUK, no one won £15k, so it's a lie, come on trustpilot, ask for proof, I checked the website.

Date of occurrence: January 12, 2023

On the 8th of December, I received what I thought was a scam call from the Postcode Lottery, claiming that I had won $5,000 but refusing to specify how much. I then received another call from ITV, requesting permission to appear on television, which I also mistook for a scam. I called the website's contact number, and they confirmed that my postcode (West Sussex coast) was a 'big' winner in the Christmas mega draw. I didn't find out until the next Monday, when Jason Donovan and company showed up in my town with an arm full of gold envelopes. My 12 neighbors won the entire postcode of just under 400k, while approximately 800 other locals, including myself, won just under 15k, or in my case, two tickets worth just under 30k. I'd never won anything in my life apart from the odd tenner here and there, so this was a fantastic pre-Christmas surprise. I'm now playing another ticket with a Plymouth postcode (you can play any postcode in the UK, not just your own). ) So, fingers crossed, Lady Luck strikes again, and don't give up; it could be YOU.

Date of occurrence: December 8, 2022

So had an email saying I won £1000 Two hours later, another one arrived informing me that my payment for this month had not been received. What a way to get your hopes up lol now canceled

Date of occurrence: January 6, 2023

Simpson, Jake

I've been playing it for years and the most I've won is £20. Is it just me, or have other people noticed that the majority of winners are English and those seen on TV? As for Jason Donovan,,didn't he make enough money on neighbours and now he's doing postcode lottery? What's next, he'll be on neighborhood watch,,I cancelled mine ages ago and use my £10 each month for a nice mix grill treat at least I'm guaranteed that I won't like this con?

Date of occurrence: December 15, 2022

Lee, Margaret

I think it's a big con as well; I've been playing for a long time and, like others, won or, more accurately, got my ten pounds back when I cancelled the first time. So when I moved, I decided to restart it. So I'll be canceling once more after the New Year. And I'm not going to start it again. What I'm curious about is where they get all the people who claim to have won, and if they stopped paying Jason Donovan big bucks, they might be able to give us more smaller wins. 😡

Experience date: December 30, 2022

It's great to see that the daily £30k is back in February, along with a £5k vacation voucher. It's all about flipping the clock. If you're doing a daily £30k after February, try doing one for M&S or John Lewis for £5k as well. I can only hope that this lottery stops the usual areas from winning; it's turning into a farce in that regard. Please stop those silly prize vouchers where you can claim a tacky book Increase the number of prizes in the monthly draw.

Date of occurrence: December 27, 2022

I have been playing postcode lottery for near on 10 years and have only ever won £10 about 3 times I truly believe it is a huge scam because I have never heard of anyone winning big in the South or even from rented properties. Despite meeting the quota for having a person of color present, I have never seen a person of color win big in any of the many advertisements you force upon us. I'm canceling my subscriptions because they've had my money for far too long.

Date of occurrence: December 27, 2022

I've been playing for 4 months, and I recently won £1,000. I've never won anything in my life. People who say it's a scam should a) not play it and b) it's a lottery clues int name.

Also, the person I spoke with on the phone was lovely.

Date of occurrence: December 27, 2022

I just won £20 and it appears that my postcode will never win big. So i came to read the reviews and saw people saying its only affluent areas that win big It's very sad; I'm glad I won, but I didn't truly win. I cancelled my subscription after winning.

Date of experience: December 30, 2022

Back again
As predicted in a past comment from a previous player I also cancelled my subscription, and guess what happened? I won a £10 This reinforced the fact that this is a complete scam.

Date of experience: December 15, 2022

I agree with the previous reviewer that there are more rigs in this than in the Cutty Stark. I play with 6, and my first win was last month. I got my months sub back, and it was my first win in 23 months. Biased and postcode wins are usually within a few minutes drive of each other. I'm going to cancel once December is over. I expected those with more than 700 in the postcode sector to always win the larger amounts. Sort out your prizes and stop insulting us by claiming it's not the same areas that are winning when it is.

Date of occurrence: December 18, 2022

following tonight's 16m draw coring on sea We're in Middle Earth, and I'm definitely leaving. I've been playing for over five years and live in the biggest city, and I won £20 and a book. It's true what they say it's up north or remote Welsh villages or places never heard of why might you ask because fewer people play so more profit for pcl have to pay too much out in big city postcode total scam better playin national lottery they also give good causes

Date of occurrence: December 16, 2022

Whitehorn, Nicholas Alfred

DearcTerry and all you other "believers" in the legitimacy of pcl, it is not. All you see is the "winners are always Mr& Mrs Stereotype" over and over again. You never see a Hippy couple or a Rasterfarian couple, for example, and you will never be chosen if you are. ) You have a criminal record, a speeding ticket, or a parking fine, as all of these things are used by PCL to determine who the prize winners are.

National Lottery means deep-seated government meddling, as well as a highly discriminatory "Winners Policy."

Date of experience: 17 November 2022

The result was announced during a soap opera, it was one, just "Goring" to watch, the orchestrated computer chose this 700 winners postcode at random. There is more rigging than on the Cutty Sark. A) a) b) c) d) e) e) e) e) e) e) e)

and they do

Date of occurrence: December 16, 2022

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