Transform Your Waste Management with Sleek and Stylish Black-Lidded Refuse Bin

Information regarding the black-lidded refuse bin.

- The black-lidded bin is for general waste and is collected once every two weeks.

- Bins should be placed at the edge of the curtilage of your property by 6:30am on the collection day.

- All wheeled bins should have the lid shut to ensure the bin is safe for emptying.

- Additional waste or recycling left beside the bin won't be collected.

- You can check your collection day using the "when is my collection search tool" or by checking your bin calendar.

Row of black wheelie bins

Other Bins

- There are other bins provided as well.

Assisted Collections

- The Council can collect bins/bags from a specified location for elderly, infirm, or registered disabled residents.

- Contact customer services for further information.

Damaged, lost, or stolen bins

- Damaged, lost, or stolen bins will be replaced free of charge within 5 working days.

- Replacement bins can be new or refurbished.

- A charge will be incurred if you wish to exchange a serviceable bin for a new one.

Additional bins

- Additional black-lidded bins can be provided for households that meet certain criteria.

- The service is subject to verification by an inspector and a service/delivery charge payable in advance.

Additional Wheeled Containers Sizes and Household Criteria

- The table outlines the number of residents, children under 5, black bin sizes, additional black bin sizes, and green recycling bin sizes for certain households.

New Developments

- Developers are charged a single payment for the first-time provision of bins under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

- Provision of bins to newly built properties is the responsibility of the developer.

Bin Sizes for Different Properties

The size of bin allocated depends on the type of property:

  • Standard domestic residence – 240L bin
  • Multiple occupancy – up to 1100L bin


Bin Size and Cost

Broxtowe Borough Council supplies all bins and retains ownership. Payment must be made in advance:

  • 240ltr wheeled bin – £72.00 per pair
  • 1100ltr wheeled bin for residual waste – price on application
  • 1100ltr wheeled bin for recyclable waste – price on application


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