Revamp Your Outdated Couch with These Five Easy Blanket Tips

If you're searching for a way to rejuvenate your couch, we've curated a collection of five ingenious strategies using wool throws that will not only extend its lifespan but also save you precious time and money.

Whether you desire to revamp your color scheme or conceal an unsightly flaw, wool blankets offer a cost-effective solution, granting you the freedom to effortlessly introduce an array of hues, patterns, and textures without the inconvenience and expense of replacing your sofa.

In the subsequent examples, we've employed our beloved, long-standing white sofa to showcase five straightforward techniques.

The sofa depicted in these images represents our initial sofa acquisition, a significant investment over a decade ago. Throughout this extended period, the cushion covers and sofa cover have endured numerous machine washings and dry cleanings, as well as the presence of children in our family and a multitude of guests, both invited and uninvited!

1. A Blanket Gracefully Draped Over the Armrest

As can be observed, by positioning a blue herringbone blanket over the armrest, we successfully camouflage an area of the sofa that has been subjected to the harshest wear and tear. The armrests, undoubtedly, exhibit the most pronounced signs of wear.

2. A Blanket Elegantly Adorned Over the Sofa's Back

Through the artful unfolding of the blanket to envelop a larger surface area, we effortlessly conceal a section of the sofa that had begun to show signs of deterioration while simultaneously incorporating a substantial infusion of color. In contrast to the white sofa, the blue and white herringbone pattern establishes an extraordinary and captivating juxtaposition, diverting attention away from the off-white regions.

3. A Blanket Casually Cast Across a Corner

In our bustling household, this particular technique prevails as the most frequently employed. Swift, effortless, and remarkably efficient, nonchalantly tossing a blanket over one of the sofa's corners instantaneously transforms both the sofa and the room. Boasting a more organic appearance, this method proves most advantageous in a lively household where one genuinely desires for people to feel comfortable using the blanket. Of course, acquiring the desired effect on a consistent basis demands practice and repetition... Throughout these photographs, we've employed a duck egg wool herringbone blanket and a navy blue herringbone wool blanket.

4. A Blanket Neatly Placed Over the Seat Cushions to Conceal Scuff Marks

Do you often host guests who stubbornly insist on donning highly polished knee-high black boots? If so, the fringe surrounding the bottom of your sofa is likely to have suffered over time from various shades of shoe polish. These stains, notoriously difficult to eradicate, particularly on a white or cream sofa, can either be prevented or camouflaged by folding a blanket in half beneath the back of the seat cushions and draping it over the skirting. This folding method also proves effective in introducing diverse colors to worn-out or faded seat cushions.

5. Complete Coverage of the Seat Cushions

Undoubtedly the most striking application of a blanket involves covering both the front and back cushions of a sofa. Rather than investing resources in replacing your entire sofa, a relatively inexpensive yet superb wool blanket can effortlessly conceal worn-out and stained cushions on a fabric sofa. Furthermore, they enable you to experiment with color and pattern to identify the most suitable hues for your space. Herringbone wool blankets, beehive patterns, and checked and plaid designs can all be effectively utilized to complement existing or evolving interior design schemes.

Woolen blankets possess the added advantage of introducing tactile elements to a space, particularly if you are focusing on incorporating neutral shades like greys and browns.

Planning a color scheme can prove challenging when designing a new interior, as different elements compete for priority and ultimately, costs and budgets play a significant role. In most living rooms, the sofa takes center stage and can have a substantial impact on the budget.

To facilitate the transition, why not extend the lifespan of your existing sofa while you complete the design and gather the necessary items to transform the room?

Top-quality wool blankets offer incredible versatility, allowing you to experiment with various colors, patterns, and textures. If your design and color preferences change over time, wool blankets can be easily shifted, rearranged, or stored for later use.

One of the major benefits of incorporating wool blankets and throws is the opportunity to experiment until you achieve the desired effect, whether by design or chance.

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed perusing this article and have an enjoyable time trying out the techniques we have outlined. If any of the wool blankets we have showcased have caught your attention, please take a closer look at them and our complete range on our product pages. As an added bonus, we are currently offering a 10% discount on first-time purchases using the code Berko20.

If you have discovered any other innovative ways to enhance a sofa using blankets, please share your insights in the comments section below - we would be delighted to hear from you.

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