"Revolutionize Your A-Level Biology Revision with These Proven Tips"

Opt for a Scientifically-Proven Learning Method

Some subjects can be mastered independently to attain an A or A* grade. Fortunately, Biology is one of them! There is a straightforward learning technique that can help you achieve this. We refer to it as the scribble technique, highlighted by an Amazon reviewer.

Let’s imagine it's day one of your revision schedule and your target is to read six pages. Instead of studying a few pages from several textbooks, focus on all six pages from your Biology primary learning resource (PLR).

Now that you have opened the first page, what should you do next?

STEP 1 – Actively Read the First Topic

Set aside your colored pencils and highlighters. All you need on your table are your learning materials, a pen, and a notepad.

Most students skim over the pages without making an effort to comprehend the content. Avoid doing this!

After reading the topic, take a moment to process and ask yourself "What have I just read?"

In case you find it challenging to explain the information to yourself, read the topic again and try explaining it out loud or think through it. If you are still uncertain, take a break, splash your face with water, and come back to the topic.

Getting high grades depends on pushing yourself despite feeling tired, bored, or lazy to attain a state of "flow." This state is achieved when you become deeply immersed in the learning process that you lose track of time. Top students have their own techniques of getting back into the flow after falling out.

As a beginner, it will take you seven minutes to finish this step of learning.

STEP 2 – Close the Book and Recall Everything You Remember

Concentrate on recalling your memory plays a significant role. Jot down everything you recall from the topic you just read.

Instead of reciting the textbook word-for-word, explain the content in your language as you put pen to paper. Pretend you are talking to a ten-year-old child.

What if you can't recall the information? It's a critical and inevitable part of the learning process. If you are having difficulty recalling the data, be patient, and wait for the information to flow back. "Aha" moments, known as "perceptual insights" in scientific terms, help you remember information. Effective learning involves creating these "aha" moments after challenging yourself to recall relevant material.

Completing this step should not take more than 5 minutes. Once you have exhausted your memory bank, proceed to reopen the page.

STEP 3 - Rectify Your Errors and Omissions

Review the topic once again and mentally take note of any items that you missed or answered incorrectly.

This step should not require more than 2 minutes.

STEP 4 - Make Note of Your Omissions and Errors

Repeat step 2, but this time, record all the missed details from the first round.

This step should take no longer than 2 minutes.

Proceed to the next topic.

Complete All Pertinent End of Topic Assessments

Whenever you encounter an end-of-topic test, take it! Then, verify your responses using the answers at the back of the book.

After completing the entire textbook using this method, move on to past papers.

Complete All Relevant Past Paper Questions

Here's how you raise your mark from a B to an A or A*. According to Elevate Education, there is a strong connection between the number of past paper questions you answer and high marks.

Take your time working through the initial few past papers and confirm your answers using the mark scheme. Don't simply check off what you answered correctly or incorrectly. For any incorrect responses, try to recall the phrasing used in the mark scheme and redo the questions.

Attempt the last three past papers under timed conditions, as if you were taking the actual exam. As a guideline, the average score over these three papers is a good estimate of your final exam performance.

That's all there is to it! To sum up...

Use the scribble approach to learn all the crucial material from your educational resources Answer and complete all relevant non-past paper questions Answer and complete all relevant past paper questions I used this same process to secure an average score of 92% across all my Biology A-Level exams.

Top Biology Revision Tips From Students Who Scored an A* in 2019 Exams

Mark schemes are highly specific. While assessing practice questions, you should not just mark them as correct. Write down the exact phrasing in the mark scheme and memorise these.

Memorise conversions and practise micrograms to cm. A magnification calculation is almost always included.

Labelling micrographs frequently appears. When studying the liver, do not ignore the pictures. Study them, research them, and become familiar with how to spot the central vein, among other things.

Practise drawing the processes for respiration and photosynthesis with the appropriate coenzymes. These terms are easily confused.

Module 5 has difficult topics on action potentials and excretion that are likely to be assessed. Thoroughly understand these topics.

Distinguish between the uses and procedures of DNA sequencing versus DNA profiling.

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