Measuring the dimensions of a room

1. Create a basic illustration of your abode

Perfection is not required, but the measurements must be accurate. Simply draw each room to provide a visual representation.

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If your room boasts a perfect square or rectangle shape, determine its area by multiplying the width by the length. For instance, a room measuring 5m x 2m will necessitate 10m2 of flooring.

2. Fireplaces and nooks

If your room contains recesses or chimney breasts, measure the entire space as if these elements do not exist, since the flooring will be cut around them.

3. Arriving at the final calculation

Measure each individual area and record the measurement in the designated space on your diagram. Utilize these measurements to break down the room into smaller rectangular shapes, calculate their respective areas, and subsequently add them together to ascertain the total area of your room.

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Add an extra 5% to your total to account for wastage.

4. Final verifications

To ensure accuracy, measure your distances more than once – bear in mind to measure the rear end of any door frames or room trims.

Measuring Staircase Carpet

When it comes to stairs or steps, the process is quite similar.

Measure the height and depth of each step to obtain the length, which can then be multiplied by the width. This calculation will yield the area of each individual step.

Top suggestion!

Include a 10% addition to accommodate for wastage and account for potential margin of error, as staircases can pose challenges.

Laminate, Wood Flooring & Luxury Vinyl Tiles

When purchasing hard flooring like laminate, wood flooring, or luxury vinyl, these products are typically sold in packs that are labeled with their respective areas in square meters. For instance, a pack might contain 5m² of laminate flooring. Pay close attention to these labels and ensure that you have an adequate quantity of packs to cover the required area, including wastage.

Accurately Measuring a Basic Room

Watch our comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to accurately measure a simple room. This video provides insight into the necessary equipment and proper calculations to ensure an exact fit. It has never been easier to achieve the perfect dimensions.

Measuring a Room with Additional Areas

Discover the fundamental steps for precisely measuring a room with supplementary areas and gain an understanding of the amount of carpet required by viewing our helpful video.

Measuring a Room Requiring a Seam

If your room exceeds the widths of available carpet rolls, such as 4m or 5m, you will need to join two rolls together. Acquire knowledge on accurately measuring a room that necessitates a seam through our step-by-step guide.

If you prefer to leave the task to a professional, simply enter your name into our user-friendly online form to schedule an appointment for our complimentary measuring service. We guarantee efficiency and accuracy. Reduced wastage equates to decreased overall expenses!

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