Phillip Schofield has returned with his Christmas special, "How to Spend It Well."

Phillip Schofield's How to Spend It Well at Christmas is back on our screens, as the This Morning host has been testing everything from family board games to home fitness equipment.

It's been a year like no other, and as Christmas approaches, Phillip hopes to bring viewers some much-needed joy by advising them on how to spend their money wisely.

"After a difficult year, knowing how to make your money work for you is more important than ever." We tested and reviewed the most recent products to help us get the most bang for our buck this holiday season. "Let's make this a memorable Christmas," Phillip said.

phillip schofield


Because it is still unclear whether we will be able to visit loved ones this Christmas, many of us will be looking for a unique gift to send. Phillip meets Holly Tucker, the founder of Not On The High Street, to get her top tips on what to consider when selecting and sending postal gifts this year.

Christopher Biggins, a special guest, joins a group of families to test the latest board games for Christmas Day, asking which challenge games would provide the most fun to play together at home.

Phillip's three-part series also includes ex-footballer Chris Kamara and his son Jack. as well as GB gymnasts Ellie and Becky Downie to see what fitness gifts are worth the money and should be on Christmas lists, as home fitness equipment has taken off this year in the aftermath of the pandemic, which has seen gyms close during lockdown.

Grace Dent, a journalist and restaurant critic, is on hand to test a variety of food-inspired kits that could make the perfect gift for foodies, and chef Matt Tebbutt rates time-saving kitchen gadgets.

Dog behaviorist Ali Taylor will assist viewers in selecting the best dog toy for their pets this holiday season, and Dancing on Ice pro Matt Evers will be reunited with some of this year's ice rivals to put inline skates to the test.

Phillip Schofield's How to Spend It Well at Christmas returns to ITV on Tuesday, December 1st.

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Star Wars - Best Christmas Toys

Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition “AKA Baby Yoda”

Now with a 30% discount

Credit: Amazon/Star Wars

Fans of Star Wars will adore this animatronic 'Baby Yoda' toy. The Child Mandalorian toy is jam-packed with features, including motorized movements for its forehead, ears, and eyes. Tap it three times on the head to activate The Force. There are also numerous sound effects. For ages 4

Kaloo Tendresse Manon K Doll

This soft doll is an inexpensive gift option that will make an excellent companion for younger children. She is perfectly sized for small hands to cuddle and hold, and she will go everywhere with your child. Isn't it nice to buy a toy that doesn't require batteries?

Ravensburger Planetary Solar System 3D Globe Jigsaw Puzzle Set for Kids Age 6 Years Up - Space & Planets
Amazon is to blame.

You can build and create the Solar System in miniature with this set of 8 different 3D puzzles. A great way to inspire your children to learn more about our planet and an ideal gift for any child or adult who dreams of space adventures.

Ravensburger The Upside Down Challenge Board Game
Argos is to blame.
Gibsons Out Of Order Game
Argos is to blame.

Put your brain to the test with this family-friendly board game. This witty quiz is ideal for a game night in or an after-dinner party game, and it also makes a great birthday or Christmas gift.    

Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron - Blue
Argos is to blame.

This fantasy cauldron includes all of the magical ingredients as well as a special wand for mixing a potion and creating a cute furry friend.  

SCALEXTRIC Micro Batman vs The Joker race set
Photographer: Selfridges

This race track will provide hours of entertainment for your children as Batman and the Joker meet again.

Scrabble Harry Potter Board Game
Photographer: John Lewis

If you're looking for a game that the whole family can enjoy, this could be it. This version includes several Hogwarts cards that allow you to score extra points, as well as a glossary of wizarding terms, making it an excellent gift for Witches and Wizards, Muggles, Mudbloods, and Squibs.

Jiggly Pets Koala
Argos is to blame.

The Jiggly Pets Koala is the latest animatronic rubber animal that is expected to be popular with children. It is soft to the touch and can walk, jiggle, and shake its arms while playing a catchy tune. To bring this adorable creature to life, simply press its head.

​Barbie Doctor Doll (12-in/30.40-cm), Brunette Hair, Curvy Shape, Doctor Coat, Print Dress, Stethoscope Accessory, Great Toy Gift for Ages 3 Years Old & Up

57% Off Now

Amazon is to blame.

With the Barbie Fast Cast Clinic playset, aspiring doctors and nurses can explore a world of caring for others. Barbie doctor doll can perform X-rays, examine patients on the exam table, and even make a pink, purple, or white cast using the dough and cast-making accessories.

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden (Packaging May Vary)
Image credit: Amazon

The butterfly garden at insect lore is an excellent way to teach your children about nature. The kit allows you to care for live insects as they transform. You can watch them transform from caterpillars to beautiful Painted Lady butterflies over the course of three weeks.  

L.O.L. Surprise! Clubhouse Playset
Photographer: John Lewis

If your kids are L O Fans of surprise dolls will love this clubhouse as the ultimate hangout for their doll collection. It has a game room, a skateboard zone, a patio, a movie room, a bedroom, and a kitchen for hours of imaginative play.

