Maximize Your Nectar Points: Proven Tips for Collecting and Spending for Maximum Savings

Are you taking full advantage of your Nectar card? If you're a regular Sainsbury's customer, it's a no-brainer to accumulate points. However, unlike other loyalty programs such as Clubcard, Nectar lets you acquire points at various other retailers like eBay and Argos. 

Once you've collected enough points, it's essential to find ways to spend them. Though face value exchanges are typical, you can now convert your Nectar points into Avios points.

Unfortunately, options to increase the value aren't significant, especially since Nectar put an end to the double-up promotion. In this piece, we'll tell you how Nectar works and provide tips for both earning and spending your Nectar points. Rest assured, terms and conditions have not changed.

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Nectar Points Demystified

One Nectar point is worth 0.5p. Therefore, if you earn one point from your purchases, you'll get 0.5% cashback. For instance, 100 points are equivalent to 50 pence, 200 points are £1, and so on.

However, this value is only half of that of Tesco Clubcard points. Want to know more about the value of other points? Read our loyalty cards article here.

The Value of Nectar Points

1 Nectar point = 0.5p

2 Nectar points = 1p

100 Nectar points = 50p

200 Nectar points = £1

500 Nectar points = £2.50

1000 Nectar points = £5

2500 Nectar points = £12.50

5000 Nectar points = £25

While the points can typically double once a year in Sainsbury's stores, the choice of products on which you can use boosted points is restricted. Moreover, there's no guarantee that this offer will be available annually.

How Does Nectar Work?

Nectar is a loyalty program under Sainsbury's name, applicable at other stores such as Argos. While Sainsbury's owns the program, customers can collect and redeem their points with other brands as well.

Ways to Collect Nectar Points

You can accumulate Nectar points while shopping at participating retailers. Here's a long list of the best places to earn Nectar points. On physical visits to the stores, you'll need a physical or digital Nectar card. On online shopping platforms, you can either connect your account to your Nectar card or buy through the official Nectar website.

Earning Nectar points is possible through various means, such as using Nectar credit cards or exchanging Avios points. When it comes to redeeming points, options are limited to in-store purchases at Sainsbury's or a few select partners. Redemption can be done in-store by swiping the card, online, or by converting points into vouchers for certain partners. Details for each option are provided, along with recommendations for the best ones to use.

Getting a Nectar card is easy, with options available online, through the app, or by filling out a form at a Sainsbury's store. A physical card will be sent out, but users can have a digital card via the app immediately. To keep track of points, users can check their balance on the app or website, which also shows when and where the points were earned.

Collecting points is the first step to redeeming them, and the most common way to do so is by shopping at Sainsbury's. One point is earned for every £1 spent and 500 points are worth £2.50, which equates to a 0.5% return. Special offers can also boost point collection, with personalized offers that change weekly. These offers can be saved to one's account and work on a variety of Sainsbury's products.

Double or triple point vouchers are sometimes given out at the till, which can be utilized by making a single, inexpensive purchase at the start of one's shopping trip. Overall, earning and redeeming Nectar points takes some effort, but the rewards can be worth it for savvy shoppers.

In my view, the offers I have come across seem unremarkable. A mere 10p return on some organic bell peppers is insufficient to sway my purchasing decision. However, if there was something I genuinely wanted to buy, those 20 points would be more valuable than the typical two I would receive.

Supposedly, these promotions are tailored to your shopping habits, so individuals who frequent Sainsbury's more often may have better alternatives. Nonetheless, any benefit, no matter how meager, is a positive addition if you are a loyal Sainsbury's customer.

It is crucial to bear in mind that these loyalty schemes should not be the sole factor in picking a supermarket. Price and convenience are critical considerations.

Nectar Prices discounts Sainsbury's has created new discounts for Nectar members based on their purchase history. You can reduce your expenses on items you will likely purchase. Additional information can be found here.


Accumulate reward points at Argos, with one point earned for every £1 spent, doubling on occasion. You need to connect your accounts.


By linking your account to eBay, you can earn one point per £1 spent (the same as Sainsbury's). Bonus offers throughout the year can be found on the Nectar app. Register your Nectar card on eBay.


Switch 300 Avios points to 400 Nectar points, an excellent option if you have an excess of Avios points. You can also reverse the exchange at a loss of 250 points. This is a way to boost the value of Amex Reward points. Discover how to convert Avios to Nectar and vice versa here.


Nectar displaced BP in the summer of 2019. You can acquire one point per litre of petrol or earn two points for each £1 spent in-store on other purchases. You receive roughly 1% back in rewards.

Via Nectar credit cards

Obtaining a Nectar credit card is worthwhile if you frequently shop at a Nectar-affiliated store. Two primary options are available.

The American Express Nectar credit card is the superior choice, where you can earn up to two points for every £1 spent, worth 1%. Additionally, you will acquire one point per £1 spent at Sainsbury's, Argos, and eBay. Signing up will guarantee you a bonus of £100 when you spend £2,000.

Alternatively, Sainsbury's Bank provides its Nectar credit card (Mastercard), containing a £40 bonus when you spend £400 in two months at places like Sainsbury's, Argos, or Habitat.

