Top 15 Proven Methods for Removing Felt-Tip Pen Stains from Clothes

how to erase a felt-tip pen

Clean and pristine clothing is a desirable asset for both the wearer and those in their company. Unfortunately, unsightly marks can tarnish garments and lead to unpleasant experiences. Cleansing articles of clothing through dry cleaning services can be costly and ultimately impractical for everyday, daily use items. Furthermore, addressing these blemishes as soon as they happen is key, highlighting the importance of knowledge on effectively and expediently removing stains from felt-tip pens.

How to remove felt-tip pen from clothes

Essential Information

It can take multiple attempts to withdraw felt-tip pen ink from clothing. The following information will aid in expediting and streamlining the process:

    1. Discover what type of marker ink you are working with by examining the stain.

    2. Identify the fabric type of the garment that requires decontamination.

    Felt-tip pens come in different types of ink and shares, including chalk or water-based markers, those containing alcohol, oil-based markers, and paint refills. Selecting water-based markers that come stamped with "easy to peel off" icon is ideal for children's artwork as they are easier to trace.

    how to clean felt-tip pen from fabric

    When attempting to remove these marks, remember to apply the "like is treated with like" principle. Before cleaning, be sure to:

      1. Check the spot detector located in the inner fold of the garment.

      2. Use cold water when washing.

      3. Clean from the edges to the middle.

      4. Remove the stain from the inside out.

      5. Refrain from using a dryer until the item is thoroughly clean.

      Removing Water-based Marker Stains

      The method you select for removing a water-based ink mark from clothing is contingent on the delicacy of the material. Here are a variety of cleaning techniques to try, starting with the simplest:

        1. Use household soap and wash the garment under cold water. If the stain persists, try the next remedy.

        2. Choose an oxygen bleach appropriate for your garment. Soak the item in the solution for the specified amount of time and then wash it by hand or in the machine. Avoid pouring the concentrate onto the article of clothing as this can lead to discoloration.

        3. Spread dishwashing gel over the stain, then rub it with an old toothbrush or sponge. Leave it for 24 hours and then wash it as usual.

        4. Apply toothpaste to a brush or sponge, and then rub it gently along the marker trail till it vanishes.

        5. Create a solution by combining ammonia with baking soda at a ratio of 2:1. Apply it to the stain and leave it on for a short period. Rub the stain with a brush or sponge until the mark is out, and then wash the garment by hand or in the washing machine.

        Removing Alcohol-based Marker Stains

        Adhering to the "like is treated with like" principle when treating alcohol-based marker stains increases the likelihood of eliminating the mark successfully. The following cleaning methods are possible:

          1. Use alcohol-containing products such as vodka, medical alcohol, or cologne. Place the item on a table, and underneath the stain place napkins. Soak a clean cloth with an alcohol-containing agent, and then wipe the marker with it. Leave the item to dry before washing it with laundry soap.

          To remove stains from white clothes, hydrogen peroxide comes in handy. The process is similar to the previous method, but make sure to use it only on cotton or synthetic materials.

          For white cotton or linen, use chlorine bleach diluted in water according to instructions. However, avoid leaving the soaked item in the solution for too long. Wash it as soon as the stains disappear.

          Hair varnish requires some extra precautions. Before the varnish dries up, place napkins underneath the contaminated area and spray it with nail polish. Wipe off the dirt with a cotton pad and wash it with household soap in warm water.

          To remove oil-based felt-tip pen stains, determine the type of material. For delicate fabrics, use vegetable oil and degreaser to gently rub the mark. For coarse and denim fabrics, use oil solvents and rinse it under a strong stream of water. When you don't have enough time, use glycerin to treat fresh stains.

          For felt-tip pens with paint refills, the process is more complicated. For colored clothes, test the effect of lemon juice on an inconspicuous area. For delicate fabrics, dilute lemon juice with water. To remove the marker's mark on woolen products, use a mixture of lemon juice and soda. Alternatively, use solvents for paint and varnish materials, or a vinegar-soda solution.

          By following these tips, you can remove any felt-tip pen stain from your clothes and feel happy with your clean wardrobe.

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