Elf Club House

A Lego set is a timeless Christmas gift that will delight any child. This holiday-themed Elf Club House includes everything from trees and presents to reindeers and even Santa's sleigh. It's a great way to keep the Christmas spirit alive all year.

Barbie Dreamhouse

43% Off Now

Amazon is to blame.

The Barbie DreamHouse is a showpiece item that encourages creativity and both independent and group play with its many rooms and accessories. It's the perfect gift for any Barbie fan, and it's sure to cause some serious envy.

Big Potato Top of the Pops Party Game
John Lewis is the photographer.

This game is essential if you want your entire family to participate. It is jam-packed with hitmakers from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and beyond.

Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends Hoppie Rabbit, Light Grey, 28 cm, 80470
Amazon is to blame.

This soft and cuddly bunny will make an adorable gift and loving companion for children. If you're looking for a Christmas option for the younger members of your family, this is it.

2 x Spirograph Design Tin Set
Amazon is to blame.

This kit, designed for aspiring artists, will allow both younger and older children to create millions of amazing designs.

Best Christmas Toys - Make Your Own

Colour In Cardboard Igloo 107cm
Image credit: Prograce/Amazon

Keep the kids entertained over the holidays by decorating and playing in their very own igloo. Hobbycraft's color-in playhouses get rave reviews, and there are plenty of options, including a shop, castle, and fairy house.

Creative Best Christmas Toys

PROGRACE LCD Writing Tablet for Kids

49% Off Now

Image credit: Prograce/Amazon

This tablet is an excellent alternative to children spending screen time playing computer games or watching television. Encourage kids to start writing and to write more. It also has two magnets on the back so you can stick their creations to the refrigerator.

Cameras are the best Christmas gifts.

VTech KidiZoom Studio (Red)

36% Off Now

Image credit: VTech/Amazon

Allow your children to create their own show with this digital action camera that allows them to record and edit video. It also includes a tripod and a wrist strap. Ages 5 and up

Storytime - Best Christmas Toys

Lunii-1-EN My Fabulous Storyteller
Image credit: Lunii/Amazon

Allow your child to immerse himself in storytime with the Lunii electric storyteller. A great alternative to screen time, children can select different elements of the stories to create their own stories. This device is ideal for bedtime and car rides, as it comes with 48 stories and the option to buy and download more from the Luniistore. For ages 3

Christmas Toys for the Kitchen

DUKTIG Play kitchen, birch72x40x109 cm

The IKEA play kitchen is a must-have for budding chefs. The stylish role play toy will look great in your home, and you can complement it with a variety of reasonably priced toy cookware, crockery, and foods.

STEM Toys for Christmas

Build Your Own Microscope
Amazon is to blame.

If one advantage of this year has been that your family has been spending more time outside and appreciating nature, encourage their interest with this build-your-own microscope set so they can examine their finds up close. It's also a great sustainable gift option because it's made of cardboard.

Funniest Christmas Toys

Sassimals Flossi Flamingo
Photographer: Hippychick

Christmas can be more fun with Sassimals' Flossi Flamingo. Flossi not only mimics what your child says, but it also dances to catchy pop tunes. This Christmas, you've found the ideal party pal.

Computer games are the best Christmas toys.

Nintendo Switch Neon Red & Blue
Nintendo is to blame.

This portable gaming console will be at the top of many children's (and adults') Christmas wish lists. This improved version of the console promises longer battery life, making it ideal for long trips. It's a versatile gadget that can switch between a games console you play on your TV and a portable device, and it's something your game-loving child will be hoping for on December 25th.

Christmas Toys for Avengers Fans

Marvel Avengers Bend And Flex Action Figure Toy
Image credit: Marvel/Amazon

Fans of the Avengers will have hours of fun with the bend and flex characters, such as Thanos, who each come with a blast accessory. The 15cm figure has bendable arms and legs that allow it to be moulded into a variety of imaginative poses. For ages 6

Children who aspire to be veterinarians will enjoy using this pet checkup set to imaginatively imagine all of the animal emergencies they can assist with. In addition to a weighing scale, monitor, and overhead light, a plush dog, cat, and turtle are provided as willing patients.

Pictionary Air Harry Potter
Photographer: Hamleys

Fantasy remains a fan favorite, as Harry Potter makes an appearance on this year's list with Pictionary Air Harry Potter. This magical take on the classic drawing game will delight the entire family.

Best Wooden Christmas Toys

Classic World Wooden Rocket Ship
Hippychick is responsible for this image.

Allow their imaginations to run wild with this wooden rocket ship that opens to reveal 12 different themed rooms inside the rocket ranging from bedrooms, operation rooms, laboratories, and much more. A lovely toy that can be passed down through the generations. For ages 3

Hamleys Huggables Snuggle-Ready Penguin

22% Off Now

Photo credit: Hamleys

Snuggle-ready in an instant - the design of this adorable soft penguin toy means kids can use it like a pillow if they're travelling, tuck it under their chin and snuggle into the toy's tummy in bed

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