In 5 Simple Steps (By the Year 2023), Your Business Can Have Its Own Facebook Page.

With so many options available, creating a Facebook business page can feel like preparing to launch a rocket ship into space.

However, if you so desire, conduct business online Having a presence on Facebook is a good idea.  

With [[2]]94 billion users per month and [[1]]96 billion individuals Facebook is by far the most popular site for daily logins. the most widely used social networking site

Don't waste another day poking around Facebook, trying to figure out what's going on. This article will teach you everything you need to know to get your Facebook business page up and running like a champ. marketing on social media pro

But first, let's go over some frequently asked questions about Facebook business pages.

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What exactly is a Facebook business page?

A Facebook business page is where you can manage your brand's presence on the world's largest social network. Your page enables you to connect with customers and nurture leads by:

  • Content distribution
  • Answering customer service questions
  • Customer and other brand collaboration
  • Personal interactions with followers

The image below depicts Shopify’s Facebook company page:

The page is also your Facebook business address. It is what you share with prospective clients to help them understand what products or services you provide.

Can I use my personal Facebook account for business purposes?

Many well-intentioned entrepreneurs use personal Facebook profiles for their brands rather than a Facebook business page.

This is a terrible idea.

If you create a personal profile, you will miss out on a slew of benefits. creation of content A Facebook business page includes tools, analytics, and paid promotional opportunities. Furthermore, in order to interact with your brand, users must send you a friend request.

You also don't want to make it harder for your customers to interact with you on social media.

So take advantage of the power of Facebook business pages.

What is the cost of a Facebook business page?

A Facebook business page, like a Facebook profile or group, can be created and used for free, regardless of how many followers or likes you have.

Even if you invest in Ads on Facebook , the organic aspects of your Facebook business page are still free.

Furthermore, Facebook does not even charge a fee to use its services. include a storefront on your page

So, why is it that a Facebook business page is free? It doesn't.

In exchange for using the platform and engaging with potential customers, you help Facebook gain even more attention. your target audience

Facebook then sells this attention to third parties. Facebook Ads are used by advertisers.

How to Make a Facebook Business Page in 5 Simple Steps

You can create a Facebook business page by following these steps:

1. Design your page

To start, visit this website

Facebook will request the following basic business information:

facebook business page steps

Make every effort to select the most appropriate category for your company. But don't worry if your mind changes; you can always switch categories in the future.

Following that, you must provide the following information:

  • Website
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • Address
  • Working hours

After you've completed the form, click on Next to proceed to the next stage of your page creation You can skip this step for the time being and add those details later.

2. Include a profile photo

Following that, Facebook will ask you to upload a profile picture.

As a profile picture, most businesses use their logo. Shopify performs the following on its Facebook page:

If you don't already have a great logo design for your company, use Shopify's free tool, Hatchful It will be beneficial to you. create a logo that looks professional in minutes

Hatchful will also create an entire brand package based on your logo design. This includes perfectly formatted images for all of the most widely used social media platforms

Hatchful Logo Maker

Keep in mind that your profile picture is frequently displayed as a circle on the platform.

As a result, ensure that your image has no vital elements on the edges and that it looks great when displayed as a circle or a square.

Finally, 180 x 180 pixels is the ideal size for Facebook profile photos.

3. Include a cover photo

It is now time to add your cover image

Visitors are often drawn to your Facebook cover photo first. As a result, it's best to select an image or video that conveys your unique value proposition and brand personality immediately

Oberlo's Facebook cover image is as follows:

Oberlo Facebook cover image

The image conveys the personality of the brand while delivering a unique value proposition.

Notably, cover art appears on computers at 820 x 312 pixels and on mobile devices at 640 x 360 pixels.

Videos must be between 20 and 90 seconds long and have a maximum resolution of 1080 pixels. You can include them in your submission. mov or mp4 file format

Here are some Facebook Business page uploading tips to keep in mind:

Keep it lighthearted while remaining true to your brand. It's fine to have fun with your Facebook cover image or video, but don't go too far as this may distract users from your company's unique value proposition.  

Text should be centered. Because you'll be cropping and dragging your Facebook cover to the proper size, try to position text or objects in the center so they're visible.    

Make videos that are enjoyable to watch on auto-play. Keep in mind that Facebook cover videos play indefinitely. If the viewer is still on your Facebook page when they end, they will automatically replay. Make sure the content you upload is enjoyable to watch when played repeatedly.

4. Add an action button (a). k a CTA)

You can also include an action button at the top of your Facebook page. You can use it to direct visitors to the desired action, such as calling your business, viewing your store, or even sending a message.

