The Ultimate Guide to Aging Gracefully: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know


    I. Introduction

    - Aging well is crucial

    - The government has set a goal to live an extra five healthier years by 2035

    II. Nick Gardner's story

    - Nick Gardner climbed 282 Munros, mountains in Scotland, to raise money for Alzheimer Scotland and the Royal Osteoporosis Society

    III. Eating well

    - Freshly prepared meals are important

    - "No chop, one pot" recipe suggested

    IV. Staying active

    - Light or moderate exercise lowers the risk of falling

    - Silver Swans online class for older generation

    V. Conclusion

    - Adopting healthy lifestyles is important at all ages

    - "How to Age Well?" program on ITV at 7:30pm

    - Use the hashtag #ITVTonight to join the conversation

    A. Royal Osteoporosis Society

    1. link:

    B. Alzheimer's Research UK

    1. link:

    C. Nick Gardners fundraising page

    1. link:

    D. University of the Third Age

    1. link:


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