Tenderstem broccoli preparation

Tenderstem broccoli is both nutritious and quick to prepare. Discover the best way to cook this delicate green vegetable, as well as plenty of recipe ideas.

Tenderstem broccoli is the delicious result of combining traditional broccoli with Chinese kale. It was first introduced in 1993 and has since become a popular vegetable among many people.

The delicate flavor of the slim tender stems is sometimes compared to asparagus. It's a good substitute, especially in the summer when the asparagus season is over and British-grown tenderstem begins to thrive. Tenderstem is also available in the frozen section of Asda, Iceland, and Ocado at any time of year.

Tenderstem's seven stems count as one of your five-a-day, and it's high in folates, fiber, and protein. This nutritious vegetable is an excellent way to round out any meal and also serves as a tasty snack.

This article focuses on how to prepare and cook tenderstem broccoli, including how to BBQ and microwave steam it.

* How to prepare Tenderstem broccoli * Can you eat the whole Tenderstem broccoli? * Can you eat Tenderstem broccoli raw? * How to cook Tenderstem broccoli * How to cook Tenderstem broccoli: in the microwave * How to cook Tenderstem broccoli: stir-fry * How to cook Tenderstem broccoli: in the oven * How to cook Tenderstem broccoli: BBQ or grill * Can you freeze Tenderstem broccoli? * Our best Tenderstem broccoli recipes

Tenderstem Broccoli Preparation

If you're going to stir-fry or roast your broccoli, give it a good rinse in cold water and shake off any excess. If there are any large thick stems, we like to cut them in half for even cooking, but you may not need to do this.

Can you eat the tenderstem broccoli whole?

Tenderstem broccoli stems can be eaten whole, but the woody end should be removed. This can be as low as 0. 5cm You can eat all of the traditional broccoli varieties; the stem isn't as tender, but it's delicious roasted.

If you have thick stems, try cutting them in half widthwise, or if they are particularly long, try cutting them in half lengthwise as well. This is a good option for stir-frying.

Tenderstem broccoli can be eaten raw.

Tenderstem broccoli is a beautiful addition to a crudités platter and a tasty snack. We like to pair it with hummus. (Opens in a new window) or homemade dips, but it's also delicious in salads.

Before eating, thoroughly wash the broccoli and pat it dry.

Steaming or boiling the stems is the quickest way to prepare it. Prepare the amount of broccoli you want to cook, then bring a pot of water to a boil. If boiling the stems, salt the water and cook for 3-4 minutes, or until tender.

Once the water is boiling, place the steamer over it and cover it. Cook for 3-4 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender.

Tenderstem broccoli can be cooked in the microwave.

Microwaving broccoli is essentially a method of steaming the vegetable.

  1. Place the broccoli and a couple of tablespoons of water in a microwave-safe container.
  2. Cook on high for about 4 minutes, covered.

It will be very hot when you remove it from the microwave. Remove the lid with caution as the steam that escapes is extremely hot.

how to cook tenderstem broccoli

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Tenderstem broccoli can be stir-fried.

Tenderstem broccoli is ideal for a quick stir-fry or vegetable side dish. 'I love the combination of tenderstem broccoli and soy sauce,' says Food Director Elisa Roche. For even faster cooking, I cut the stems into rounds. ’

Rose Fooks, Deputy Food Editor, takes a similar approach. 'I love it as a side, stir-fried with a splash of soy sauce and topped with sesame seeds if I'm feeling fancy,' she says. 'Why not pair it with our crispy duck?' (Opens in a new window) or salmon with sesame seeds

  1. Shake off any excess water after washing the stems. You may want to trim the stems if they are too thick for even cooking.
  2. Cook the broccoli in a frying pan or wok with a little oil over medium to high heat for about 5 minutes.

You can either buy pre-made stir-fry sauces or make your own. When cooking, a simple splash of dark soy sauce will help add flavor with little effort.

Tenderstem broccoli can be cooked in the oven.

Broccoli cooked in the oven has a delicious flavor, especially when the fronds char slightly.

  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/Gas 4 Prepare the broccoli by shaking off as much water as you can.
  2. Drizzle olive oil over the broccoli and season with salt and pepper. You could also add some minced garlic, chili flakes, or other spices to taste.
  3. Cook for 15-20 minutes, turning once, or until the stalks are tender and the fronds are crisp.

For brunch, Food Editor Samuel Goldsmith suggests serving the roasted stems with a soft boiled egg. For extra decadence, add some crispy bacon.

Tenderstem broccoli can be grilled or barbecued.

When grilling tenderstem, choose the thickest stems possible to avoid them falling through the grill. Coat the broccoli in olive oil, salt, and pepper, or your preferred marinade, as you would for oven cooking.

Cook for about 10 minutes on a hot grill or barbecue.

Can tenderstem broccoli be frozen?

Tenderstem broccoli and purple sprouting broccoli can be frozen in the same way that regular broccoli can. Trim the woody part of the stem and then wash the stems. Blanch for 3 minutes in salted boiling water, then pat dry to remove as much moisture as possible.

Transfer to a freezer bag or container. We recommend using tenderstem florets within three months, but the sooner the better because they are more delicate and easily damaged by freezer burn.

Broccoli can be cooked directly from the freezer in boiling water. Other cooking methods may be too delicate for the broccoli, depending on how thick the stems are.