Action button Facebook business page

Choose the most appropriate option and then click Next > Save.

5. Connect WhatsApp (optional)

You can also connect WhatsApp and invite your friends to like your new Facebook business page.

You can finish these steps now or later. To continue, click Done.

Facebook will now suggest ways to improve the health of your page. Complete the suggested actions to strengthen your Facebook business page's foundation.

Discover the essential features of your Facebook business page.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a Facebook business page.

You'll find links to the various page management sections on the left side of your page:

  • Dashoard professional: Where you can manage every aspect of your page
  • Insights: Where can you track page metrics?
  • Ad Center: Where you can manage your ad campaigns
  • Create ads Where you can create and publish Facebook advertisements
  • Create automated advertisements: Make the ad creation process more automated.
  • Increase the visibility of a specific post with Boost Post.
  • Increase the Reach of Your Instagram Post: Increase the exposure of a specific Instagram post.
  • Connect WhatsApp: Connect your WhatsApp account to your business page.

Take a quick look at each of them and then return to your page.

You'll also notice links to Facebook's Help section and your page settings at the top-right of the page.

View the settings for your Facebook business page.

Let's look at the settings now that you're familiar with your new page.

Facebook provides numerous options:

But, thankfully, these options are all fairly simple, and you can leave the majority of them alone.

For the time being, go through the settings and change anything that appears to be particularly relevant to your business.

As an example, suppose you sell toys for children , you might want to enable the profanity filter. Alternatively, if you have a global audience, make sure to enable the ability to write posts in multiple languages.

Next, fill out the About section with information about your company.

Make certain to include your mission assertion This section also includes links to your website and other social media profiles.

Fill in the blanks with your story.

This is prominently displayed on your Facebook page in the right-hand sidebar.

Simply click "Tell people about your business" from the About tab to edit your story. ”

Facebook allows you to include three elements:

  • Image for the header
  • Title
  • Body text

Most brands will simply copy and paste their website's About Us page into this section. To learn more about creating a terrific About Us page , take a look at the video below:

When you're finished with your Story, save it and remember to publish it when you're finished. It is simple to make changes in the future.

Create your first post and pin it to your page.

Facebook allows you to pin one post to the top of your page so that it is always the first post users see when they visit your page.

Facebook has a plethora of pinned post options.

Take advantage of this opportunity to promote a current offer or a key product. proposition de valeur

After you've finished writing your post, go to the three-dot drop-down menu and select "Pin to top of page." ”

Look for the blue pin icon to confirm that it worked.

Include photos, videos, and reels.

It is best to upload some content for new viewers to check out before you begin promoting your business page.

To add photos or videos, go to the Photos/Videos tab and then click Post.

To add a reel, go to the Videos or Reels tab, then click Add Video.

Examine your company's website as if you were a visitor.

You're almost done creating your Facebook business page. However, before you share your page, you should test it to see how it looks to visitors.

Fortunately, Facebook allows you to view your page as a visitor without logging out.

To do so, click the three dots that represent the drop-down menu, and then select View As.

review business page as a visitor

Make sure to do this on a regular basis to ensure that you're happy with how your page looks.

Once your friends have assisted you in getting your page off to a good start, you can begin promoting it by linking to it from your website and other profiles.

Bonus: Get acquainted with Facebook page insights.

Finally, Facebook monitors Your page interactions will be used to generate a set of useful analytics for you.

This information can be found by clicking Insights at the top of your Facebook business page.

It will be blank until your page receives interactions, but it will eventually be filled with useful information.

While having all of this data at your fingertips is convenient, it is only useful if you understand which Facebook insights are most important to your business. The three key metrics listed below should be tracked and improved upon.

  • Reach: This shows how many Facebook users saw your content on Facebook. It's normal to have a low reach because Facebook only shows your posts to a small percentage of the people who like your Facebook business page. Having said that, you can always use Facebook ads to boost your numbers.
  • Following engagements: This metric is an important component of Facebook's feed algorithm. Consistently high engagement on your posts indicates that your content is well-liked, and you should only make minor changes to your strategy.
  • Followers: This metric displays the total number of followers you have on Facebook and Instagram. A low number indicates that new posts that entice audiences to follow your brand on social media channels are required.

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By far the most popular social network in the world is Facebook. So, if you want to expand your business online, it's well worth your time to create a Facebook business page.

This marketing instrument has many moving parts, but for best results, ensure that your page is properly configured.

Remember, before you begin promoting your Facebook business page to customers and prospects, you must first create one. a lot of content ready and waiting for their enjoyment

Do you have any queries regarding Facebook business pages? Let us know in the comments section below.

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