How the DWP Defrauds PIP Claimants, Updated 15 July 2020; In-Person Evaluations Still on Hold

Details Published on: July 15, 2020

PIP achievement
"I just received official notification that I was successful in restoring PIP for my older autistic brother." This was the result of research on this website and a phone consultation with someone who truly understood his condition. This may be "luck of the draw," but it is a massive mental load for me. It also marks the end of 18 months of intense stress for my family. The added benefit is that it will not be reviewed for ten years. I am extremely grateful to this organization for the information, without which I would not have known where to begin. ”

Dear Sir/Madame,

In this edition, we share the findings of our survey, which revealed how the DWP defrauds PIP claimants out of mobility awards for mental health.

In response to the DWP's tactics, we have updated our PIP claims guide, which now includes 8 pages solely dedicated to 'going out,' and we are offering members the opportunity to attend a two-hour webinar on the PIP mobility component for mental health.

We also reveal that face-to-face assessments for all benefits remain suspended, but PIP reviews, reassessments, and renewals have resumed.

We warn that universal credit sanctions have been reinstated, with the coronavirus exemption removed.

We learn that the death rate for PIP claimants has increased dramatically, but the DWP refuses to look at the figures for other benefits.

In addition, we have learned that a petition to "Stop Benefit Deaths" has been launched. Simultaneously, the EHRC refuses to investigate claimant deaths and the DWP refuses to apologize for them.

Finally, we explain why the results of our telephone or face-to-face survey were delayed.

PIP claimants with mental health conditions are being cheated out of mobility component awards by assessors and decision makers who fail to collect evidence and apply the law incorrectly, Benefits and Work can reveal.

The shocking evidence for these tactics comes from our survey of over 1,000 newsletter subscribers who have applied for the PIP mobility component due to mental health issues.

They have told us that their evidence about planning and route problems was simply not included in the assessor's report.

'Are you capable of planning and navigating a journey?' 'No, my son does it.' 'Do you use an app to plan your trips?'

journey 'This is something my son does. (I told him I always take taxis from the same company.)

Usually, I only go to doctor and hospital appointments with my son. None of this was mentioned in the


Others were misled about their eligibility:

When I asked the assessor to consider my mental health, they said I wouldn't get any consideration for mobility on mental health grounds unless I was cowering in the corner and unable to speak.

enquired if I owned a car I said yes, and she said that if you can drive, you will not be given the mobility part.

In many cases, a sliver of evidence was used to illegally justify refusal. Much of this was related to driving a car, as mentioned above, or simply having a valid driver's license.

I claimed to have a driver's license that I had used as identification.

I claimed to drive myself and work full-time, but neither is true. What is true is that I own a car that I cannot use.

Most of the time, I get rides from my husband or take taxis. I have not worked in nearly a year.

In fact, as the decision maker is aware, the law requires the DWP to consider the ability to follow a route on foot, by public transportation, and by car when determining eligibility for the mobility component.

Not just one, but all three

However, the ability to use taxis, attend hospital appointments, attend a face-to-face assessment, or even walk the dog were all incorrectly used to refuse awards.

She can plan a trip, take a taxi with a friend to the store, and return home.

take a taxi to her psychiatric appointments without being accompanied (I had stated that I do this and

used the same taxi and driver for years - everything was ignored)

said I could go to my hairdresser, whom I'd known for over 25 years

The stated attendance at face to face was sufficient evidence to conclude that there were no difficulties in mobilizing.

and dealing with travel arrangements, among other things

I was asked if I go out at all, so I said I walk the dog at 11 p.m. when no one is around and it's quiet.

is quiet I was not given mobility because I could do this.

In reality, the ability to make one-time trips, such as to an assessment or a hospital appointment, or even familiar trips, does not preclude you from qualifying.

Many other factors, such as the ability to navigate unfamiliar routes, the ability to complete journeys on time, and the impact on you afterward, must all be considered.

That is what the law states.

Unfortunately, that is not what the DWP does. Many of those who responded to our survey discovered this to their detriment.

To assist our members in dealing with these illegal tactics, we have updated our PIP claims and reviews guide.

