Instructions for Using a Cut-Throat Razor

Cut-throat razors, also known as straight razors, can appear to be an intimidating shaving tool. A straight razor, as opposed to the more common handle and contained blade structure, resembles a flick knife with a single sharp blade that is used to glide across the skin and achieve an incredibly close shave.

Straight razors have been used for centuries to keep men's beards in check. They have experienced a revival in recent decades, with more men opting for the traditional approach and avoiding the plastic and disposable options found on supermarket shelves. Not only are there razors with sharp edges They are not only better for the environment, but they are also gentle on your skin. Because a single blade is used, your skin is subjected to less pressure and friction, which reduces soreness and damage. A cut-throat razor's design also allows you to easily angle the blade into difficult-to-reach areas, resulting in cleaner, more uniform results overall.

How to Use a Disposable Razor

Cut-throat razors are typically used by professional barbers or experienced wet shavers, and they are not commonly found in the average male grooming kit. There is a reason for this: they are difficult to use at first. As you transition away from safety razors or disposable razors, you will need a lot of time, patience, and dedication to learn the technique and perfect your shaving angles.


When using a cut-throat razor instead of a safety razor or electric razor, you must be prepared to devote significantly more time to your morning shave. Why Because you'll need to learn and adapt to a completely new shaving technique, which, if you've never used a straight razor before, may require a few trials (and errors). Before the first use, make sure your razor is fully honed and stropped — almost all straight razors come ready honed but will still benefit from a strop.

You should perform your usual pre-shave rituals before allowing the blade of your cut-throat razor to come into contact with your skin. Before shaving, soak your skin in a hot flannel or take a hot shower to open your pores and soften the hair as much as possible. Then, to avoid irritation and damage during shaving, use an effective pre-shave lotion or cream. Finally, l Using a high-quality shaving brush, lather up your shaving cream or soap and apply it to your skin. Assemble your skin so that it is evenly coated and provides plenty of cushion for the blade to glide across.  


This next step requires a lot of practice and requires a lot of concentration. You simply cannot rush a straight razor shaving routine because you risk leaving cuts or injuring yourself. razor burn on your face as a result of shaving over the same area multiple times or going in at an incorrect angle Hold your cut-throat razor at a 30-degree angle to allow the blade to glide smoothly through your hairs. This will keep the blade from tearing the hairs, which can happen if the angle is too flat, or from cutting your skin if you hold it too upright. It is normal to have some trial and error in your first few shaves because practice makes perfect. Once you've mastered the angles, the technique will begin to develop naturally, and you'll quickly realize how effective shaving with a cut-throat razor can be.  

Tight skin

Before you begin stroking the blade across the skin, you must pull the skin taut. This allows you to glide the blade across the surface of your skin without it dragging, pulling, or cutting. As you shave different parts of your face, you'll need to adjust your grip and pull the skin tight to make the surface tight and ready for the blade. Naturally, some areas of the face are far more difficult to shave than others. The same technique is used when approaching areas such as the lips, nose, and chin. When shaving, keep a firm grip on the skin to avoid friction burn or a cut that can take days to heal.  

Strikes are kept to a minimum.

Another important aspect of shaving with a cut-throat razor is to use as few strokes as possible. Of course, this takes practice, but the fewer strokes you use to achieve a close shave, the less stress on your skin and the better the end result.   Always begin at your sideburns and work downwards with short strokes, rinsing your blade in between movements to avoid hair or shaving cream buildup on the blade. By shaving in one direction at first, you can ensure that you're applying even pressure across your face and can see which areas have been covered. After shaving across your cheeks, lip area, chin, and neck in downward motions, you can decide whether you need to go back for a second or third pass — this time across or against the grain of your hair. If you want the closest shave possible, re-lathering your skin and shaving it once or twice more is the best way to do so.


If you're satisfied with the look and feel of your cut-throat shave, you can resume your normal post-shave care routine. To close your pores, place a cold flannel on your skin or splash your face with cold water. Then, use a generous amount of moisturizer or post-shave cream to pamper your skin. When applying post-shave products, avoid rubbing your skin as this can cause irritation. Instead, gently massage and pat products into your skin's surface to allow them to absorb gradually. Remember that catching yourself is an unavoidable part of the learning process, and that any nicks and cuts are easily repaired with an alum block or styptic pencil. Edwin Jagger's medicinal wonders stop bleeding, accelerate healing, and leave your face looking clear and healthy.

Hopefully, you now feel more comfortable using a razor blade and attempting a more traditional shaving method. Straight razors may appear intimidating, but once you've mastered your shaving technique, they can be more gentle on the skin than other products. In terms of coolness, they are unrivaled.   Examine The English Shaving Company's extensive product line. straight razor assortment and get yours today to start practicing Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about the best razor for your specific needs and routine.

Which straight razor should I purchase?

The English Shaving Company stocks a wide variety of razors from some of the world's most renowned razor manufacturers. Depending on your level of experience and confidence with a cut-throat razor, you may want to begin with a milder or less expensive safety razor, such as the models listed below:

The Bluebeards Revenge Cut Throat Razor, as our most reasonably priced cut-throat razor, is an excellent entry point for most traditional shaving enthusiasts. The replaceable blade is a unique feature of this razor, which is ideal for those who want the traditional and manly feel of a straight razor without having to worry about honing and stropping a reusable blade. It works with all standard double edge razor blades and provides an extremely close shave.

Try the Feather Artist Club SS (ACS-NB) Japanese Shavette Razor for a different look. The rounded tip and moderate blade exposure ensure a softer and smoother shave, making it ideal for less experienced shavers. The blade head's spring-loaded one-touch mechanism makes cleaning a breeze, easing you into the routine of properly caring for your cut-throat razor.

If you've shaved with straight razors before, you could try the incredible Thiers Issard Singing Hollowed 1196 Olivewood 6/8 Straight Razor. The 100% carbon steel blade complements the beautiful olivewood handle for a stunning design that matches its flawless performance. Even though this razor is on the more aggressive side, the anti-slip knurling on the underside of the tang makes it especially safe, dispelling any concerns that this is a dangerous way to shave.

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