How to Install BT Whole Home Wi-Fi: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Ethernet cables to connect more than one disc to my hub (router)?

If you have Whole Home Wi-Fi or Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi, you can If you want, you can place a disc far away from your hub (router), for example, in an outbuilding, and connect it to your hub (router) via an Ethernet cable. Simply plug the cable into the RJ45 socket on the disc, and it will join your Whole Home Wi-Fi network.

You can't if you're using Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi. Using an Ethernet cable, only your first disc can be connected to the hub (router). If you want to connect more discs via Ethernet, connect them to an Ethernet port on another disc. You can also connect devices like TVs and printers to the Ethernet ports on these discs.

Can I connect a device (such as a printer or game console) to the Whole Home Wi-Fi discs' Ethernet port?

The Ethernet port on your first disc will be used to connect to your hub (router). On the other discs, the Ethernet port can be used to connect other wired devices to the network.

How far can the Whole Home Wi-Fi discs travel?

The discs' range can vary significantly depending on the operating environment and location. Range is affected by obstructions (such as walls and electrical equipment) as well as interference from other wi-fi devices.

Where should I put my Whole Home Wi-Fi discs?

The Whole Home Wi-Fi app provides location suggestions and allows you to test different disc locations.

In general, you should place your discs halfway between the first disc and the area where you want wi-fi coverage.

Instructions for use and maintenance

  • Only for indoor use
  • Place all components, including power adapters, away from heat and sunlight (for example, away from radiators, window sills, or other electrical equipment that can become hot).
  • Keep the area ventilated (don't put it in cupboards or behind sofas, for example) and don't block any vents with objects or thick carpets.
  • Keep cables out of reach of young children.
  • Only use the BT-supplied power adapters for this device. If you require a replacement, please contact the BT helpdesk.
  • Electronic devices despise liquids: avoid placing devices and power adapters in damp areas or near sources of water or splashes.
  • If this product is placed on delicate surfaces (such as veneered wood or delicate fabrics), it may cause scratches or marks. If necessary, place on a mat.
  • Designed for use in temperatures ranging from 0 to 40°C.
  • Use a soft dry cloth to dust; do not use water or solvent.
  • Check that no objects are covering any parts or vents that could cause overheating.
  • Stop using your devices or power adapters as soon as they appear damaged. If it is safe to do so, turn off your electrical socket and call the BT helpline.
  • Try not to open your devices or power adapters. There are no serviceable parts, and opening them could result in an electric shock.
  • When installed and operated with a minimum distance of 20cm, this device has been tested and found to be compliant with European Guidelines.

Only Premium Whole-Home Wi-Fi is available.

In the unlikely event that a disc becomes overheated, it will shut down automatically. To turn off the disc, press the power button on the back of it. Wait for the disc to cool before turning it back on.

How do I insert a new disc?

Please follow the instructions in the add-on disc user guide for your Whole Home Wi-Fi product, and then follow the installation process as shown in the app.

See this video for more information on how to set up an extra disc:


Yes, for about one second on the back of the case, press the WPS Wi-Fi setup button. The LED will slowly flash blue. Follow the instructions on your device to connect within two minutes.

Is it true that Whole Home Wi-Fi shows all discs as a single network?

All discs are for two people. Because the 4GHz and 5GHz bands share the same Network name (SSID), most devices will see it as a single network. Because each disc has a unique BSSID or MAC address, a small number of devices will list them separately.

This also applies if you enable the Guest Network and use the same Guest Network name (SSID) for both. 4 and 5 GHz

Can I adjust or turn off my LEDs on the discs because they are too bright?

If you're using Whole Home Wi-Fi, select LED brightness from the app's 'Settings' tab, and then select Off, Medium, or High by tapping the appropriate setting.

If you're using Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi, go to the app's 'Settings' tab and select LED brightness, then toggle between Off and On.

Please keep in mind that even if the LED is turned off, it will still show you any flashing lights or if it is solid purple or solid red.

What do the LED colors represent?



A reliable wi-fi or Ethernet cable connection

There is no action required.

Blue - fast flashing (every half second)

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network throughout the home

No action is required; the disc will connect in about 15 seconds.

Blue - slow flashing (every two seconds)

WPS mode

Press the WPS Wi-Fi Setup button on the device you want to connect to within two minutes of pressing the disc's WPS Wi-Fi Setup button.


Inadequate connection

Ideally, try moving the disc closer to the disc that is directly connected to your hub (router). But don't worry if you can't move it; your disc will still function normally.
See What does the orange LED on the disc mean? for more information and support.


There is no connection.


Starting a Wi-Fi disc for the entire house

There is no action required; it takes about 60 seconds to fully turn on. The LED will then flash blue for a few seconds before becoming solid blue.

Purple - blinking

Firmware updates

Don't turn off your Wi-Fi discs while the LED is flashing purple; when finished, the LED will turn solid purple, then solid blue.

Flashing green ( Only for Mini Whole-Home Wi-Fi)

The new disc is being synced.

After about a minute, the light should turn blue.

Where can I find the user manual?

The user guide and other documents for your Whole Home Wi-Fi product can be found under 'Documents':

Wi-Fi in the Home >

Mini Whole-House WiFi >

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