Identification Card for Caregivers

Supporting You in Your Caregiving Role

Our national caregiver identification card and app are designed to assist individuals who provide support and care for others. Whether you care for a family member or a friend in need, our card offers a range of valuable features.

It provides peace of mind by including your Emergency Contact information, while also granting access to our Discounts, Wellbeing Hub, Carer Circle tool, and much more through our user-friendly app.

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Identification for Caregivers

When providing care for someone, you may require access to certain benefits, information, support, and advice. As a caregiver, it is highly beneficial to have proof of your caregiver status readily available whenever necessary, whether it be at a hospital, school, attraction, shop, or in an emergency situation.

Our caregiver identification card not only serves as verification, but it also offers a wide range of other valuable resources. From enhancing your overall well-being to unlocking exclusive discounts via our dedicated app.

Exclusive Online Discounts for Caregivers

Carers Discounts

Your card grants you access to a world of online discounts tailored specifically for caregivers, all conveniently accessible through our app. This is where you can take advantage of incredible savings and enjoy fantastic offers in a variety of categories.

Carers Card UK provides an extensive selection of online discounts, spanning across 21 categories, including food, drink, and exciting leisure activities.

Find Out More About Our Discounts for Caregivers

My Support

Research has demonstrated that having a robust support system is associated with numerous positive benefits, such as increased levels of well-being, improved coping mechanisms, and an overall longer and healthier life. Access to relevant and helpful information is vital in this regard, as it can truly make a difference in your caregiving journey.

Carers Emergency PlanICE & Carers Emergency Plan

As a holder of the card, your account offers a wide range of valuable information. This includes various guides on best practices.

In the event of an emergency

Your card contains two 'In Case of Emergency (ICE)' contact details, which are crucial pieces of information that can be utilized in case of illness or injury. Anyone who sees or finds the card has access to two contacts they can call to notify them of the situation.

An incredibly helpful document called the 'Carer's Emergency Plan' provides important details about the person you are caring for. You have the option to create this plan within your account. The plan can be shared with your designated Carer Circle (explained below), and it can also be accessed through your ID card by scanning the QR code and answering a security question using any smartphone camera.

* The creation of a 'Carer's Emergency Plan' is an optional feature.

Your Carer Circle

Our 'Carer Circle' tool enables you to establish a support network for the person you care for. It assists you in organizing your caregiving responsibilities by allowing you to add notes, tasks, appointments, medication lists, and monitor the well-being of the person being cared for.

Carers Discounts

If you share caregiving responsibilities with someone else, you can invite them to join your Carer Circle. This tool makes it easier for you to collaborate as a team, even if the other person isn't heavily involved in the caregiving role. It also ensures they stay updated on the person's condition.

* Creating a Carer Circle is an optional feature.

Wellbeing Hub

Our mission is to enhance the health and happiness of all carers. Taking care of your own mental health is vital for overall well-being. There are numerous things you can do to maintain your mental well-being.

Our Wellbeing Hub serves as a valuable resource, providing helpful advice, videos, and audiobooks to support your well-being.

Learn more about Our Wellbeing Hub

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions commonly asked:

Who is eligible for this card? Our card is available to anyone who cares for, supports, or provides assistance to someone (including those receiving carers allowance). This includes providing support to individuals with mental health problems, illnesses, disabilities, frailty, or addictions. If you are a caregiver, you are eligible for the card.


If I receive carers allowance, can I still obtain a card? Yes, you can. Our card and app are available to all individuals who provide care, regardless of whether they receive carers allowance or not. What is Carers Allowance?

Is it necessary for me to provide any documentation? Absolutely not. We understand that the majority of individuals taking care of others may not possess any official paperwork confirming their role as a caregiver. As part of our registration process, we will inquire a series of straightforward questions to verify your suitability for our card.

Can minors who are caregivers obtain this card? Certainly! Our card is accessible to young caregivers as well. Any caregiver aged 16 or older can apply for their own card. However, for those under 16, we kindly request that an individual over 16 completes the application on their behalf. This requirement is in accordance with our GDPR policies.

What is the cost of the card? Our card is reasonably priced at just £9.99 and remains valid for a duration of 2 years. Additionally, it includes our complimentary app that grants access to numerous online discounts, along with extra features, tools, and services specifically designed to support you in your caregiving role.

How long does the card remain valid? Your card and access to our app will remain valid for a period of 2 years. The comprehensive fee of £9.99 covers the entirety of this duration, with no supplementary charges involved. Should you wish to renew your card, you will be notified in advance when it is due to expire.

Have Your Own Carers Card

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Local authority or caregiving organization?

We strongly desire to collaborate with you in order to acknowledge, reward, and assist individuals in identifying themselves as caregivers. Establishing affiliations enables us to direct caregivers to beneficial hubs, organizations, and authorities that can provide the necessary support they require.

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