It now has 8 pages just on completing the PIP2 How your disability affects you form's Going Out page.

We agree that this is an absurd amount of information for a single page of a form.

However, it is the most difficult of the PIP activities.

It is also worth £62. For those who meet the criteria for the enhanced rate, the weekly wage is $25.

So we believe it is worthwhile to invest some time in getting it right. Especially since the DWP works so hard to get it wrong.

This is also why, on July 20, we will hold an extra-long, two-hour members-only webinar on claiming the PIP mobility component on mental health grounds.

Over 250 people have already registered to give themselves the best chance of getting the right decision, but there are still spots available.

Both the guide and the webinar will assist you in providing all of the evidence required to obtain the appropriate award in your case, even if you are required to appear before a tribunal.

The DWP has announced that face-to-face benefit assessments will continue to be suspended in order to protect people from the unnecessary risk of coronavirus. However, this will be kept under review.

Meanwhile, PIP and DLA reviews and reassessments will gradually resume beginning this month, beginning with claims that were already in progress when they were suspended.

The DWP says they will be writing to some PIP and DLA claimants soon to ask them to complete paperwork so that their reviews, reassessments, and renewals can resume.

If your paperwork has already been returned, you may be contacted by an assessment provider soon.

The DWP has revised their universal credit guidance to remove the exemption from sanctions for claimants infected with coronavirus.

The following language was removed from the guidance:

'You will not be sanctioned if you are unable to keep your Claimant Commitment due to coronavirus (COVID-19).'

There is no explanation for how this will work in practice, but it gives DWP staff more leeway in imposing sanctions on disabled claimants who are at a higher risk of COVID-19 and have changed their behavior accordingly.

PIP claimant deaths have increased dramatically since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The figures obtained by Labour MP Debbie Abrahams show a 15% increase in PIP claimant deaths in April this year compared to last year.

Abrahams also requested information on universal credit, income support, jobseeker's allowance, and employment and support allowance.

The DWP, on the other hand, has refused to make these available because they "could only be provided at disproportionate cost."

According to Abrahams, who spoke to Disability News Service:

"It's simply not acceptable that DWP ministers dismiss my request for these data - they should be aware of claimants' deaths in all circumstances in order to understand what this means for the social security system that is supposed to support them." I'm not going away. ”

Rethink Mental Illness has launched a petition calling for an independent investigation into benefit deaths, arguing that:

'The time is ticking.' The government will transition people from ESA to Universal Credit in November; it is critical that we understand the circumstances of these deaths before making this transition. ’

A wide range of other charities, including Child Poverty Action Group, Disability Rights UK, Liberty, Mind, and the MS Society, have signed the petition.

Meanwhile, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has finally refused to investigate benefit deaths after delaying a decision for over a year.

It is now blaming the pandemic for its heinous inaction.

Simultaneously, the Work and Pensions Committee has slammed the DWP's secrecy over its investigation into benefit deaths.

Therese Coffey, the secretary of state, is still refusing to provide any information about the Serious Case Panel, which was supposed to be set up to ensure that the DWP learned from the deaths of claimants.

This refusal extends to not even stating what the panel's terms of reference are, let alone what findings it has reached.

Coffey has also refused to say whether the DWP has apologized to any families.

Which strongly suggests that no apology has been extended.

Never, ever apologize. Never explain anything. Ignore the rules.

It might not be the DWP's motto, but it could be.

Thank you to the over 3,000 readers who responded to our survey, which asked whether they preferred PIP telephone or face-to-face assessments. We had planned to share the results with you in this newsletter.

However, nearly 1,500 respondents left comments, some of which were quite detailed.

When people take the time to leave a comment, we read them and try to learn from them.

That means we haven't finished analyzing the results yet.

However, they will be available in the next newsletter.

And they are unquestionably worth reading.

So, we'll be back in a fortnight with the final newsletter before our summer vacation.

Good Luck,

Mr. Steve Donnison


How PIP claimants are cheated out of mental health mobility component awards

Face-to-face assessments are still on hold, but PIP reviews, reassessments, and renewals have resumed.

The exemption for UC coronavirus sanctions has been removed.

