Methods for Styling Men's Hair (Illustrated)

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    Figure out your facial shape. It is widely accepted that not every hairstyle will look good on everyone. This is primarily due to facial shape and features. Standing in front of a mirror can help you determine your facial shape.

    Using a bar of soap or a makeup pencil, trace the outline of your face (excluding your hair and ears).

    There should be a distinct shape visible.
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    Choose a style that complements your face shape. Once you've determined your face shape, look for a hairstyle that complements it. This may necessitate some patience, as you may discover that you need to grow your hair longer in order to properly style it. Here are some style suggestions based on your face shape:

    Face Forms
    Choose almost any hairstyle for an oval face, but bangs or fringe will make your face appear rounder. [1]
    Choose a softer style around your hairline if you have a square face. Short, tight hairstyles will highlight your angular features. Avoid having your hair parted in the middle. [2]
    Choose a balanced style for your oblong face. Short sides and a long top will lengthen your face. Maintaining some hair on your face can help balance your facial length.
    Avoid sharp bangs or a lot of hair swept onto the face if you have a round face. [3]
    Diamond-shaped face: Longer hairstyles may be appropriate. Straight hair and sharp haircuts near the ears should be avoided. [4]
    Choose longer hair for a heart-shaped face. A beard, mustache, or goatee will also help balance out the lower half of your face. [5]
    Choose a style that adds width and volume at the top for a triangular face. [6] Keeping your hair wavy or curly is an excellent way to add volume.


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    Determine your hair type Is your hair curly, wavy, straight, or textured? Is it light, medium, or heavy? Certain hairstyles will complement your natural hair tendencies and make styling easier.
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    Choose a hairstyle that complements your hair type. While some of these styles are appropriate for any hair texture, the majority are best suited to a specific hair type.

    Consider what your hair does naturally.

    and find a hairstyle that complements those characteristics
    • If you have straight hair of any consistency, consider the Prohibition High-and-Tight, letting it grow out (if it isn't fine), flowing and combing it, or cropping it.
      • The Prohibition High-and-Tight has very short sides that fade into your nape and sideburns. The top should be about an inch and a half longer. To keep the top combed in place, use a gel. [7] If you have wavy or curly hair, avoid this look.
      • Simply allow your hair to grow past your shoulders to achieve a messy look. To style your hair, simply towel dry it and apply a little texture cream. [8]
      • The flow and comb begin with a square cut but become longer on the sides and top. Apply a mousse to wet hair, then comb it back. [9] If you have curly hair, you should avoid this.
      • Cropped hair is essentially cut short on the sides and top. With this low-maintenance style, you don't really need styling products. [10]
    • Consider a pompadour, letting it grow out, or cropping it if you have curly or wavy hair.
      • The pompadour is a timeless hairstyle. The blended cut should be done in a 2 to 1 ratio from top to bottom. This basically means that the sides should be slightly shorter than the top, but not significantly so. Comb the top into place and style with a pomade. [11] If you have very fine, straight, or thin hair, avoid this look.
      • Simply allow your hair to grow past your shoulders to achieve a messy look. To style your hair, simply towel dry it and apply some texture cream. [12] Ask your stylist to add texture and style with a hair gel for a more bed-head look.
      • Cropped hair is essentially cut short on the sides and top. With this low-maintenance style, you don't really need styling products. [13]
    • Simply keep your hair short if you have a receding hairline. If you're feeling daring, you could shave everything and grow a beard or goatee.
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    Experiment with various styles. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to hairstyle. While these tips may be useful, you should ultimately find a style that makes you feel at ease and like yourself. Don't be afraid to experiment with new looks every month or so until you find one you really like.

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    Select a length for your sideburns. The
    The average length of traditional sideburns is to the middle of your ear.
    However, this can be adjusted depending on your facial features and head shape. Sideburns should match your hairstyle, regardless of length. So, if you have short hair, keep your sideburns short and well-trimmed. With a longer, looser hairstyle, sideburns can be longer and thicker. [14]
    • Longer sideburns can make your face appear narrower, whereas sideburns shorter than mid-ear length can have the opposite effect. Shorter sideburns complement longer faces, while longer sideburns can elongate shorter faces. [15]


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    Think about your situation. It's best to keep details about your life in mind when selecting a new everyday style. Consider your workplace's requirements, how much time you have to style your hair, and how much effort you are willing to put into your daily appearance.

    • Whatever hairstyle you choose, it should complement your personality. You'll need to feel at ease with your new look, so avoid styles that aren't a good fit for you. If your stylist suggests a hairstyle that you don't like, politely express your feelings and find something else.
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    Change your hairstyle. It's preferable if you can go to a stylist you already know, but if you need to find a new stylist, ask friends or coworkers for recommendations or search the internet for ratings and reviews of local salons.

    Bring photos of hairstyles you like and ask the stylist if the look would suit your face shape.

    Suggestions for Hairstyles When you get your hair cut, remember the name of the style you got so you can remind the stylist or request something slightly different at future appointments. If you like the haircut, be sure to tip generously. You should also consult your stylist for maintenance and styling advice. They will be able to advise you on which products to use and how frequently you should have your hair trimmed.

