"Transform Your Walls: Master the 3 Simple Ways to Fix Holes in Plasterboard with this Ultimate UK Guide"

The last thing anyone wants to behold in their abode are unseemly holes in walls or ceilings. If, by chance, you find holes in your plasterboard, it's not only an eyesore but also poses a risk for future damages. The best thing to do is to promptly repair the holes for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Neglecting holes for too long can lead to more damage and worsen the appearance of the area. The good news is that you don't need to hire a professional to plug the holes in your plasterboard. You can do it yourself in just a few easy steps.

To fix the holes in your plasterboard, you can either utilize a repair kit or cut around the holes and attach new plasterboard. If you choose to cut a new patch, you may need to include furring strips and joint tape for extra reinforcement. Afterward, apply joint compound to cover the patched area and sand down the area to prepare it for painting in the future.

What is Plasterboard?

Plasterboard, also recognized as drywall or gypsum board, is a well-known construction material that holds gypsum between a facer and a backer board. Professionals use plasterboard for interior walls and ceilings since it's lightweight and provides a smooth surface that is easy to decorate.

Plasterboard comes in various forms that provide different degrees of protection. Here are some of the most common plasterboard types:

  • How to Repair Small Holes in Plasterboard

It's easy to fix small holes, up to two and a half inches, in plasterboard. Most home improvement retailers carry plasterboard/drywall patch kits. While it’s essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions, here is a general guide to help you:

What You'll Need:

- Patch kit

- Lightweight joint compound or spackling

- Sandpaper

- Joint knife

1. Clean the hole and apply the repair patch

Remove any loose or crumbling pieces of drywall at the edge of the hole using a joint knife. Following the instructions on the package, cover the hole using a self-adhesive mesh repair patch. If you don't have an entire repair kit, you can also use strips of self-adhesive mesh.

2. Cover the patch with compound

Using a joint knife, apply either a lightweight joint compound or spackling compound to cover the patch. Use an "X" pattern as you apply and "feather" the edges for better blending with the wall.

Increasing both the pressure and angle on the knife as you pull towards the outer edges lets the compound gradually thin out in a "feathering" manner.

3. Apply a second coat of compound (optional) and sand

A Guide to Fixing Holes in Plasterboard

When repairing medium-sized holes in plasterboard, a little extra effort is required beyond using a patch kit. Here are the steps to follow:

  • How to Repair Medium Holes in Plasterboard

  • What You'll Need

  • - A square plasterboard patch larger than the hole
  • - A plasterboard saw
  • - A utility knife
  • - A pencil
  • - Joint compound
  • - Sandpaper
  • - A joint knife
  • 1. Score the Back of Your Plasterboard Patch

  • Take your utility knife and score a square on the back of the plasterboard patch, about an inch from each edge.
  • 2. Break away the Hard Gypsum

  • Break the gypsum wall at the scoring lines, being careful not to damage the paper surface.
  • 3. Trace and Cut the Hole

Next, center the smaller square against the wall where the hole is, and trace the edges around it. Then, cut out the hole with a drywall saw, being sure to avoid any electrical wires inside the wall.

4. Apply Joint Compound and the Patch

Use the joint knife to apply joint compound to the back of the paper border of the patch, then install the gypsum square into the hole. Press the paper against the wall and smooth out any bubbles or creases.

5. Apply a Second Coat of Compound and Sand (Optional)

If necessary, apply a second coat of joint compound after the first is dry and sand it smooth for better paint adhesion.

For large holes over six inches, use a similar method to filling medium-sized holes, but with a few additional steps.

How to Fix Large Holes in Plasterboard

What You'll Need

- A square plasterboard patch larger than the hole

- A pencil

- A plasterboard saw

- A furring strip

- Screws

- A screwdriver

- Joint tape

- Joint compound

- Sandpaper

- A joint knife

1. Trace and Cut the Hole

Trace the hole on the plasterboard with a pencil, and then cut it out with a plasterboard saw.

2. Install the Furring Strip

Cut the furring strip slightly shorter than the width of the hole and screw it onto the inner wall of the hole.

3. Apply Joint Tape and Compound

Cover the furring strip with joint tape and apply joint compound over it. Then, install the plasterboard patch and apply a second layer of joint compound if necessary.

4. Sand and Paint

Allow the joint compound to dry and sand it smooth. Your wall is now ready for painting!

To create a perfect cutout, utilize a plasterboard saw with caution to avoid cutting any electrical wires within the wall.

Following this, proceed to screw a furring strip to the left and right edges of the new hole, ensuring it surpasses the length of the square. Fasten screws through the top and bottom of the wood strips, straight through the plasterboard.

Subsequently, carefully place the plasterboard patch into the hole and screw the edges to the furring strip. The same number of screws should be added per side on both the patch and the furring strips.

Apply a mesh joint tape to the edges of the plasterboard patch, ensuring that it overlaps the edges of both the patch and the wall hole. Joint compound can then be added over the taped area, gradually feathering out the edges for a seamless finish.

After the joint compound has fully dried, sand down the area for a polished, smooth look. Plasterboard is a highly durable material that may still suffer from damage. But instead of worrying, patch up the holes with ease using our method.

In summary, repairing plasterboard is achievable in a few steps. From small holes to larger ones, using joint compound and a plasterboard patch, it's possible to fix any damage in no time.

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