Methods for Playing the Online Lotto HotPicks Game

Edition 11d goes into effect on August 17, 2022.

These Game Procedures (the "Procedures"), the Rules for Draw-Based Games Played Online (the "Rules"), and the Account Terms apply when Lotto HotPicks is played online (including via the App).

If there is a conflict between the documents, the Rules will take precedence over the Procedures, which will be followed by the Account Terms.

When playing Lotto HotPicks at a retailer, the Lotto HotPicks Game Procedures and the Rules for Draw-Based Games Played at Retailers apply.

All National Lottery Rules and Procedures are available on the National Lottery website. You can also request copies by calling our Customer Care Team at 0333 234 44 33 (please see the Telephone Enquiries section for call charges) or writing to National Lottery, PO Box 251, Watford WD18 9BR.

All words and phrases that begin with a capital letter and have a specific meaning in these Procedures are defined below or in Section (G).

    • (1) Lotto HotPicks consists of five different games, each of which costs £1 to play: 'Pick 1', 'Pick 2', 'Pick 3', 'Pick 4', and 'Pick 5'.
    • (2) To play the Pick 1 game, choose one number for Your Selection. You choose two numbers for Your Selection when playing the Pick 2 game. Similarly, to play the Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 5 games, you must select three, four, and five numbers, respectively.
    • (3) The Lotto HotPicks Draws consist of the Lotto Draws held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You do not have to play Lotto to participate in Lotto HotPicks. Lotto HotPicks use only the Main Numbers and not the Bonus Number.
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    • (1) To play Lotto HotPicks on the Site or App, You should fill in the interactive play slip for Lotto HotPicks by following the instructions provided
    • (2) When mentioned in the 'number of weeks' section, a 'week' will begin on the first available Wednesday or Saturday Lotto HotPicks Draw into which Your Lotto HotPicks Entry is entered and end immediately before (but excluding) the Lotto HotPicks Draw on the same day the following calendar week.
    • (3) If You used Your Account to purchase a Lotto HotPicks Entry and Your Selection is not visible in the "My account" section of the Site or App, Your Selection was not entered into any Lotto HotPicks Draw.
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    • If Your Lotto HotPicks Entry corresponds to the relevant Prize category listed in the table in Section (D)(1), You will win the Prize in that Prize category, provided the Rules and these Procedures are followed. You can only win a prize if you enter the Lotto HotPicks game.
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    • (1) The table below lists the Lotto HotPicks games, Prize categories, approximate odds of winning, Prize amounts for each Prize category, and the Prize cap multiplier (explained in Section (D)(4) below).

      Table of Prizes Game Prize Divisions Estimated Winning Odds Prize (subject to the prize cap described in paragraph (D)(4) below) Multiplier for the Prize Cap Pick 1 Choose 1 Match 1 Main Number 1:10 £6 1.2 Pick 2 Pick 2 Main Numbers Match 2 1:115 £60 1.3 Pick 3 Pick 3 Main Numbers and Match 3 1:1,626 £800 2.8 Pick 4 Pick four main numbers and match them. 1:30,342 £13,000 9.0 Pick 5 Pick 5 Main Numbers and Match 5 1:834,398 £350,000 28.0
    • (2) On average, the following percentage of Lotto HotPicks sales will be available for prize payout to players:
      • Choose one game - 61 02%
      • Pick two - 52 6%
      • Pick three - 49 22%
      • Pick four game - 42 85%
      • Pick five game - 41 95%
    • (3) Except in exceptional circumstances where Prize capping occurs, all prizes in a Lotto HotPicks game will be paid in full.
    • (4) Prize capping (i.e., Prizes may be less than stated) will occur only if the total value of Lotto HotPicks Prizes for a Lotto HotPicks game (e.g., $1,000,000) is less than $1,000,000. g the Pick 2 game) is more than the Prize Fund for that Lotto HotPicks game The Prize Fund is determined by multiplying the relevant Prize Cap Multiplier (shown in the table above) by the total value of Lotto HotPicks game entries.
    • (5) If a Lotto HotPicks game has prize capping, the Prizes payable will be calculated by dividing the relevant Prize Fund by the number of winning entries for that Lotto HotPicks game. Prizes that have been capped will be rounded down to the nearest £1.
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    • (1) You may not cancel a Lotto HotPicks Entry purchased on the Site or App after You have accepted the Selection(s) displayed on the Site or App's "Confirm Play Slip" screen.
    • (2) If You receive two or more Lucky Dip Selections for the same Lotto HotPicks Draw that contain the same Lotto HotPicks game numbers, You must contact our Customer Care Team within 120 minutes of purchasing the relevant Lotto HotPicks Entry(s). or before the end of sales for that Lotto HotPicks Draw, whichever comes first Camelot may then, at its discretion and following an investigation, refund an amount equal to the cost of the duplicate Lotto HotPicks Entry(s) into Your Account.
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  • Where Camelot believes it is reasonable to do so, it may postpone a Lotto Draw (which means Lotto HotPicks will be postponed) for as long as it deems appropriate in the circumstances. In that case (for example, if there has been a significant disruption in the sale of Lotto HotPicks Entries), Camelot may continue to sell entries for that Lotto HotPicks Draw after the normal Lotto HotPicks Draw break.

