Price of a Conservatory

Why do we need a conservatory in the first place?

Most homeowners like the idea of adding an extra space to their home that allows them to enjoy the views of their garden or other beautiful scenery.

A new conservatory provides a quiet, peaceful, and relaxing environment in which to spend your time.

Let us get right to it.

The cost of installing a conservatory will vary depending on the material used, as well as the type and size of your conservatory.

Let's start with materials:

The average wood conservatory will cost around £10,000 to build. Other options include a uPVC conservatory, which typically costs between £5000 and £15,000, and an aluminum conservatory, which costs between £15,000 and £35,000.

So let's get into the specifics.

If you're ready to get a quote on a new conservatory, we can put you in touch with local conservatory experts.

There are numerous advantages to having a conservatory, including increased natural light, expanded views, and many more.

Conservatory Costs

Type Total Cost Conservatory made of wood £8000-£12000 Conservatory made of uPVC £5000-£15000 A conservatory made of aluminum £15000 to £35000

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There are several other costs to consider when installing a conservatory.

Let's get started.

Costs of Extensive Conservatory Groundwork

Before constructing a conservatory, it is critical that the ground be thoroughly prepared to support the new structure.

This could include digging. This entails digging up and leveling the ground to ensure its stability. Excavation typically costs between £30 and £50 per cubic metre to fully prepare the ground.

You should also make sure that your drainage system is connected to the main water supply.

If you don't,

You may be required to pay for drainage installation. This necessitates extensive digging and pipe installation. Normally, this will cost between £700 and £1000.

Costs of Conservatory Planning Permission

To comply with planning permission regulations, your conservatory must not:

  • Cover more than half of the existing property's area
  • Extend any further than the highest point of your home's roof or eaves.
  • Extend more than four metres beyond your house's back wall.
  • Include any elevated platforms or changes to the existing roof.

Here are two more restrictions you should be aware of:

  • If you intend to install your conservatory within two metres of the property line, the eaves height cannot exceed three metres.
  • If the conservatory is near a highway, it must not be placed in front of the main elevation or side elevation.

If you intend to make changes that are not permitted, or if you live in a listed building, you must apply for planning permission.

Planning permission typically costs around £200.

The Costs of Conservatory Building Regulations

It is critical that you follow the current extension building regulations before constructing a conservatory.

Hire a tradesperson listed under the competent person's scheme to ensure that you meet building regulations.

If you don't,

If you hire someone who is not registered, you may have to pay for building approval yourself, which will depend on the costs of your local council.

Building regulations must also be obtained for your conservatory doors and windows.

This includes ensuring that they are energy-efficient and that the recommended amount of heat passing through the glass is met. You should also use safety glazing in critical areas where there is an unobstructed opening and on any glazed door up to 1500mm from the ground.

Another critical regulation is ventilation.

You must ensure that all doors and windows provide adequate ventilation, especially if your conservatory is used as a kitchen or utility room.

You must also ensure that your conservatory is fire-resistant.

This could entail installing fire-resistant doors or windows. You should also ensure that they are large enough to provide an escape route in the event of a fire.

However, if your conservatory meets the following criteria, you may not need to apply for building regulations approval:

  • Is less than 30 square metres in size
  • Is separated from your residence
  • It has its own heating system.

Cost of Conservatory Guttering


To keep water from damaging the foundations of your conservatory, you should install guttering.

Conservatory guttering costs approximately £12 to £16 per metre.

The Price of Conservatory Blinds

Consider installing blinds on each window in your conservatory for added privacy.

However, there are numerous types of blinds available.

This includes the following:

  • Roman blinds cost between £20 and £60.
  • Venetian blinds cost between £10 and £30.
  • Vertical blinds cost between £16 and £100.

For conservatory windows, the cost of installing blinds can range between £20 and £50. This, however, will vary depending on the number of windows you have.

The Price of Conservatory Heaters

Here's the thing:

One major issue with conservatories is that they can become too cold to use during the cold winter months.

Consider installing an electric radiator in your conservatory to keep it warm. Electric radiators cost between £100 and £150 to buy and install.

Underfloor heating is another popular conservatory heating solution. This typically costs between £60 and £100 per square metre (for professional installation).

How Much Does a Conservatory Cost in Supplies?

You intend to build a new conservatory on your own.

Or maybe you just want to buy your own supplies.

Here are some ballpark prices for conservatories.

Conservatory Type Cost of uPVC supply (m2) Cost of wood supply (per m2) Cost of aluminum supply (m2) Victorian £360 - £700 £760 - £1080 £440 - £820 Edwardian £530 - £760 £550 - £1125 £620 - £870 Lean-to £300 - £490 £480 - £1320 £320 - £580 P-shaped £430 - £480 £610 - £700 £530 - £820 L-shaped £690 - £980 £630 - £930 £810 - £1120 T-shaped £690 - £980 £610 - £700 £810 - £1120 Orangery £850 - £4980 £1150 - £1840 £1000 - £5570

But what about glass rooms and sunrooms?

We've got your back.

The table below shows the average supply costs for installing a sunroom or glass room.

Conservatory Type Budget Average Premium Sunroom £1900 - £2800 £2900 - £3700 £3800 - £4700 Glass room £230 - £470 £570 - £650 £890 - £1200

Conservatory Tradesman Costs


The price you pay for labor is a critical cost to consider when calculating the cost of a new conservatory.

So, how much should you budget for labor?

You should hire a professional team to build your conservatory to a high standard. They typically charge between £150 and £200 per day for their services.

What other tradespeople may you require?