    Styles to consider:

    Fade: Also known as a "taper," a fade is a clipper haircut in which the hair on the side of the head is gradually cut shorter as it approaches the neck. There are several variations of this style (afro cut, bald/skin fade), so consult with your stylist to determine which option is best for you.
    Crew cuts have a short, even trim on the top of the head — about 1 in (2 cm). 5 cm) in length — and a tapered, even shorter side trim [16]
    The pompadour is an undercut hairstyle with short cuts on the sides of the head and longer hair brushed back over the highest point of the head. Elvis Presley popularized it.
    The quiff is similar to the pompadour in that the hair is brushed forward rather than towards the back of the head.
    Buzz cuts are hairstyles in which the hair is cut very close to the scalp. They're low-maintenance but still fashionable. [17]
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    Make a part in your hair. Consider your face shape as well as your natural part when deciding where to place your part. If you have a round face, avoid parting your hair in the middle because it will draw attention to the roundness. If you have a strong jaw and high cheekbones, a part that is far to one side will emphasize these features. In general,

    Most people prefer a part that is a few inches off-center.

    Experiment to find out what you like best.
    • You can part your hair with your fingers or a comb. Keep in mind that finger-combing creates a wavier, more natural look, whereas using a fine-toothed comb creates a sleeker, more structured look.
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    Brush your hair Unless you're spiking your hair in every direction imaginable, you'll notice that most hairstyles have one primary direction in which the hair is combed. Comb it forward, backward, up, to the side, or straight down. Experiment with a few different approaches to see which one works best for you.
    • Note that

      The majority of men only style and comb the top of their hair.

      unless their hair is medium-length or longer Most men's haircuts have short back and sides that don't require much styling on a daily basis.
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    Choose hair products Unfortunately, most of us require more than just water and a comb to properly style our hair. While experimenting with different types of products, start with less expensive brands. When you find something you like (for example, hair clay), you can look for the best brand for you. Here are a few products you could buy, as well as the type of look they'll help you achieve:

    Products to Consider
    Serums and creams can help you tame flyaways and de-frizz curls without making your hair stiff and immobile.
    Mousse: Use hair mousse to add volume and shine to your hair while keeping it in place. Mousse is also useful for defining curls and waves if you have 3 in (7 cm) hair. 6 cm) or greater Apply to wet hair and let it dry for the best results.
    Gel, as opposed to pomade, contains alcohol, which dries out hair and gives it a stiffer hold. Apply gel to wet hair for the best hold.
    Use pomade, hair wax, or hair clay to shape your hair into difficult-to-achieve shapes like pompadours or curls (for naturally straight hair). Because these products can take several washes to remove, use them sparingly. If you have short, medium, or thin hair, a pea-sized amount should suffice. For a shiny, wet look, use pomade or hair wax; for a matte, natural tone, use hair clay.
    Ever wonder how some people get their mohawks to stand up straight? They're probably using some kind of hair glue (it's not glue, just a type of hair gel) that has the strongest hold possible. However, avoid product build-up by thoroughly washing your hair between applications.

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    Apply styling products as needed and finish with hairspray (optional). Depending on the product and hairstyle, you may want to apply the styling product before combing your hair. If you're concerned about your hair drooping or losing its structure throughout the day, mist it with hairspray after you've finished styling it. You can select a product with a light or strong grip.

    (Keep in mind that "strong hold" means "more alcohol," which can cause your hair to look brittle.)

    • When spraying hairspray, keep it at least six inches away from your hair. If you use too much spray, your hair will clump together and look stiff.
    • Hair wax is another simple way to maintain your hairstyle. Simply rub a small amount of wax between your fingers until it softens, then pinch it between hair strands to work it in.


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    Consider your styling requirements and situation. Why do you style your hair? Are you planning on attending prom? Meeting the parents of your girlfriend All I want is cool hair. Make the appearance appropriate for the situation.

    • Remember to keep in mind
      Formal occasions necessitate more traditional hairstyles.
      Your cousin may object to you wearing a high Mohawk to her wedding.
    • For an important event, it may be best to choose a style that is similar to your everyday style; this will help you feel more at ease during the event.
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    Make use of high-quality items. If you started using low-cost items for your everyday look, you might want to consider investing in higher-quality items for your special occasion.

    Cheaper products are more likely to cause buildup or unwanted effects, such as making your hair appear too dry or too oily.

    • Use the products several times before the special occasion to see how your hair reacts to the product.
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    Request feedback. If you are attending a formal event, such as prom or a wedding (as a guest or a member of the wedding party), you may want to seek styling assistance. A professional stylist, a parent, or even your date may be able to advise you on what would look good on you.

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    Make everything neat and clean. The most important aspect of your special-event hairstyle is that it appears as if you spent time perfecting your hair.

    • Your part should be made with a comb to look professional.
    • You should use product to keep your hair where you want it.
    • A quality hair product that adds a bit of shine or a wet look is frequently appropriate for events.
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    Create a "refresher" strategy. If the event will last longer than an hour or two, you may need to refresh your hair to keep it looking neat. Simply keeping a small comb in your inside jacket pocket, wetting it in the men's room, and running it through your hair can help. This will most likely reactivate your styling product (particularly hair gel) and allow you to look great until the end of the event.


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    Laura Martin is a Georgia Licensed Cosmetologist. She has worked as a hair stylist since 2007 and as a cosmetology instructor since 2013.
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    My nose is large, and my face is oval. Which hairstyle will look best on me?

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    Because you have an oval-shaped face, you can wear almost any hairstyle. If you want to wear a part, part your hair to the side rather than in the middle, as a middle part may draw attention to your nose.
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