Sharp increase in PIP claimant deaths as DWP refuses to pay to check figures for other benefits

Coffey refuses to say whether a single apology has been issued to the families of those who died.

The EHRC has refused to investigate benefit deaths.

A petition to stop benefit deaths has been launched.


The forum is much quieter at the moment, with most PIP and ESA reviews and reassessments on hold and the number of new PIP claims plummeting.

However, as always, we appreciate everyone who takes the time to post in the forum or email us with news of their success. We understand that it is many readers' favorite and most encouraging part of the newsletter.

Thank you for the UC phone evaluation and LCWRA!
"I had my phone assessment at 1pm yesterday and received my decision at 11am today, after months of waiting." Thank you so much for your tips (especially the one about taking notes ahead of time).
I don't think I've felt this good in years. ”

PIP Result
"I appreciate everyone's assistance and the guidance forms on this website."
I received my PIP award, which was at the standard rate for both. On the 15th of May, I received my telephone assessment, and on the 8th of June, money was deposited into my bank account. It was certainly an unexpected, quick result. On Saturday, I received a letter of confirmation. ”

My successful PIP experience
“Hi All When I applied for PIP, this is what happened to me. It was my first DLA application after applying for it several years before. 2019: I called on 14 August to begin the application... 12 November Assessment... 2 December Decision made and award letter received Normal Daily Life Inability to Move For an indefinite period of time 16 December, I mailed my MR letter along with all of the original evidence... 3 February, I received a phone call from a Case Manager to discuss the points raised in my MR letter... 12 February, I received the decision... Standard Mobility and Improved Daily Living On March 5, I launched an online Mobility Appeal. The Tribunal Service sent a letter on May 29. The appeal had expired because a new decision had been made... 8 June Following a phone call to the DWP, I received a decision letter. Enhanced Daily Living and Mobility for an Indefinite Period I had hoped for at most Standard Daily Living and Enhanced Mobility, so I am overjoyed with the outcome. All of this happened after I turned 65, and my ailments are mostly musculoskeletal in nature. The majority of my evidence was out of date, but I had a recent GP report. This experience taught me that: you use the guides (which are invaluable and extremely helpful)

Provide numerous examples of how your circumstances make life difficult. Don't confine yourself to the space provided on the PIP2 form. I couldn't have done it without this website, the guides, Gordon, Gary, and BIS, as well as all of the other contributors, and I'd like to thank you all. ”

Without Medical Support Group

“hi Thanks to everyone's assistance, I was assigned to a non-medical support group. ”

I can't express how relieved I am.
I just wanted to let you know that, thanks to your detailed guides, I am still LCWRA on UC.
The assessment was completed on paper, and the assessor called to confirm one point. This was on Friday, and I received good news on Monday morning. I can't express how relieved I am.
Thank you for providing these resources. They are invaluable and alleviate the majority of the stress associated with the form.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
We just found out that our son's PIP claim (moving from DLA) was approved. He has been more than successful, moving from the standard rate to the enhanced rate for Daily Living, and has also received a ten-year award. He continues to be on the standard Mobility rate. It's been a difficult process, not least because he had a stressful phone interview. He is autistic, and assessments are extremely difficult for him, even with assistance. I'm not sure how we would have gotten by without the help of the Benefits and Work website and the recent Covid-19 webinars. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are now extremely relieved.

Thank you for your fantastic website.
On Wednesday, I applied for UC50. (Due to CV19, I had to wait three months before applying.) ) On Friday, my application was received. On Tuesday, I received a phone call to clarify some points. I received a letter today in my UC journal stating that I met the criteria for LCWRAG. Overjoyed Thank you for your fantastic website.

Thank you so much to everyone.
Thank you so much for your wonderful online support, webinars, and PIP information. I applied in January and, with the assistance of your website, self-completed all of the necessary forms before receiving a phone interview three weeks ago. I recently learned that I have been awarded increased rates for both daily living and mobility until December 2022. Because this was backdated, I received a pleasant surprise in my bank account.
Without your assistance, I would not have had the confidence to complete the forms and participate in the nearly two-hour phone assessment.

Good luck,

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