How to Replace the Bag and Filter in a Henry Hoover


To modify a Henry hoover bag, take off the cover and filter, then place the new bag over the nozzle in lieu of the old one.

To cleanse a Henry hoover filter, eliminate loose dust utilizing your hands or a soft brush. While wet cleaning is possible, it is advisable to keep things dry to minimize the risk of damage.

If the filter has reached the point of no return, substitute it with a fresh one.

Henry hoovers possess an undeniable charm, but if you lack knowledge on how to clean a Henry hoover filter or change its bag, it can feel as though Henry's perpetual grin is taunting you as he refuses to suck up the mess. Here is your comprehensive guide on how to replace a hoover bag and tackle the filter when your hoover belongs to the Henry family.

When it comes to cleaning a hoover filter, prepare for a dusty endeavor. It may be more preferable to conduct this task outdoors, above a bag or bin, especially if any members of your household suffer from a dust allergy.

Changing a Henry hoover bag is not bound by a specific schedule. Simply substitute the bag when it nears its capacity.

If suction is diminishing and Henry is struggling to hoover up messes like usual, it is likely that the bag needs replacing. Do not persist in vacuuming with a full bag, as this will only result in overexertion and unnecessary strain on Henry's motor.

To start, when you are interested in learning how to replace a hoover bag, the first step is to ensure that you acquire a new bag that is appropriate for your specific model. The model number can typically be found in the handle compartment on top of Henry, just above the barcode. It may be necessary to lift the handle in order to locate it.

Take off Henry's hat and detach it in order to change the hoover bag. Beneath the hat, there is a basket-shaped filter that needs to be removed as well. Remove the old bag and insert the new one, making sure that the opening of the bag completely covers the nozzle protruding through Henry's front. Genuine Numatic Henry bags will have an indicator stating "this way up" to show you which side of the bag should face upwards.

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Afterward, replace the filter, making sure it is clean before doing so. If needed, clean the filter following the instructions below, but you can also purchase a replacement filter if your current one is beyond salvaging. Once the filter is taken care of, reattach Henry's lid securely.

How to cleanse a Henry hoover filter:

1. Detach and remove Henry's hat to access the basket-shaped filter.

2. Avoid immediately washing the filter, as this can transform the dust into a thick substance that renders the filter unusable.

3. Eliminate as much dust and debris as possible using gloved hands and, if available, a soft-bristled brush such as an old paintbrush. It is advisable to perform this cleaning routine every time you replace the bag.

4. Generally, there is no need to use water as long as you have removed all loose dirt. Cleaning the hoover filter without liquid minimizes the risk of damaging it. Even if the filter appears slightly discolored, it will remain concealed beneath Henry's hat, where guests are unlikely to see it.

5. If you are determined to wash the filter, you can do so delicately with warm water and a few drops of washing-up liquid. Afterward, hang it up and allow it to dry completely before reinstalling it in Henry.

6. Fit the filter back into Henry, ensuring that the rim is positioned at the top, and then replace his lid.

The information provided was initially released on December 11, 2019.

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