Installing a Dash Cam Guide

Please adhere to the following instructions when installing a dashcam in your vehicle by tapping into your vehicle's power supply. This technique, known as hard-wiring, may sound complicated, but fear not! The procedure outlined below employs a dashcam installation kit from The Dashcam Store™ to simplify and expedite the task.

Cutting-Edge Dashcam Installation

Dashcam installation kit 12v fuse tap to 5v USB plug with packaging

Caution: Only qualified individuals or businesses should undertake this type of installation. Working with your vehicle's power system without the necessary expertise can be perilous for both you and your vehicle! If you have any uncertainties, we strongly recommend consulting a professional.

In this instance, we will be focusing on a Honda CRV vehicle. Bear in mind that this installation guide serves merely as a reference, as vehicle designs and fuse box placements can vary significantly. The dashcam used in this step-by-step guide is the ever-popular G1W-C, but the instructions are broadly applicable to most USB-powered dashcams available on the market today.

If you are interested in learning how to install a BlackVue dashcam, please refer to our separate guide on BlackVue and Power Magic Pro installation, found at: [BlackVue Dashcam Installation with Power Magic Pro](

Now, let's dive into the installation process! Click on any of the images below to view a larger version.

Step 1 - Decide on the Placement of Your Dashcam

While seated in the driver's position, experiment with various locations for your dashcam. It is advisable to position the dashcam within arm's reach of your seat, but always ensure it does not obstruct your view of the road ahead. In this demonstration, the customer has opted to install their dashcam immediately below the rearview mirror.

Step 2 - Locate Your Vehicle's Fusebox

Since we will be running a power cable from the dashcam to the fuse box, it is essential to know the precise location of the fuse box. Most vehicles house their fuse box beneath the dashboard on either the driver's or passenger's side. In this particular case, the fuse box is conveniently accessible below the steering column, concealed behind a removable panel. Refer to your vehicle's owner's manual for the exact location of the fuse box.

Step 3 - Initiating the Power Cable Routing

Beginning at the dashcam, position the power cable roughly along the path it will take once concealed behind the vehicle's interior panels. This enables you to plan the cable routing and determine the amount of slack necessary for the descent towards the fuse box.

At this stage, carefully tuck the power cable into the headliner to commence the process.

To start, gently pull on the rubber trim along the A-pillar and you will find a space where the power cable can be threaded from the headliner to the fuse box. In some cases, you may need to remove the A-pillar cover to have full access for routing the power cable. Most A-pillar covers can be easily detached, but refer to your vehicle's technical manual or seek professional assistance if you're unsure about removing interior panels.

For the purpose of this demonstration, we have taken off the A-pillar cover, but usually, it is not necessary to do so.

Next, discreetly tuck the power cable alongside the existing wires within the A-pillar.

Continue routing the power cable along the side and behind the remaining interior panels, guiding it towards the fuse box.

Moving on to step 4, locate a fuse that is activated when the vehicle is started. In general, vehicle fuses can have power all the time or only when the vehicle is running. To ensure the dashcam automatically turns on when the vehicle starts and turns off when the driver shuts off the vehicle, we will connect our add-a-circuit kit to a fuse that is "hot in start." To identify which fuses have this feature, we use a simple circuit tester that lights up when power is present.

Using the circuit tester, check that there is no power at the fuse when the ignition key is off, and power is only present when the ignition key is turned to the run position.

Moving on to step 5, make sure the ignition key has been removed. Carefully remove the fuse identified in step 4 using a fuse puller or a pair of pliers.

Install the removed fuse into the add-a-fuse circuit of the installation kit. The first image below depicts the add-a-circuit as received from The Dashcam Store™, while the second image illustrates your car's original fuse installed into the add-a-circuit.

Click on the following links to view the images: Image 1 and Image 2. Proceed with the installation process by plugging the add-a-circuit into the spot where your "hot in start" fuse was initially located.

Step 5 - Find a suitable ground point. Your vehicle usually has an obvious ground point near the fuse box, as depicted in the image below. You will need to remove the lower kick panel to access this ground point. Take out the bolt and attach the ground lug from the installation kit, although it is not shown in the image.

Step 6 - Finalize the installation. Use a zip tie to gather the excess power wire and secure it to a stable mounting point underneath the dashboard or behind the kick panel, using additional zip ties.

Step 7 - Test your installation. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the run position. If the installation was done correctly, your dashcam should turn on and start recording. Now, you can reinstall all the interior panels that were removed to facilitate the power cable installation.

It's as easy as that! Get your own dashcam installation kit from The Dashcam Store™, proudly made in the USA. Drive safely!

For more information, please feel free to contact us. We strive to respond to all inquiries within 1 business day.

Disclaimer: The Dashcam Store™ Installation Instructions are the exclusive property of The Dashcam Store LLC. Ownership rights are not transferred through the use of these instructions. Any commercial use, including but not limited to sale, resale, license, rental, or lease, without the prior written consent of The Dashcam Store™, is strictly prohibited. The accuracy and completeness of these installation instructions are not guaranteed or warranted by The Dashcam Store™. Users should be aware that updates and amendments may be made to these instructions. It is the user's responsibility to stay informed about any such updates or amendments. The Dashcam Store™ and its directors, officers, employees, and agents shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, liability, cost, or expense, including but not limited to incidental, special, direct, or consequential damages, arising from or related to the use of these installation instructions.

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