Rolling an L-Plate Joint: A Step-by-Step Guide

L-Plate Joint Technique

Rolling an L-shaped joint: A Step-By-Step Guide

Over the years, countless innovative ways to enjoy and optimize the use of cannabis have emerged. Even for non-smokers, the artistry and skill involved in rolling joints can be truly awe-inspiring.

Today, we will discuss a seemingly straightforward method that is perfect for sharing or indulging in your personal pleasure. Sometimes, a single rolling paper simply won't suffice when you desire to prolong the delightful act of smoking marijuana.

Image: Two hands expertly rolling a marijuana joint

Hands rolling an L plate joint

Requirements for Rolling an L-Plate Joint

Rolling an L-plate joint requires a moderate level of skill in order to avoid mishaps and wastage of precious material during the packing and rolling process. Though it may appear to be a regular joint at first glance, it can be quite challenging as well. It is advisable to first master the art of rolling a regular joint before attempting this more complex technique. Once you feel prepared to advance, you can proceed to learn the intricacies of rolling an L-plate joint.

In order to embark on this learning journey, you will need the following:

- Filters: Incorporating a filter into your joint is best done during the rolling process, rather than attempting to insert it afterwards. It is important to avoid using random or makeshift filters that may contain potentially harmful chemicals, such as ink. Nowadays, there are plenty of filter paper packs available at affordable prices, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

Alternatively, you can explore rolling papers that already include filters, such as HAMP, which provides 32 custom airflow filters in each rolling kit. This makes it easier for you to obtain a joint with a reliable filter without compromising its integrity during rolling.

- Grinded Cannabis: The choice of cannabis strain or weed quality is entirely up to you. However, it is crucial to ensure that the cannabis is appropriately ground so that it can be evenly distributed within the joint. We highly recommend investing in the KLIP grinder, as it is the only grinder that preserves the herb trichomes during the grinding process, thereby enhancing the potency and effectiveness of your high.

- Rolling Papers: To create an L-shaped joint, you will require two regular-size rolling papers. Choose a brand that aligns with your preferences and standards. For us, hemp rolling papers are synonymous with exceptional quality, as they possess a reliable adhesive that never disappoints. After all, nothing is more disheartening than a joint falling apart during a smoking session.

If you are eager to explore a superior hemp rolling kit, we suggest checking out HAMP. Not only does it offer top-notch rolling papers, but its innovative packaging also transforms into a practical and stylish rolling tray. Say goodbye to messy weed with HAMP!

The Steps to Rolling an L-Plate Joint

To roll an L-plate joint, begin by taking the two pieces of rolling paper and forming an 'L' shape with them. Determine which side feels more comfortable to roll with the head of the joint, allowing you to position the vertical side either on the right or left of the horizontal paper. L-shaped joints are perfect for rolling cones, as the additional paper allows for a thicker cone and elongated joint.

Embrace your creativity and roll an L-plate joint with finesse!

The size of your L-shaped cannabis joint depends on how much you have ground up. Utilize the vertical paper fold as a reference point to determine where to place the horizontal paper once you have moistened about half of it. Wait for it to dry for 30 seconds.

Rolling the optimal L-shaped joint is a crucial aspect of the process. The joint's shape will be determined by how you evenly distribute the cannabis. Make sure to disperse it gradually, so that it gradually becomes larger towards the end of the paper, resembling an inverted traffic cone.

Hands putting weed on rolling paper to make a joint

Place the already prepared filter on the handle side of your cone. If you prefer a more natural joint and wish to forgo the filter, that is perfectly fine. However, the filter can assist you in aligning the joint. When licking the adhesive, do so lightly to avoid excessive wetness. We want to avoid creating a saliva puddle.

Now it's time to showcase your rolling skills. Gently compact the weed and roll the bottom back and forth a few times to ensure a snug fit, much like working with playdoh or clay. Gradually roll up the bottom to completely cover the weed, and continue rolling until you've reached the end. If you feel the joint isn't quite full enough, you can add any remaining bits or extra cannabis.

Lastly, for a smooth and even burn, trim off any excess paper or fold it to seal the joint. There's truly no need for any extra paper! Keep practicing until you have mastered the art of rolling an L-shaped joint and surprise your friends with your newfound skills.

Enjoy the process of honing your rolling abilities!

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