Steps to Take When Having Common Wi-Fi Issues at Home

Common home Wi-Fi issues can be agonizing. They frequently occur at inconvenient times, such as during an important business call, a serious gaming session, or while watching the latest box set.

Troubleshooting Steps for Common Home Wi-Fi problems

However, resolving WiFi issues does not have to be as aggravating as the problem itself. The majority of Wi-Fi issues can be resolved with a simple hub reset or connection booster.

We'll walk you through the troubleshooting process, covering the following topics:

Let's get this party started.

Resetting a BT Home Hub

If you've tried everything BT has to offer to improve your connection - moving your home hub closer to your devices, restarting your hub, upgrading to the latest smart hub, and so on - a reset may be the next step.

Simply put, a reset will return your hub to its factory settings, theoretically making it work as it did the first time you received it.

On most BT hub models, look for the factory reset button on the back (usually near the power button or yellow ethernet ports). Because this is a small button embedded in the plastic, you'll need to use a pin or a paperclip to push it down. Wait until all of the lights go out and then watch the hub restart.

When all of the lights have settled and the power light has turned blue, the reset is complete. You'll then be guided through the setup menu on your devices, depending on your model (BT Smart Hub 2 only requires your default name and password on the hub's back).

How to Reset Your Virgin Media WiFi Hub

Reset the hub by finding the pinhole reset button on the back of it. Hold down the button for 10 seconds. Again, you'll most likely need to use a pin or paperclip for this.

Then, turn the power on and off again. When the light ring glows white, you'll know you've done it correctly. You'll then have to go through the setup menus again, just like the first time.

Resetting Your Sky Broadband Hub

The Sky Broadband Hub reset procedure is slightly different. To begin, press the reset button (located on the back of the hub). Then wait until the power light flashes off and on four times before leaving it on.

This entire process takes about ten seconds. The hub will then restart and reconnect to the internet as usual. To run the setup, enter your default ID (printed on the back of the hub).

Tips for Locating Your WiFi Router in the Home

If you're staying somewhere new or are a guest in someone's home, chances are you won't know exactly where their WiFi router is. Depending on the size of the house, the problem could be even worse.

Routers are typically best placed in central locations. So, begin as centrally as possible in your property and look for placement on tables, desks, and other easily accessible surfaces.

If it's not obvious, here are some other common places to look:

  • Main television or phone areas (look for cabling and where it runs)
  • Outbuildings or garage structures that could be used as home offices

If you're still stuck, there are some helpful phone apps available. Simply search your local app store for 'WiFi analyzer' apps. They'll frequently assist you in pinpointing the exact location of your routers via your phone's screen. Many ISPs now provide broadband and WiFi diagnostic tools via free apps that you can access when you subscribe to their services.

Another quick tip (especially if you plan on rebooting or restarting): locate the primary access point (the main router) rather than the boosters or extenders.

A router can be distinguished from an extender by the presence of cable connections in the back.

Boosters, Extenders, and WiFi Mesh for Better WiFi

WiFi boosters, extenders, and repeaters are all essentially the same thing. They work by extending the range and coverage of your primary router. This means you can pick up a signal more clearly in areas where you previously struggled.

These are relatively inexpensive and simple to set up. You must ensure that they are compatible (as stated on the box or documentation) with the router or hub you have. You should also have a spare power outlet (in the location where you want to extend the signal) to keep the device running.

One thing to keep in mind about boosters and extenders is that they usually create new Wi-Fi connections to boost the signal. This means you'll have to connect to them directly from your devices (they'll have different names than your main network). It is very likely that you will also need to set a separate password for the WiFi booster or extender.

A WiFi mesh network is another option for resolving connection issues. Installing these entails purchasing a central router that connects to a modem and then placing nodes (satellite modules) throughout your home. What distinguishes these is that they are connected to a single network, which means they frequently use the same network name and password.

Some WiFi mesh systems can be quite pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for with these products. Contact NECL today to speak with an expert about the suitability of the WiFi mesh products you're thinking about purchasing and installing to help improve your home's WiFi signal. Make use of our home IT support services.

Over the years, we've assisted many home and business users in improving their wireless internet connectivity, and we'd be happy to discuss your options for better WiFi over the phone or via email.

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