The Cost of Installing a Wood Burning Stove in the United Kingdom

Attempting to calculate the final cost of a wood-burning stove is akin to grappling with a complex equation. This endeavor is fraught with challenges and requires careful consideration of numerous variables. The ultimate price encompasses not only the selection and acquisition of the ideal stove but also the installation process, HETAS registration, and the ongoing fuel supply.

You may have come across certain thermal formulas that claim wood costs 2.5p per kilowatt-hour, while gas is priced at 4p and electricity at 11p, ostensibly demonstrating that stoves surpass regular gas and electric systems in terms of efficiency. However, it is vital to examine the broader financial panorama: does the initial investment genuinely translate into reduced energy bills?

Presently, alternative heating systems are riding the wave of popular enthusiasm. Amidst the resurgence of eco-conscious biomass fuel and solar water heating, wood-burning stoves have emerged as a trendy choice. In the United Kingdom alone, over 175,000 wood-burning stoves find their way into homes each year. Nonetheless, it is crucial to ponder upon the practicality of this option. Do these much-lauded promises of cost-cutting hold true? How much, in its entirety, does a wood-burning stove truly cost?

Direct Stoves has compiled a comprehensive guide to uncover the true costs associated with purchasing a wood-burning stove. In this guide, we delve into average stove prices, additional installation expenses, ongoing maintenance requirements, and, most importantly, those all-too-crucial bills. Prepare to discover the reality of wood burning stove expenses.

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Stove Costs:

Standard wood-burning stoves, assuming a secondary burn design, compact frame, and commendable efficiency, can range anywhere from £300 to £4000 and perhaps even higher for extravagant designer models.

Charnwood Island One

In order to provide a sense of the national trends, a recent survey conducted by Which? magazine unveiled that 29% of stove owners surveyed spent between £1000 and £1,999, while 13% opted for a higher expenditure bracket, falling between £2,000 and £2,999.

As one would expect, not unlike the bewildering world of high fashion, numerous popular brands vie for attention in this market, each sporting its own price tag. From the reliable and robust Hamlet Hardy range, available for a modest £300 to £400, to the classically elegant Invicta Bohemes, priced around £4,300 – prices can certainly vary. Ultimately, the choice hinges on individual circumstances, a harmonious blend of interior design sensibilities and personal spatial dimensions.

If you find yourself grappling with the decision of selecting the right stove to complement your living space, look no further. Our convenient stove calculator eliminates the stress of number-crunching, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Cost: £500 – £1500 depending on the size, design, and specifications.

Installation Expenses

Setting up the fireplace is undeniably a complex undertaking, and most estimates you encounter will inherently factor in several necessary components within the fee. These include labor costs, essential authorizations, and materials, among others.

Typically, the estimated costs will encompass the involvement of two workers, the utilization of sturdy flue pipes, a stainless steel liner, a register plate to seal off the chimney opening, a chimney cowl, a CO Detector, and HETAS registration.

However, there is a catch, and this aspect primarily concerns chimneys. Specifically, it revolves around whether you possess an existing chimney or require the installation of an entirely new twin-walled flue system. It cannot be emphasized enough that you must enlist the services of a fully qualified HETAS engineer to oversee both types of installations.

With an Existing Chimney

Before your stove can be operational, your chimney must be thoroughly inspected for chimney dampness, swept clean, and adequately flue-lined. As stoves necessitate sufficient breathing space for proper air circulation, it is recommended to have approximately 100mm of clearance on either side and around 40mm behind. Consequently, in certain cases, this might involve modifying your chimney breast or at the very least excavating your recess to determine if there is any additional room for adjustment.

Brick chimney set against blue sky

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Price: £1500 depending on the extent of the required work

Twin-Walled Flue System

For residences lacking an existing chimney, special provisions must be made for the flue. In such cases, this process is commonly referred to as a twin-walled flue system, often known as a double wall (DW) or high temperature (HT) flue.

Essentially, this entails the construction of a lengthy metal tube, usually 6 inches in diameter, that is assembled by interlocking various parts. This tube extends from either your wall or roof to carry away the excess fumes. The components of the tube usually feature a twist-lock or push-fit mechanism, along with a stainless steel lining, resulting in higher prices. These features work to prevent the accumulation of tar deposits within the system and maintain a hot, airtight seal with no possibility for gas escape.

twin wall flue system

Average cost: £2000 depending on the scope of work

Final Touches

During the final stages, a few additional details need to be attended to before the project is deemed complete. The most important of these is the installation of a hearth, whether it be made of slate or granite. Our highly competitive prices estimate this cost to be around £200. Alternatively, tiles are a marginally cheaper option, but the exceptional durability of stone enables it to withstand temperature fluctuations without any risk of cracking.

Besides, you might discover that some adjustments need to be made to your surroundings, such as restyling your fireplace lintels or remodeling the plaster around the brickwork if there have been significant changes.

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Price: £200 depending on the dimensions.

Please take note that our prices are only approximate and should be used as a reference for planning your stove installation. For accurate budget estimates, your installer will provide you with a personalized quote.

Don't forget to carefully consider our advice on how to locate a professional wood burning stove installer before you begin your search.

Fuel and Maintenance for Wood Burners

To ensure your stove stays in excellent condition, it is essential to maintain a steady supply of high-quality fuel, specifically wood logs.

The key to cost-effective refueling lies in finding a balance between the type of logs you choose and how frequently you use them. Opting for dry seasoned wood logs with a moisture content ranging from 15% to 20% is a more affordable choice, as they have already been dried for 1 to 3 years. In contrast, artificial kiln dried logs, which are rapidly stripped of moisture in a week, are pricier.

In general, a 1m3 bag of seasoned logs, also known as a "dumpy bag," costs between £70 and £100. Kiln dried logs, on the other hand, can cost around £120. A typical stove, used moderately during weekdays and weekends, requires approximately 3-4m3 of wood logs per year.

Lastly, it is important to remember the timeless tradition of chimney sweeping. A yearly chimney sweep typically costs about £60, resulting in a clean and well-functioning flue. Additionally, you may eventually need to replace your stove's hearth bed and fire bricks, but this can be anticipated.

dried firewood

Price: £450

Energy Efficiency Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves

Now, without further ado, let us reveal the outcome of our thorough calculations. Will the initial investment prove to be a wise long-term saving?

As expected, it takes some time before you can fully enjoy the efficiency benefits of a wood burning stove. Fortunately, organizations committed to green energy have conducted studies that provide impressive estimates of the actual savings.

According to the Energy Savings Trust, there may be some variation in the total amount saved, but all figures point towards positive results. For instance, if you replace an older LPG heating system with a wood burning stove, you could save up to £275 per year. However, if you upgrade from an electric heating system, the potential savings can soar to £855 annually.

Average savings: £300 - £500 per year

In conclusion, considering the complex factors involved in a well-functioning stove, the figures overwhelmingly support the use of biomass and wood-fuelled systems.

If you have any further questions about specific details regarding your stove, such as its lifespan, dimensions, air wash systems, and their impact on cost, please feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team!

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