How long does it take for a pigeon egg to hatch?

Pigeons mate for life and usually lay two eggs. They will incubate the eggs for up to 21 days, but pigeon eggs typically hatch on the 18th day. If you keep pigeons, here is a step-by-step guide to pigeon mating and egg production.

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Mating Habits

If you know what mating behaviors to look for, you can predict when eggs will be laid.

Pigeons are generally monogamous, and they will mate with the same partner every season until one or both of them dies. Pigeons, unlike other animals, can and frequently do raise more than one brood per season.

Pigeons can mate and lay eggs all year if the conditions are favorable, so keep this in mind.

Males usually choose which female pigeon they want to mate with and then demonstrate their abilities to her as part of the mating ritual.

The cooing sounds of a male pigeon change as he woos the female and struts around trying to catch her attention.

If the female pigeon responds positively, she becomes friendly with the male and the pair finds a suitable location to build a nest together. This is where pigeons mate and the female lays her eggs (usually up to three at a time).


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Habits of Nesting

To begin the nesting process, the male pigeon will choose a location and return with a single stick to indicate to the female where he intends to build a nest. They will then finish the nest together. pigeon and egg

Pigeons, unlike other birds, rarely build their nests in trees.

Pigeon nests are instead found in remote locations away from people and predators, such as ledges under bridges or flat rooftops. They can also be found in barns, rafters, and the ledges of tall buildings.

A pigeon nest is distinguished by its saucer shape, 11 to 12 inches in diameter, and construction of only leaves and stems.

In some cases, a pair of mating pigeons will have two nests, each with two eggs. This provides plenty of space for the couple to care for the eggs as well as the babies once they hatch.

Before laying an egg, the female will usually sit in the nest for a few days.

Pigeon pairs may reuse or build a new nest at the same location for each subsequent brood in many cases.

Keep this in mind when breeding pigeons so that they can follow their natural instincts when preparing their nest for eggs and babies.

Eggs from Pigeons

A female pigeon will usually lay two eggs in her nest or two in each of her nests. pigeon eggs in a nest

The eggs are usually small and white, and while both pigeons will assist in incubation, the female will do the majority of the work.

The female may sit on her eggs for more than 24 hours before allowing the male to take a turn so she can eat and sleep.

The majority of incubation occurs between the hours of mid-afternoon and mid-morning.

Hatching and Incubation

Most pigeon eggs will incubate for about 18 days before hatching. During this time, the male and female will alternate incubating the eggs.

It is not common to use a pigeon egg incubator to hatch pigeon squabs because hand rearing pigeon chicks is difficult; however, if you find an abandoned egg, an incubator is the best way to ensure the egg's survival.

Baby pigeons typically stay in the nest for up to 29 days after hatching, and sometimes even longer.

This is much longer than most other bird species, and because baby pigeons resemble adults when they leave the nest, most people don't notice them.

Baby pigeons grow quickly in the nest, and the mother and father must provide constant nourishment to keep them alive and growing.

Squabs, or baby pigeons, are fed crop milk, which is a regurgitated mixture of liquid food produced by the parent birds.

After about ten days, baby pigeons eat less crop milk and more traditional types of pigeon food brought back to the nest by the mother and father.

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Pigeon Eggs Do Not Hatch After 21 Days

Pigeon eggs that have not hatched are not uncommon. It is estimated that 10-15% of nests contain eggs that will not hatch.

A pigeon will naturally incubate their egg for up to 18-20 days, hoping for it to hatch.

They will usually abandon the egg after this time.

This does not imply that the girl has died. After 21 days, pigeon chicks can still hatch.

In a temperate climate, an egg can last up to 7 days without being incubated. If you are unsure, keep the egg warm.

If the egg has not hatched by the 26th day, it is highly unlikely that it will ever hatch.

Before you throw away the egg, listen for any sounds from a live chick and perform the "candle test" (shine a light into the egg).

When Pigeons Refuse to Reproduce

If you're trying to breed your pigeons, you should know that they can't always reproduce.

If you have a mating pair but don't see any eggs or nothing hatches from the eggs laid, you may have an infertile or barren pigeon.

One solution is to separate the pair and try to get them to mate with other pigeons.

This can sometimes cure infertility and result in healthy hatchlings.

Having More Than One Pair Breed

The majority of pigeons are friendly and enjoy socializing with other pigeons. If you're breeding them, you don't have to keep the nests separate from each other.

Pigeons in the wild frequently roost and nest in close proximity to one another. Allowing your pigeons to go through this natural process may result in healthier mating habits and stronger babies.

The answer to the original question is that pigeon eggs hatch in about 18 days. This can vary in length, but it gives you a good idea of what to expect if your pet pigeon mates and lays eggs.

Allow the natural process to unfold naturally so that the parents are motivated to care for their babies and keep them healthy.

What Is the Time Difference Between Pigeon and Dove Egg Hatching?

Although they are related, there are some differences between doves and pigeons, one of which is egg hatching time.

It's not a huge difference. Dove eggs hatch in 14 days, whereas pigeon eggs take an average of 18 days.

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