Nevertheless, it is often preferable to opt for a standard cashback American Express card so that you can spend what you earn anywhere, not just at Sainsbury's.

Via utilities & insurance

By signing up for other Sainsbury's Bank products, such as home insurance or Sainsbury's Energy, you can earn bonus points. However, these promotions should not influence your decision to choose Sainsbury's over other providers. A comprehensive comparison may reveal other opportunities that are more affordable.

In the year 2021, Nectar added a new update to its platform. Now, as a user, you can connect your bank or credit card accounts to Nectar. This new feature will enable you to accumulate additional bonus points if you purchase items from Nectar's partner retailers.

The feature demands the activation of offers to function. During the launch in June 2021, the offers were decent but a bit limited. I was presented with ten retailers, which were not my preferred choices. Below are some examples of the offers:

  • - 20 points per £1 - Just Eat
  • - 20 points per £1 - Lakeland
  • - 20 points per £1 - Costa
  • - 10 points per £1 - Harvey Nichols
  • - 10 points per £1 - Quiz

It is worth mentioning that the 20 point offers amount to 10% back - which is very generous. Additionally, users can combine this feature with cashback offers and possibly utilize their card offers too.

If you are an American Express Rewards points cardholder, then Nectar has an exclusive offer for you. You can quickly convert your American Express Rewards points into Nectar points by exchanging one point for 0.5p. However, if you convert your points first to Avios points and then to Nectar points, the value is elevated to 0.67p per Amex point.

Apart from Nectar's partner retailers, there are plenty of other brands listed on the Nectar website - Expedia and Groupon are some examples. To start earning points through these retailers, users have to click and enter the Nectar portal. Typically, users receive two points per £1 spent, which is equivalent to 1% cashback, but these rates could potentially vary.

The listed retailers include:

  • - ASOS
  • - Just Eat
  • -
  • - Expedia
  • - Groupon
  • - Europcar
  • - Dulux
  • - Very
  • - Dominos
  • - Wayfair

Although these extra sources of earning bonus points might sound appealing, one should avoid them. Why settle for less when you could earn more by visiting cashback sites? Here is our handpicked list of the best cashback sites and their welcoming bonuses.

The best way to earn Nectar points is by purchasing an item from any retailer that offers them. Remember, the key focus should always be on the best price.

It is important to exercise caution when earning points through credit cards or promotions if you do not regularly shop at Sainsbury's, Argos, or eBay. Consider opting for cash instead, which can be used anywhere.

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Where to Redeem Nectar Points

Unfortunately, there aren't many opportunities to increase the value of your Nectar points, but there are occasional special offers. Here are some of the best options for redeeming your points:

    Caffe Nero

    Caffe Nero is the most valuable redemption option, with 350 points (normally worth £1.75) redeemable for any drink of any size. If your purchase costs more than £1.75, redeeming your points there will provide better value than using them elsewhere.

    Sainsbury's Stores

    In order to use Nectar points in Sainsbury's stores, you must have used your Nectar card in that particular store within the past year. You can also use your points to make purchases online at the Sainsbury's website. Additionally, they can be applied to petrol purchases, but only if you pay at the kiosk rather than at the pump.


    At Argos, you can redeem multiple sets of 500 points each for £2.50. To use your Nectar points at an Argos store, swipe your card; if you're making an online purchase, you'll need to connect your card.


    To use your Nectar points on eBay, you must first convert them into a voucher. Each 500 points is worth £2.50, but there is a minimum spend of £10 required to use the vouchers.

    Converting to Avios Points

    For most people, it is best to use cashback credit cards and air mile rewards credit cards. By doing so, you have the flexibility to use your earnings however you choose, rather than being restricted to specific flights.

    If you're a devoted follower of Avios, then leveraging your points becomes feasible by converting 400 Nectar points to 250 Avios.

    As far as giving back goes, Nectar Donate allows you to donate your points to charitable organizations via Crowdfunder, with 1000 points translating to a £5 donation. Donations must be at least 200 points, while redemptions must occur in multiples of 200.

    Nectar partnerships aren't as plentiful as those available through Tesco Clubcard, with fewer chances for increased value. 500 points are worth about £2.50 and can only be redeemed in fixed amounts (usually 500 or 1000 points), which may limit the possibilities. Redemption options include exciting retailers like Vue and Eurostar, though some others, such as Sky Store rentals, may not be as worthwhile a use of your points.

    To redeem your points with a partner, it may be necessary to either swipe your card or present a voucher or code obtained through the Nectar website.

    If you were a fan of the Double Up Weekend, we regret to inform you that it was discontinued in 2021.

    When it comes to spending points, Sainsbury's, Argos, and eBay are the most common partners from which to choose. However, maximizing the value of your points will depend on whether there's something you need or want to purchase from those retailers.

    Occasionally, special offers for Sainsbury's and other Nectar partners arise, allowing you to earn extra points or use them. Keep an eye on the Nectar app, website, and inbox for updates on these deals. If we come across any remarkable offers, we'll be sure to share them with you here.

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