Prevent Cats from Defecating in Your Garden: Natural Methods to Deter Feline Activity.

Are you in need of guidance regarding how to prevent cats from defecating in your garden? Cats have a natural inclination to explore, but it can be quite frustrating when they choose to use our flower beds as their personal toilets, ruin our borders, and harm wildlife.

Regardless of whether you want to keep cats away from specific areas in your garden or deter them from scratching your outdoor garden furniture sets, there are numerous natural methods to ensure they stay away permanently. Some cats may venture into your garden out of curiosity, while others might be searching for a mate or prey.

It is crucial to bear in mind:

- Always utilize cat deterrent products that are licensed.

- The RSPCA advises against using "do-it-yourself" deterrents that may potentially harm cats.

- If you know the cat's owner, it's advisable to speak with them first. They might be able to determine why their cat continues to defecate in your garden.

- Causing unnecessary suffering to a cat is considered an offense under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

With that being said, continue reading to discover effective approaches for preventing cats from defecating in your garden...

1. Refrain from providing food

Avoid leaving food out for stray or neighboring cats, as this will increase the likelihood of their return. Make sure to thoroughly clean up after a BBQ or garden party, removing any food scraps that may have fallen on the ground. While cats might enjoy the opportunity to feast on your leftovers, they may also injure themselves by stepping on cooked meat bones.

how to stop cats pooping in the garden

2. Ensure flower beds are adequately watered

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Having cat feces in your soil, particularly if you're growing edible plants, is highly undesirable. Cats dislike moist soil, so keeping your flower beds well watered will deter them from defecating in your garden and damaging your plants. According to the RHS, cats have a preference for loose, dry earth, mulch, and compost.

3. Install an automatic spray system

Outdoor water repellents are specifically designed to deter cats and other animals from lingering in your garden. These devices are safe and effective, emitting short bursts of water in the direction of the animals. Considering cats' aversion to water, they will quickly retreat after encountering the initial spray.

STV International STV4I5 Defenders Jet-Spray Pond & Garden Protector

[Image: KelvinJay]

By implementing these methods, you can successfully discourage cats from defecating in your garden. Remember to respect the animals and prioritize their well-being while protecting your outdoor space.

To activate the repeller, simply connect it to a standard hose in your garden and switch it on. It won't release any water until the sensor is triggered, ensuring that you don't waste any water in the process.

1x Pestbye® Battery Operated Cat Repellent

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Water Jet Animal Deterrent

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Lastly, we have the Defenders Defenders Fox Jet Spray Repeller, currently offering an 11% discount. Explore it further here: [MY_REDIRECT_PREFIX][/MY_REDIRECT_PREFIX]*.

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4. Make it challenging to access the garden

Prevent inquisitive felines from entering your garden by creating obstacles that make it difficult for them. From sturdy fences to foliage that provides privacy, there are several measures you can take. If cats still manage to find their way in, the RSPB suggests encircling an area with a fence (such as chicken wire) that leans towards the direction from which the cat will approach. Alternatively, you can place flimsy plastic roll-up fencing on top of an existing fence to deter cats from climbing over it.

Defenders Fox Jet Spray Repeller

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a cat enjoying the sunset

5. Utilize scent repellents

Cats have a strong sense of smell, and there are certain scents they despise, some of which you might have readily available in your kitchen. Consider using orange and lemon peels, cayenne pepper, coffee grounds, lavender oil, lemon grass oil, citronella oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and mustard oil. You can either sprinkle these scents directly onto your flower beds or soak cotton wool with them and place them at entry points. One whiff of these scents, and the cats will stay away.

Top tip: Consider cultivating coleus canina (Plectranthus caninus) in your garden. This plant, also known as Pee-off and Scaredy-cat, emits a potent odor that is notorious for repelling cats and other unwanted animals.

Coleus canina Scaredy Cat

Coleus canina Scaredy Cat


Coleus canina Scaredy Cat

6. Incorporate an ultrasonic deterrent

Similar to water-based deterrents, you can invest in an ultrasonic cat repellent that emits a high-frequency sound to frighten cats. Although it may take a few weeks for them to be deterred from entering your garden, cats will find this piercing sound uncomfortable and will eventually leave. The sound is inaudible to humans.

There are several options available to purchase if you are looking for ultrasonic deterrents. These include the CATwatch deterrent endorsed by the RSPCA (£55.99), a more affordable version from Pestbye that can be easily placed in the soil (£21.99), and one from Argos (£22).

According to Andy Evans from the RSPB, this is the first time that independent research has proven the effectiveness of ultrasonic devices in deterring cats. CATwatch provides a practical solution for non-cat owners who want to keep cats out of their gardens. It is particularly beneficial for birds like the house sparrow, song thrush, and starling, as these species frequently visit gardens and CATwatch can help deter cats from entering.

Waterproof Cat Repellent Ultrasonic Repeller

Additionally, there are other ultrasonic devices available on Amazon, such as the Pestbye Waterproof Cat Repellent Ultrasonic Repeller and the CATwatch Cat Watch Ultrasonic Deterrent. These products can be found on Amazon.

Cat watch Ultrasonic Deterrent

Another option is the Defenders Mega-Sonic Solar Cat Repeller, also available on Amazon.

To discourage cats from entering your garden, you can try covering parts of it with pebbles, rocks, small pebbles, or netting. Cats tend to prefer smooth and soft surfaces, so the presence of these bristly materials will likely make them leave.

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Mega-Sonic Solar Cat Repeller

8. Construct an enclosed space for feline friends

If you're open to the idea of having cats grace your garden, why not create a secure area dedicated to keeping them away from your cherished plants?

Fabricate a designated litter box using options like sand, wood chips, or loose soil. Consider including various climbing structures and make sure to incorporate a small sheltered segment where they can rest. If deterring cats from defecating in your garden is still a concern, providing them with their very own territory could be the perfect solution.

stone path in the garden

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