Time It Takes to Get a British Passport: A Preparation Checklist

When planning a trip abroad, you must ensure that your passport is valid. If not, you'll need to apply a few weeks ahead of time to ensure you have enough time to fill out an application form and HM Passport Office has enough time to process your application and send you a new passport. How can you tell how far ahead to plan? What you need is a guide to British passport processing times that will give you the information you need to plan ahead and ensure your passport is ready for your next vacation. If you get this right, you'll be able to smell the fresh sea air and feel the warm sand between your toes in just a few weeks. Fortunately, Passport Photo Online is here to assist. You'll be more than prepared with our help, and your long-awaited trip abroad will be safe.

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Different scenarios for passport processing in the United Kingdom

As a result of passport processing delays, HM Passport Office now recommends that you allow at least 10 (ten) weeks for your British passport to be processed so that they can approve your application and send your new passport to you. Processing times are frequently shorter than this under normal circumstances, but allowing 10 (ten) weeks in general allows for unforeseen delays, problems with supporting documents, or surges in volume. If you need more specific information, the Passport Office regularly publishes updates on processing times, which can vary depending on your situation, such as whether you're applying for an adult or a child passport.

But we live in an ever-changing world, and things can change quickly. As a result, it is critical to visit the website on a regular basis. That way, you can be confident that all of your documents will be in order in time for your trip. Continue reading to learn about the various options for applying for a passport and how they affect the processing time. Because of the time required to post a paper form to the Passport Office, there will be differences in all cases depending on whether you make an online or written application.

Obtaining your first adult passport

When applying for an adult British passport for the first time, your lack of experience will mean that your application will take longer to process. As a result, you should allow more time for your passport application to be processed. They may need to conduct additional checks. At the time of writing, it takes 10 (ten) weeks to process a first adult British passport application.

Obtaining a First Child Passport

In general, applying for a child passport is more difficult than applying for an adult passport. This is due to the fact that there are numerous important safeguarding rules in place to ensure the child's welfare. As with applying for a first adult passport, applying for a first child passport may take longer than renewing one. It takes 10 (ten) weeks at the time of writing.

Adult Passport Renewal

It is far easier to renew an adult British passport than it is to obtain your first one. This is primarily because you are already a known quantity to the Passport Office. As a result, the time required to process the application is generally shorter. However, it only takes 10 (ten) weeks at the time of writing.

Child passport renewal

If you want to renew a child's British passport, you will still have to put in more effort than if you wanted to renew an adult passport. It is usually easier than applying for your child's first passport. However, it takes 10 (ten) weeks at the time of writing.

Replacing an adult passport that has been damaged

If you damage a British passport to the point where it is no longer legible, you must replace it. When you renew your passport, you must send in your old passport and, if necessary, provide justification for the damage. It takes 10 (ten) weeks at the time of writing.

Replacement of a lost or damaged child passport

If your child's passport is damaged, you will need to replace it if it can no longer be used, just like an adult's passport. Keep them updated on the reason the passport was damaged to this extent. It takes 10 (ten) weeks at the time of writing.

Replacing an adult passport that has been lost or stolen

If you are an adult and your passport has been lost or stolen, you only need to renew your passport with a few additional supporting documents. This is to demonstrate that your situation is genuine. All you have to do now is wait after you've submitted all of the necessary documentation with your passport application. It currently takes 10 (ten) weeks.

Replacing a child passport that has been lost or stolen

If your child's passport is lost or stolen, the procedure is similar, though extra documentation is required for security reasons. Make sure to include all necessary supporting documentation. It takes 10 (ten) weeks at the time of writing.

Changing the information on your passport

Changing your passport information is the same as renewing your passport; the only difference is that different supporting documents must be submitted. As a result, changing the details on your passport is unlikely to take longer than renewing your passport. It takes 10 (ten) weeks at the time of writing.

Using your neighborhood post office

If you want to add an extra layer of security to your application for a British passport, you can use the Post Office Check and Send service. They can oversee your application to ensure that it is properly completed. There will be a slight difference in time depending on whether you use a Digital Check and Send or a Paper Check and Send. The standard processing times will apply whether you are applying for your first or tenth passport, but while the Digital Check and Send will arrive at HM Passport Office immediately, the Paper Check and Send will take 1 day. because your application form will be delivered there by special delivery Although Royal Mail guarantees delivery by 9 a.m. the next day, it is still worth considering.

Obtaining a passport as soon as possible

Need a passport fast? Ideally, you should organize your passport ahead of time, but sometimes life gets in the way. In an emergency, the Passport Office can approve applications much more quickly. By requesting Online Premium or 1 Week Fast track, you can avoid lengthy processing times and receive your passport in as little as two days. There will be additional fees, but this is extremely useful in an emergency. Check out this article for more information on how to get a passport quickly.

Applying from another country

If you are a British citizen living in another country, you can still apply for a new UK passport. The processing time is determined by where you live. If you want to know what the processing times are for your country of residence, go to the UK Government's overseas application portal. Simply enter your home country and follow the instructions. The form will inform you of the length of the process.

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  3. Repeat the process as needed. When you've found a photo you like, you can order a paper reel or a digital download.  

All of this will take you about a quarter of an hour, if not less. Your British passport photo will be completed in 3 seconds or less, allowing you to enjoy the extra free time you have to spend making memories with your friends and loved ones. It also saves a lot of money. In fact, you can save 54% on your new passport photo by using Passport Photo Online.

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Your photo will be ideal not only for the Passport Office, but also for you. We've all been dissatisfied with our passport photos. However, as previously stated, you are free to make as many attempts as you need to take your photograph. You will only be charged for the finished product. That's a deal you don't want to pass up.  

Summing up

There you have it. You can see all of the different scenarios and their processing times. This breakdown will assist you in planning the process of applying for your new British passport and preparing for your vacation. If you stick with us, you'll have it in no time. Especially if you get your passport photo from Passport Photo Online, which only takes 3 seconds.

Then all you have to think about is lying on the beach, feeling the sun warm your face, secure and relaxed in the knowledge that you have well planned. We will ensure that this page is regularly updated so that you have the most up-to-date information possible.


As you can see above, the processing time for a UK passport is heavily dependent on your circumstances. The current times are as follows:- First Passport: Adult - 10 (ten) weeks / Child - 10 (ten) weeks- Passport Renewal: Adult - 10 (ten) weeks / Child - 10 (ten) weeks- Damaged Passport: Adult - 10 (ten) weeks / Child - 10 (ten) weeks- Lost or Stolen Passport: Adult - 10 (ten) weeks - 10 (ten) weeks / Child - 10 (ten) weeks- Changing Details: Adult - 10 (ten) weeks / Child - 10 (ten) weeks- Post Office Application: Adult - 10 (ten) weeks / Child - 10 (ten) weeks when you submit the application / Child - up to 2 (two) days from when you submit the application

Adult - varies / Child - varies - Overseas Application

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