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  • Account: An account is one that is maintained by a person or organization. App: The Android and/or iOS application for the National Lottery Bonus digit: In a Lotto Draw, the one number chosen at random immediately after the Main Numbers. When playing Lotto HotPicks, the Bonus Number is not used. The Camelot Computer System: The computer systems used by or on behalf of Camelot to operate National Lottery games, administer Accounts, facilitate Lotto HotPicks Entries, and pay Prizes from time to time. Lotto HotPicks Draw Has Been Cancelled: Any Lotto HotPicks Draw that does not take place due to the expiry, suspension, or withdrawal of Camelot's licence from the Commission to run The National Lottery or Camelot's licence from the Commission to promote Lotto HotPicks. Commission: The Gambling Commission (the body appointed to regulate The National Lottery) or any other body appointed from time to time to regulate The National Lottery Customer Service: Camelot's helpline for interactive Players, contact details of which are set out at the end of these Procedures The current opening hours of the Customer Care Team can be found on the Site. Lotto Result: The process by which Camelot selects a set of winning numbers (the Main Numbers and the Bonus Number) at random for Lotto. Lotto HotPicks Result: The Lotto Draw, used for Lotto HotPicks. To play Lotto HotPicks, only the Main Numbers are used, not the Bonus Number. Lotto HotPicks Picks: An entry into Lotto HotPicks that has been recorded on Camelot's computer system. Lucky Dip: A Lotto HotPicks Entry consists of a selection of different numbers (the number of different numbers varies depending on the Lotto HotPicks game You choose to enter) that are randomly selected on Your behalf by Camelot's Computer System. Main figures: The first six numbers drawn at random in a Lotto Draw In Lotto HotPicks, only the Main Numbers are used. Prize: A prize won by an eligible Lotto HotPicks player. Selection: You must choose a set of numbers to play Lotto HotPicks or a Lucky Dip for Lotto HotPicks. One number is chosen for the Pick 1 game; two numbers are chosen for the Pick 2 game; three numbers are chosen for the Pick 3 game; four numbers are chosen for the Pick 4 game; and five numbers are chosen for the Pick 5 game. Site: The website co uk You: The holder of an Account who is eligible to purchase Lotto HotPicks Entries through that Account and whose Account (and/or Direct Debit, if applicable) has not been terminated, cancelled, suspended, or closed.
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  • Customer Support: 0333 234 44 33 (0370 737 3983 for complaints).

    Please call 0370 737 8249 if you are hard of hearing and using Minicom equipment.

    Calls to 01 and 02 numbers are no more expensive. If your phone plan includes calls to landlines, calls to 03 numbers will be included as well.

    [email protected]

    Watford National Lottery PO Box 251

    WD18 9BR

Camelot's registered office is in Watford.

Tolpits Lane, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 9RN, National Lottery

Tel: 01923 425000


5 Tiger Court Kings Drive Kings Business Park Prescot Knowsley Liverpool L34 1BH The National Lottery

Tel: 0151 236 1796

2022 Gambling Commission

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