Travel Instructions between London and Bristol

Bristol is less than 120 miles from London, and once there, it feels like a condensed version of London's coolest neighborhoods crammed into one city. This university town is home to thousands of students who frequent all of the local bars, cafes, and pubs, making it easy for visitors to blend in and enjoy Bristol in the same way that Bristolians do.

The train is the quickest and most comfortable way to get to Bristol, taking just over an hour. However, train tickets can be expensive, especially if purchased at the last minute, and the bus takes a little longer but saves you a lot of money. Driving is also an option and is a great way to travel around the United States. K However, be prepared to deal with traffic and difficult parking situations.

  Time Cost Best For Train one hour and fifteen minutes from $20 Arriving on a tight deadline Bus 2.5 hours and 55 minutes from Traveling on a tight budget Car two hours and thirty minutes 118 kilometers (190 miles) Exploring the surroundings

Budget travelers can find the best deals by taking the bus from London to Bristol. Tickets start at five pounds (about ), and same-day tickets are usually less than ten pounds if your departure time is flexible. The National Express website allows you to view the schedule and book tickets. Despite the fact that the bus takes more than twice as long as the train, Bristol is close enough to London that the bus ride isn't too bad, taking about three hours in total. If you're only visiting Bristol for a weekend, you might prefer to take a faster mode of transportation.

Buses depart from Victoria Station in London and connect to the Circle, Victoria, and District lines of the Underground. Bristol Bus & Coach Station is located in the heart of Lewin's Mead, just a 10-minute walk from the Old City.

Bristol is a major city with frequent direct train connections from London. The fastest trains will take you to Bristol in about 1 hour and 15 minutes, while others will take slightly longer, so check the trip duration before purchasing your ticket.

To get the best deals, look at schedules and book tickets through National Rail when train routes first open, which is about 12 weeks before the travel date. Tickets with "Advance" pricing are the most affordable, but also the least flexible. You must catch the train that departs at the time you specify, which can be difficult to plan weeks in advance. If you want a more flexible reservation, select "Anytime" or "Off-Peak" tickets—you'll pay a higher price, but you'll have more freedom to choose your departure time on the day of travel.

When looking at the train schedule, you'll notice that all trains depart from London's Paddington Station, but you'll also notice trains arriving at Bristol Temple Meads or Bristol Parkway. Bristol Temple Meads is only five minutes by foot from the city center, while Bristol Parkway is seven miles away. Check again to ensure that you have reserved the correct tickets.

Driving to Bristol takes significantly longer than taking the train, but it is marginally faster than taking the bus. The trip takes about two and a half hours, but traffic can cause significant delays. The route between London and Bristol is also a major commuter route in London and the main road connecting Heathrow Airport to the city. Virtual standstill traffic jams can occur at any time of day. Furthermore, parking in Bristol's center is difficult at best, and you won't need a car once you arrive. After paying for a rental, gas, and London tolls, taking a car costs more money and comes with numerous extra hassles.

If you're planning a road trip around Britain and want to continue on after Bristol, such as nearby Bath, Exeter, or Wales, driving is a great way to explore the area and stop whenever you want. However, if your itinerary only includes London and Bristol, you're better off taking the train or bus.

Bristol is best visited between June and September if you want to enjoy warm weather and sunshine. Winter and even spring can be cold, but if you don't mind the cold, these are the months with the fewest tourists. Bristol is also a major university town, so if you visit during the summer or Christmas holidays, the town will be less crowded, but you will miss out on all of the local student life.

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, one of the city's most iconic events, takes place in August. More than 100 hot air balloons fill the skies above the city, creating an amazing sight that is complemented by festival rides and live entertainment.

Bristol is one of the most fashionable cities in the United Kingdom, and you could easily spend a week or more just exploring its many and varied neighborhoods. The Clifton Suspension Bridge, considered the greatest work of engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, is one of the most iconic attractions. Aside from the bridge, the city is brimming with cool bars, cafes, vintage shops, and music venues. It is the hometown of world-renowned street artist Banksy, and several of his works can be found throughout the city. There is always something going on in Bristol, so it is easy to catch a local concert, theater production, or art show. It's the kind of city you go to for a night or two and then never want to leave.

Questions and Answers

  • How much does a train ticket from London to Bristol cost?

    National Rail one-way tickets start at around 23 pounds (approximately $32) and go up from there.

  • Which airport in London is the closest to Bristol?

    Heathrow airport in London has the shortest drive to Bristol, and there are coach buses that run directly from the airport.

  • How far is it from London to Bristol by car?

    Bristol is located 118 miles (190 kilometers) west of London.

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