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Train travel from Birmingham to London

Want to take the train from Birmingham to London? Begin your journey with us.

The train from Birmingham to London takes approximately 2 hours and 1 minute, but the fastest services can take only 1 hour and 13 minutes, with approximately 218 trains running on this popular route each day. Trains are direct, so once on board, you can sit back, relax, and stay connected thanks to free WiFi on most services.

Depending on which railway station you depart from, you will travel with either Avanti West Coast or Chiltern Railways on this route. Avanti West Coast trains operate from London Euston, while Chiltern Railways services operate from London Marylebone.

How to Get Cheap Train Tickets from Birmingham to London

Want to get the best deals on flights? Read on for our top tips for finding cheap train tickets from Birmingham to London, or scroll down to see the most recent train deals and discounts:

  • Get a Railcard and save up to a third on eligible journeys for a full year.
  • Book in advance: In the United Kingdom, most train companies typically release tickets 12 weeks in advance.
  • Travel Off-Peak: Ticket prices are typically lower on weekdays and weekends when compared to peak times.
  • Use GroupSave: If you travel in a group of 3-9 people, you can save up to 34% on eligible off-peak and super-off-peak journeys.
  • SplitSave, our new split-ticketing app feature, will help you split your train tickets.

If you're ready to book, begin your search for cheap train tickets with us today. Do you want to see if trains are running? View live train times from Birmingham to London using our timetable.

Advance tickets are usually available up to 12 weeks before the departure date and can be cheaper than buying on the day. If you arrive a little early, sign up for our Advance ticket alert today to be notified when your tickets become available.

If you take this train more than three times per week, a Season Ticket could save you money. Find out if a season ticket from Birmingham to London is right for you by selecting from annual, monthly, or weekly options.

National Railcards provide a third off eligible train tickets in the United Kingdom and can be an excellent investment if you travel several times a year or more. Learn more about how a National Railcard can help you save money.

Download our app to find split tickets, courtesy of SplitSave, our convenient feature that'splits' your train tickets to find you a better deal. Learn more about the clever technology that enables split tickets, as well as how to spot SplitSave discounts in our app.

Read our cheap train tickets guide for more money-saving tips on UK and European train travel.

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Freddie Larkins' review

On Saturday, October 19, 2019, I took the 16:50 train from Birmingham New Street to London Euston. Birmingham International, Coventry, Rugby, and London Euston were all served by the service.

Leaving Birmingham New Street

Since its redevelopment in 2015, Birmingham New Street has become one of the country's most modern and impressive train stations. The station's undulating metal roof draws your attention as you approach the entrance. Inside the station, there is a wide variety of food outlets; before leaving, I grabbed some food from LEON. The station's upper concourse is a hive of activity with over 60 outlets and restaurants, and it even connects to the Bullring shopping center via the LinkStreet tunnel. The Bullring is a must-see attraction in Birmingham, if not for the dizzying array of shops, then for the striking building design (another excellent example of modern architecture) and its famous bronze bull sculpture.

Getting on the Pendolino train

The "Blackpool Belle" Pendolino train was the one I took. The city's crest was emblazoned on the train's side. Avanti West Coast commissioned the Blackpool Belle Pendolinos as part of the introduction of direct services to Blackpool. Its name is a nod to the service that transported Lancashire workers to Blackpool for Saturday night dances from the 1930s to the 1960s, which was immortalized in the Houghton Weavers' 1993 song "Blackpool Belle."

Carriage A, the quiet carriage, had a seat right at the back of the train. This made for a relaxing and enjoyable journey.

The in-flight service

Because I was in Standard Class, I did not have access to the services available to First Class passengers. I did, however, have access to Avanti West Coast's own entertainment platform, Avanti Media, as well as the free on-board WiFi. The WiFi connection was a little slow but otherwise adequate.

Carriage C housed the onboard food carriage. There were numerous food options available, including hot and cold meals, snacks, chocolates, hot drinks, and alcohol. Prices are higher than in a high-street store, but not astronomical. The cost of a meal deal is £5. 50 (sandwich, beverage, and snack) Prices for hot foods start at £2. 60 pence for porridge to £4 A chicken ciabatta costs £20, and cold eats start at £3. 30 to £4 00; and hot drinks start at £2. 00 to £2 60 Craft beers, Pimm's, and prosecco are among the interesting alcoholic beverages available.

The train ride itself

The scenery along the way isn't particularly inspiring. However, there are a few interesting bits. As you leave New Street, you can see the Birmingham skyline. There is also some beautiful countryside between Rugby and London, and as you approach Euston - about five minutes from the station - you will see Wembley Football Stadium in the distance. I arrived at Euston slightly late due to weather delays.

Freddie's best advice

Make a reservation in advance. I had reserved a window seat in the quiet carriage, which made for a very pleasant journey. My mobile ticket contained all of the information about my seat reservation, including my carriage and seat number.

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