Installing a Water Reservoir: Step-by-step Guide

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To begin, create a secure and designated area around your desired location for the water butt by relocating furniture and any obstructions. It is important to select a spot adjacent to an already established downpipe.


If you have opted to install the water butt on top of gravel or stone, utilize a rake and spirit level to ensure that the ground is even before commencing the process.


Next, carefully bring the water butt stand to your designated area and position it in the desired placement for the water butt.


Verify the levelness of the stand by positioning a spirit level on top before proceeding.


Now, bring forth your water container and place it upon the designated platform.

Employ a measuring tool to confirm that the water container is positioned no more than 50cm away from the drainpipe.


Once the distance has been verified, it is time to affix the hole saw drill bit to your combination drill. Proceed to drill an aperture into the previously outlined section on the side of the water container. For the purposes of this demonstration, we utilized a 27mm hole saw drill bit, although it is imperative that you employ the most suitable option for your rainwater filtration pipe.


Upon completion of the aperture, position a level parallel to the lower edge of the opening and the drainpipe.


Use a writing instrument to create a mark upon the drainpipe.


Measure 2.5cm above the mark you have just made and create a second marking with the writing instrument.

Utilizing a combination drill, eliminate any bracket supporting the downpipe in close proximity to your markings, thus allowing the pipe to be gently detached from the wall.


Subsequently, employ a hacksaw to sever the downpipe between these two designated points, successfully eliminating the 2.5cm segment.

Proceed to insert the rainwater filter in substitution of the extracted portion of the downpipe. Skillfully glide the filter lid onto the uppermost segment of the downpipe and effortlessly elevate it, diverting it from obstructing your path.


Position the filter base onto the inferior section of the downpipe, then smoothly slide the uppermost segment downwards, ensuring it seamlessly clicks into place within the base.


Should you have dismantled a downpipe bracket earlier, now's the opportune moment to diligently re-secure it to both your wall and downpipe, restoring its stability.


To begin, insert the rainwater filter properly and firmly attach the hose connector by means of the drilled aperture on the water butt.


Next, connect the flexible hose from the filter kit to both the downpipe and the water butt connections. If the length is excessive, it can be trimmed accordingly using a hacksaw.


Once the flexible hose is firmly in position, secure the lid onto the upper section of the water butt.


Voilà! All that remains is to patiently await the rain's arrival, which will replenish your water butt. Afterwards, you can conveniently fill your watering can and begin your desired activities.


It's worth noting that water from a water butt is particularly well-suited for hydrating plants, refilling ponds, and even cleaning your vehicle.

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