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The internet is filled with ridiculously mistaken tips on how to create and enjoy a Pot Noodle. This page, however, aims to set the record straight. Please be aware that this page is not associated with Unilever UK, the company behind Pot Noodle.

Pot Noodle is a no-fuss snack food available in various flavours and sold in a plastic pot that holds dried noodles and other ingredients. My favourites are the Chicken and Mushroom (green), Original Curry (yellow), and Sticky Rib (red and white) flavours. I tend to wait for sales where they're priced at 75p a pot or £2 for a 4-pack. You can purchase Pot Noodles from practically any UK supermarket.

Boil the kettle

Naturally, you'll need hot water to cook your noodles and the other delectable components. Usually, a kettle filled to the minimum level is sufficient. However, if you prefer to have another item to wash up, you might be able to use a large (microwaveable) cup of water in the microwave. Do be cautious with the duration! But, seriously, who uses a microwave to boil water?

Place the pot on a cleanable tray

This stage is often overlooked. Yet, I always ensure to prepare and consume my Pot Noodle while sitting on a cleanable dining tray. That's because if you make a messy blunder later on, things can get pretty chaotic.

Make a cold beverage

I enjoy a cold drink to accompany my Pot Noodle, so I prepare one now. You can have water, orange juice, squash, or even a can of fizzy drink. I genuinely don't see the point of having a hot beverage with hot noodles. If you have tea or coffee, then you're doing it wrong. Place the drink on the tray, a fair distance away from the Pot Noodle pot.

Remove the foil lid

While the water boils, you may start the preparations for your tasty snack. Firstly, you must remove the foil lid by pulling the protruding foil tab. Sometimes, there's a contest with a "You've Won!" message printed on the inside of the lid. Other times, it's for another flavour of Pot Noodle. However, if there's no promos, dispose of the foil lid in your bin.

I strongly suggest removing all traces of foil from the pot. In certain circumstances, small pieces may remain on the edge. In those cases, I carefully remove them. Keep in mind not to pull too hard; it may result in a mess! Cleaning it while it's still dry and on the dining tray is not difficult.

Optional: Add sauce sachet to the dried noodles

If you appreciate the sauce provided with your Pot Noodle, like the soy sauce included with the Chicken and Mushroom flavour, take out the sachet from the pot. Open it carefully along one of its serrated edges. This is when the sauce normally sprays everywhere. That's why I suggested placing the pot on the dining tray earlier! Squeeze the sachet over the contents of the pot, not the inside! Dispose of the sachet, used or unused, in the bin and clean up any mess you made.

It's blatantly incorrect to apply the sauce after adding hot water for an apparent reason. I'll spell it out for you - it will necessitate an additional clean-up!

Prepare Your Utensil

The first step in enjoying a Pot Noodle is to equip yourself with a standard, clean tablespoon. If you don't have one readily available, ensure to wash or retrieve it from your dishwasher. Using any other utensil, such as a soup spoon, teaspoon, or fork, is illogical and will not produce the same results. Let me explain why the fork is particularly useless later on.

Add Hot Water to Noodles

After boiling your kettle, carefully pour the hot water onto the dry noodles within the Pot Noodle container. The pot has two ridges, one inch apart from each other, near the top. Although one of these is appropriately termed the "fill level," both form the "fill level area." The amount of water you pour is a matter of personal preference. Personally, I prefer to fill it to approximately 5mm above the upper fill level line to ensure a well-soaked noodle experience. Due to my choice of utensil, a tablespoon, I have greater leeway in exceeding the fill level. Unless it overflows from the pot, there is little to no issue. However, if you insist on using a fork, you must not pour water beyond the fill level.

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