Measuring and Collecting Net Curtains: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you new to purchasing net curtains?

If that's the case, you may be feeling a little anxious about getting the measurements right.

No need to worry, measuring for net curtains is actually quite simple and straightforward. But like anything else, it's only easy when you know how!



To determine the drop, you simply measure from the top of the wire or rod to where you want the nets to end. If you haven't installed a rod or wire yet, then just measure from where you plan to attach it (usually about 1cm below the top of the recess).

The nets come in standard drops based on regular window sizes. The available drops are as follows:

91cm (36")

102cm (40")

107cm (42")

114cm (45")

122cm (48")

137cm (54")

152cm (60")

160cm (63")

183cm (72")

206cm (81")

229cm (90")

Not all windows come in standard sizes, so you may need to take advantage of our fast alteration service (if you order your nets by 12 midday, you will receive them on the next working day). To place an order, simply click on the nearest longest drop: If your drop is 140cm, for example, you would choose 152cm, click the alteration option, and enter your desired drop.

Important Tip: To ensure that the nets clear the windowsill, subtract half a centimetre from the overall drop.



If you already have a net curtain wire or rod installed, you can simply measure that for the width. If not, then measure from one side of the window recess to the other (assuming you want the nets to fit inside the window).

All very straightforward so far! At this point, gather comes into play, which can be a slightly challenging concept to understand.

Essentially, without gather, the net would be completely flat, as shown in the image on the left:



left: 1 times gather.                 right: 2 times gather

Most people prefer some level of gather to achieve the traditional 'pleated' or 'bunched' look (as shown in the image on the right).


Double gather is the recommended standard, meaning you purchase a piece of net curtain that is twice as wide as your window. The excess fabric bunches up on the rod or wire, creating a generous, softer, gathered appearance.

If you're purchasing net curtains from our website, once you input your width measurement, the system will automatically calculate the additional fabric needed for double gather and add it for you. No need to think about it any further!

If you want an even fuller look and desire the net to be more gathered, simply select 2.5 or 3 times gather, as demonstrated below:


left: 2.5 times gather.                right: 3 times gather.

Valuable Tip:

If you currently possess net curtains that you appreciate the generousness and gathering of, and you desire the new net to be an exact replica, then ascertain the measurement of the net width itself. Subsequently, when you initiate your order, ensure that you opt for '1 times' in the section labeled 'select gather'. In doing so, the width you input will be the width you receive in your net. For instance, if your net measures 500cm in width, simply enter '500cm' in the designated window width field, select '1 times gather', and merchandise will be dispatched to you with a breadth of 500cm.


I anticipate that this elucidates the entire procedure. Furthermore, if you still harbor any degree of bewilderment or feel the need to meticulously review your measurements with our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 01953 603529. We hold immense pleasure in guiding you through the process.

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