Locate Vehicle Owner Using Number Plate Registration

Finding vehicle owner information solely through the number plate (VRM) is not as simple as it may appear. The DVLA does not freely distribute this information to just anyone, so there are certain steps you must take to obtain it.

If you have concerns about a vehicle, it would be advisable to contact your local council. They have established procedures in place to address situations such as abandoned vehicles.

Will a Vehicle Check reveal the registered keeper's name?

No, it will not.

In the UK, it is illegal for us to disclose the registered keeper's details without their consent. The same holds true for everyone else, unless there is a justifiable reason.

Some examples of what the DVLA considers a justifiable cause may include situations where a parking charge company needs to identify the registered keeper to issue a fine. However, neither our vehicle check service nor an HPI Check from a competing company will disclose the registered keeper's details or addresses.

If you wish to obtain the current registered keeper's name, address, and other relevant information, it is possible, but it requires some effort. You can learn more in our guide on requesting driver information from the DVLA here.

⭐ What information about the owner do you receive in a Vehicle Check?

When you perform a vehicle check with FreeCarCheck, you will discover the number of registered keepers the vehicle has had. However, we are unable to provide specific personally identifiable information about previous owners or keepers.

To purchase a vehicle check from FreeCarCheck and access all this information, click here. The report will include:

  • The date the previous keeper sold the vehicle
  • The date the previous keeper purchased the vehicle
  • The number of previous owner(s) as documented in the V5C log book
  • Date of first registration
  • Model year, for example, "2015"
  • Optional: town/city of first registration
  • ...and much more!

A Premium vehicle check service is available for only £9.95 (including VAT) and also includes additional checks, such as whether the vehicle has been stolen or has outstanding finance. To start, click here.

Tip: If you are in the process of purchasing a car and want to verify the authenticity of the registered keeper, be sure to consult this useful V5C verification guide as well.

How can you find the address of the vehicle owner through the number plate?

If you desire to acquire the address, the process remains the same as mentioned above. You will need to complete form V888 provided by the DVLA and provide a valid reason considered as a "just cause." However...

The DVLA is unlikely to disclose this information if, for instance, you are concerned about a car parked outside your home. In such cases, it is better to report the matter to the DVLA or your local council rather than conducting your own investigation. You can find more information here on GOV.UK, including a helpful lookup feature if you are unsure which local authority to contact.

The form you will require is V888. If you have a dispute or legal issue with someone and wish to obtain their details through their registration plate, this is not possible using any "vehicle check" service. You may consider approaching the DVLA, as they possess this information.

Once again, it is important to note that results may vary, but generally speaking, this type of situation would not be considered sufficient grounds for a valid inquiry with the DVLA. However, it is worth mentioning that there is no cost associated with attempting to request this information. The DVLA's designated form for soliciting personal details regarding a registered keeper, known as form V888, necessitates the applicant to provide specific reasons for their data inquiry. As indicated in this informative discussion, the decision to disclose this information ultimately lies in the hands of the DVLA clerk. Nevertheless, due to the implementation of GDPR, this process has become somewhat more complex.

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