The Proper Way to Prepare and Enjoy a Pot Noodle


There is an abundance of misinformation on the internet regarding the preparation and consumption of a Pot Noodle. The purpose of this page is to rectify all of that. It's important to note that this page is not affiliated with Unilever UK, the manufacturers of Pot Noodle.

Pot Noodle is an instant noodle snack that comes in a plastic pot with dried noodles and various ingredients. It is available in a variety of flavors. My personal favorites include the "classic" Chicken and Mushroom (green pot), Original Curry (yellow pot), and Sticky Rib (red and white pot). I usually wait for them to go on sale, typically priced at 75p per pot or sometimes even £2.00 for a pack of four. Pot Noodles can be found in most supermarkets in the UK.

Preparing the Pot Noodle

Naturally, you will need hot water to rehydrate the noodles and other goodies in the pot. Usually, a kettle filled to the minimum level is sufficient. However, if you prefer, you could heat a large cup of water in the microwave, but who really uses a microwave to boil water?!

Using a cleanable dining tray

This step is often overlooked, but I always make and eat my Pot Noodle on a cleanable dining tray. This prevents any mess that may occur during the later steps of the process.

Enjoying a cold beverage

I personally enjoy having a cold beverage alongside my Pot Noodle. It can be water, orange juice, squash, or even a fizzy drink. I fail to see the appeal of having a hot drink with a bowl of hot noodles. So, if you choose to have tea or coffee, shame on you! Place your drink on the tray, keeping it at a reasonable distance from the Pot Noodle.

Removing the foil lid

While the water is boiling, you can begin preparing your Pot Noodle for the impending dousing. Start by peeling off the foil lid using the tab. Sometimes, the lid contains a promotional contest with a "You've Won!" message printed on the inside. Other times, it advertises a new flavor of Pot Noodle. If there's no promotion or you didn't win, dispose of the foil lid in the bin.

I make sure to remove all of the foil from the pot. Occasionally, a piece or two might get stuck on the edge, so I carefully remove them. Be cautious not to tug too hard, as this may cause the pot's contents to go flying. Luckily, since the pot is still dry, cleaning up any mess isn't too challenging (and you've already placed it on the dining tray, remember?).

Optional: Adding sauce to the dried noodles

If you prefer to include the sauce provided with your Pot Noodle (such as a sachet of soy sauce that comes with the Chicken and Mushroom flavor), remove the sachet from the pot and open it along one of the serrated sides. It's incredibly common for the sauce to spray everywhere, completely missing the pot. That's precisely why I suggested placing the pot on a dining tray earlier! Squeeze the sauce sachet over the pot's contents, making sure not to direct it towards the pot's interior. Dispose of any used or unused sachets in the bin and wipe away any sauce spills.

Just in case you were wondering, it is completely incorrect to apply the sauce after adding the hot water, for a very obvious reason. I'll spell it out for you: it's messy and impractical.

Prep your tablespoon in anticipation.

Retrieve a standard pristine tablespoon from your collection of eating utensils (or cleanse one/fetch it from your dishwasher if none are available in the drawer).

Yes, you comprehended correctly - the sole reasonable approach to consuming a Pot Noodle is by means of an everyday tablespoon (not a soup spoon, a teaspoon, or even a fork).

I shall go into details later regarding the inefficacy of a fork...

Cascade heated water onto dehydrated noodles

Once the kettle has reached its boiling point, meticulously pour the heated water onto the desiccated noodles. The Pot Noodle container is equipped with a protrusion roughly an inch from its apex, encircling the circumference, and - somewhat perplexingly - a secondary protrusion situated an additional inch below. Albeit commonly referred to as the "fill level," it would perhaps be more appropriate to name it the "fill level zone" due to the presence of two protrusions. The quantity of hot water you incorporate is categorically a matter of personal preference - I, for one, prefer to (apologies for the juxtaposition of measurement systems!) fill approximately 5mm above the uppermost filling line (I hold an affinity for well-soaked noodles...).

Considering my adherence to the correct implement (a tablespoon) for savoring the Pot Noodle, I possess a considerable degree of leeway regarding the extent to which I surpass the fill level. It poses no predicament (provided it refrains from fully spilling out of the container!) as will soon be elucidated. However, if you insist on utilizing a fork, refrain from surpassing the fill level with water.

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