  • If you need a roofer to help you contract the conservatory roof, you should expect to pay between £15 and £25 per hour (or £150 to £200 per day).
  • A window fitter should charge between £10 and £20 per hour to install your double glazing.
  • You might want to hire a painter and decorator for the interior of your conservatory. They usually charge between £100 and £300 per day.
  • You may need to hire an electrician to install any electrical systems or lights. Electricians typically charge between £30 and £60 per hour.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Conservatory

Here's another crucial point:

You should think about how long it will take to build a new conservatory because this will help you determine the final cost that you should expect to pay.

The table below shows the time frame for the various types of conservatories.

Conservatory Type Duration Victorian 3 - 4 weeks Edwardian 2 - 3 weeks Lean-to 2 - 3 weeks P-shaped 3 - 4 weeks L-shaped 3 - 4 weeks T-shaped 3 - 4 weeks Orangery 4 - 5 weeks Sunroom 2 - 3 weeks Glass room 1 - 2 weeks

How Much Does Each Stage of Conservatory Construction Cost?

There are several stages to building a conservatory.

Now let's go over each stage (and the associated costs).

Creating a Conservatory Foundation

Before you start building your conservatory, make sure you have a solid foundation to support it.

This entails excavating the floor space where your conservatory will be installed. After that, it will be leveled, and the conservatory base will be formed using concrete, which typically costs around £90 per square metre.

Constructing a Conservatory Wall


After constructing the conservatory base, a low dwarf-wall will be required to provide additional support to your conservatory.

This will entail constructing the wall from the ground up, ensuring that it is at least a metre tall. A conservatory dwarf wall typically costs between £50 and £300 per m2.

Constructing the Conservatory Roof

Once the foundations are in place, the roof can be built. This includes installing the roof ridge and rafters, as well as the glazing sheets.

The cost of installing a conservatory roof will vary depending on the type you select. Polycarbonate roofs, for example, typically cost between £2200 and £7300 to install, whereas glass roofs typically cost between £2400 and £8000.

Fixtures and fittings for the Conservatory

The final stage entails the installation of windows and doors, as well as the furnishing and decorating of the interior.

Here's how much it will all cost you:

  • The cost of installing conservatory windows ranges between £150 and £200 per day.
  • The cost of installing a conservatory door ranges between £390 and £900.
  • Conservatory lighting installation costs between £60 and £100 per light.
  • Decorating your conservatory may cost up to £500, depending on its size.

Costs of Conservatory Roof Replacement and Repair

Your conservatory roof may need to be repaired after a while.

Let us look at some of the reasons why.

Conservatory Roof Leak Repair

If you have a tiled roof, you may be able to prevent leaks by replacing the roof tiles.

Roof tile replacement costs between £120 and £200, depending on the size of the roof.

Misted Glass Restoration


If you notice that your glass has begun to mist, it is possible that your double-glazing has failed. To repair your misted glass roof, you may need to remove the roof frame and replace it with new double-glazing.

This will cost between £50 and £450 per glass pane.

Roofing Repair

In some cases, your roof may need to be completely replaced.

The cost of replacing your conservatory roof will vary depending on the type of roof you select.

Roof made of polycarbonate

A polycarbonate roof can cost between £2200 and £2700 for a lean-to conservatory, while an Edwardian conservatory can cost between £3400 and £6700.

Glass Roof

These are slightly more costly.

Glass conservatory roofs range in price from £2400 to £3200, while Edwardian conservatories cost between £3700 and £7300.

Conservatory Cleaning Cost

To ensure the longevity of your conservatory, try to perform a deep clean at least once or twice a month.

This is especially important for your windows, which are easily smudged and tend to accumulate dirt.

You can clean your own conservatory windows with water and detergent.


This is a time-consuming task. If you decide to hire a professional, the inside and outside of your conservatory will typically cost between £300 and £650.

Cost of Conservatory Removal

Consider having your conservatory removed.

You may be considering it for a variety of reasons, including the possibility that it is allowing too much cold into the house during the winter, or that it is simply outdated.

If you hire a professional to remove your conservatory, the roof and windows will typically cost around £300.

The dwarf wall will cost around £20 per metre to remove, and the conservatory base will cost around £120 per metre to remove.

You will also be charged to have your waste removed. Professional removal should cost between £70 and £300.


What is the distinction between a conservatory and an orangery?

A: The primary distinction between a conservatory and an orangery is that a conservatory typically has a glass roof, whereas an orangery typically has a lantern roof that is solid on the perimeters and glazed in the center.

Q: What exactly is a conservatory?

A traditional conservatory is usually attached to the side or back of a house and has a glass roof and walls. It is typically used as an extra seating area.

This is useful in the summer because it allows natural light to enter and warms up the property.

Q: How do I clean the roof of my polycarbonate conservatory?

A: If you have a conservatory with a polycarbonate roof, you must keep it clean on a regular basis. This will entail using a leaf blower or a brush to remove debris from the roof and gutters.

To clean your polycarbonate sheets, use a mild detergent and warm water, as abrasive chemicals can cause the material to wear away. This will remove any dirt that has accumulated and will extend the life of your roof if done at least once a year.

A solid roof on a conservatory is possible.

A: Some modern conservatories have solid roofs because they provide better insulation and noise reduction. It also aids in the prevention of overheating in the summer and being too cold in the winter.

A conservatory can be extended.

A: Yes, you can extend your conservatory.

However, you must ensure that your extension complies with building codes and planning permission requirements. You will also need to determine whether your existing conservatory can support an extended conservatory or whether foundation changes are required.

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