Tenderstem broccoli recipes that we love:

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

This is bowl food at its finest, full of flavor and simple to prepare. Individual portions can be frozen for another day. This is also a great dish to make if you want to make your own Japanese takeout at home. It's less expensive and healthier than anything else you can get.

Teriyaki chicken bowl (recipe) (Opens in a new window)

Tarts with walnut broccoli and gruyere

Walnut broccoli and gruyere tarts

These little tarts are ideal for picnics and buffets, as well as for lunch or a light dinner. Delicious hot or cold, they're sure to become a favorite once you've made them.

Tarts with walnuts, broccoli, and gruyere

Ramen soup

33 healthy homemade soups

This soup is filling, comforting, and low in calories. It's perfect for those cold winter evenings when you need something nutritious and quick to make.

Recipe for Ramen Soup (Opens in a new tab)

Swordfish with sweet chili sauce and tenderstem broccoli

Sweet chilli swordfish with tenderstem broccoli

A healthy family dinner that's perfect for the summer. You could serve the broccoli with any type of fish or even grilled chicken breast.

Get the recipe: Sweet chilli swordfish with tenderstem broccoli. (Opens in a new window)

Broccoli roasted with parmesan and pistachios

This roasted broccoli goes perfectly with your Easter lamb or classic roast chicken. It's a tasty addition to a buffet spread and can be served hot or cold.

Learn how to make roasted broccoli with parmesan and pistachios. (Opens in a new window)

Baked fish and broccoli

Low carb recipes

Because it is so simple to prepare, this all-in-one traybake is ideal for a midweek dinner. Serve with potatoes if you want to make it more substantial, or just as is if you want something light.

Find the recipe for fish and broccoli traybake here. (Opens in a new window)

Fettucine with tenderstem broccoli from Slimming World

This recipe is from Slimming World. (Opens in a new window) thanks to the addition of a few simple fresh ingredients, transforms some staple store cupboard ingredients into a delicious veggie feast You could add some grilled chicken, but it's just as delicious as it is.

Fettucine with tenderstem broccoli from Slimming World (Opens in a new window)

Recipes for tenderstem stir fry

Miso stir-fried greens with a fried egg from Tom Kerridge

Chef Tom Kerridge knows a thing or two about great flavors, as evidenced by this recipe. It is ideal for lunch or dinner and can be served as a main course or as a side dish.

Get the recipe for Tom Kerridge's miso stir-fried greens with a fried egg. (Opens in a new window)

Stir-fry with lamb, ginger, and broccoli from Slimming World

leftover lamb recipes

Once you've tried the flavor combination, you're sure to fall in love with this quick Slimming World recipe. You might not think of stir-frying lamb, but it's absolutely delicious and a great substitute for beef.

Slimming World's lamb, ginger, and broccoli stir-fry recipe (Opens in a new window)

BOSH Stir-fry with rainbow colors

A healthy vegan recipe that will undoubtedly make you smile due to the vibrant colors. This recipe contains edamame beans, noodles, and cashew nuts for protein, but you could substitute tofu if you prefer.

BOSH! Rainbow stir-fry is the recipe. (Opens in a new window)

Chinese vegetable chow mein

Chinese vegetable chow mein

This recipe will satisfy your cravings for takeout without adding too many calories to your daily intake. It's ready in about 20 minutes, which is much faster than ordering from your local takeaway.

Learn how to make Chinese vegetable chow mein. (Opens in a new window)

Salmon fillets with sesame seeds and stir-fried vegetables

Our sesame salmon is delicious and will quickly become a weekly staple. The recipe serves four people, but you can easily scale it up or down. If you're entertaining, cook a whole side of salmon and serve it with the stir-fry vegetables.

Recipe: Sesame salmon fillets with stir-fried vegetables (Opens in a new tab)

Recipes for tenderstem salad:

Salad of runner beans and tenderstem broccoli

Blue plate with Runner beans really lend themselves to being in salads. They have a lovely crunch and brilliant vibrant colour. Get the recipe: Runner bean and tenderstem broccoli salad

Low-fat and ready in 30 minutes, this salad tastes like a decadent dinner. If you want to make it vegetarian, replace the prosciutto with crumbled feta. If served warm, it will provide the same salty kick and will melt a little into the vegetables.

Runner bean and tenderstem broccoli salad recipe (Opens in a new window)

Broccoli dressed with crispy bacon, mozzarella, and basil

If you're looking for a simple, sophisticated starter recipe that tastes great and is easy to make, this is the recipe for you. Use burrata instead of mozzarella to take it to the next level. It's even creamier and more decadent now.

Learn how to make broccoli with crispy bacon, mozzarella, and basil dressing.

Salad with warm broccoli and chicken

warm Broccoli and chicken salad

This nourishing salad is low in calories but high in nutrients. It makes an excellent lunch or light dinner, and leftovers can be served cold.

Warm broccoli and chicken salad recipe (Opens in a new window)

Salmon Salad with Superfoods

With this delicious and nutritious salad, you can have a super supper. This salad is packed with several superfoods and will leave you feeling great on the inside and out. To keep the calories low, try serving it with your favorite grain or something like quinoa.

Superfood salmon salad (recipe) (Opens in a new window)

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