How Much It Will Cost To Rewire Your Home Full Details

The goal of this guide is to break down the average cost of rewiring a house and explain everything a homeowner needs to know about the rewiring process.

More specifically, we'll go over the following topics:

  • What exactly is an electrical rewire?
  • When should a house be rewired?
  • What is involved in rewiring a house?
  • How much time does it take to rewire a house?
  • The cost of rewiring a house
  • The cost of rewiring a bungalow
  • Kitchen rewiring costs
  • Bathroom rewiring costs
  • Garage rewiring costs
  • The cost of rewiring a flat or maisonette
  • Other costs associated with house rewiring
  • Do you need permission to rewire a house?
  • Checklist for Hiring an Electrician to Rewire a House

Complete Electricians believes it is critical for homeowners to understand what it costs to rewire a home. From whole-house rewiring costs to the costs of rewiring a single room, by the end of this guide, you will have the most up-to-date information.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the possibility of having one of our qualified electricians carry out the rewire for you, please visit our electrical rewires page here for more information or to request a free quote.

Cost To Rewire A House

What Is An Electrical Rewire?

Every house has an electrical wiring system that powers all of your appliances, lighting, outlets, and other electronic devices. As with anything, your electrical wiring will deteriorate over time, especially given the high electricity demands of the average modern home.

Your electrical system and wiring will need to be replaced over time to ensure that it is safe, meets current regulations, and operates at peak efficiency. In a nutshell, rewiring a house entails replacing all wiring and upgrading the consumer unit.

When Should a House Be Rewired?

In this section, we believe it is critical that homeowners are aware of the warning signs that their home needs to be rewired. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  1. Electric keeps tripping out - this is related to your consumer unit and could indicate that your house needs to be rewired. Another sign could be that your lighting is dimming or that you need to replace bulbs on a regular basis.
  2. Noises such as crackling or buzzing around your electrical components indicate that there is a problem with your wiring. This could also indicate that you have blown fuses that need to be replaced or upgraded, which can be caused by faulty wiring.
  3. Your consumer unit is made of wood and has cast iron switches, outdated or cracked plug sockets, and black cabling/old cable colors. There is no labeling or there is no RCD (residual current device), which is a critical lifesaving device to prevent serious injury or, in the worst-case scenario, fatal electric shocks.
  4. Discoloration of wiring or fittings - This could be a serious indication that you need to rewire because discoloration is usually caused by constant overheating and burning.
  5. Your house hasn't been rewired in 25 years - things change quickly, and your electrical wiring is no exception. If your home has not been rewired in the last 25-30 years, we recommend that you contact a qualified electrician as soon as possible.

What Is Involved in House Rewiring?

Our electricians are frequently asked what it takes to rewire a house, so we thought it would be a good idea to share the process with you. Rewiring a house typically entails the following steps:

Budgeting and Planning

You must plan and budget before rewiring your home. Rewiring your entire house or even a single room is not cheap, and once begun, it must be completed properly. You cannot leave an electrical rewire incomplete, so make sure you can afford to finish the job completely. This includes obtaining an estimate from an electrical contractor for the cost of rewiring a house.

It is also necessary to plan what type of fittings and components you intend to install. This includes things like deciding how many lights, light switches, plug sockets, and other power points you want throughout the house.

Choosing an Electrician and Obtaining Estimates

When selecting an electrician for house rewiring, ensure that they are fully qualified, trained, and licensed. If you are unsure, you should request documentation when you meet with them. We cannot emphasize how important this is. Because not all electricians charge the same rates, we recommend getting three to four quotes to ensure you get a fair price for your rewire. Please keep in mind that cheap does not always imply good.

Inspection of Existing Wiring

When determining when a house needs to be rewired, we always recommend having an electrician inspect your existing wiring and installations. This will be much less expensive and may save you the cost of a full rewire if the electrician believes your wiring is safe and up to date. More information on electrical testing and inspection can be found here.

Installing New Wiring and Components

If the inspection determines that a full rewire is required, the process typically begins by removing the old wiring and installations from beneath the floor and inside the walls. The new wiring and consumer unit will be installed through the same space that the old cabling ran through (in most cases).

Following the installation of new wiring, the electrician will install new electrical components such as sockets, lights, switches, and anything else specified. Please keep in mind that installing new fixtures may necessitate cutting into walls and ceiling spaces.

Post-Installation Examinations

After your home has been completely rewired, all of our installations must be tested again. This is also known as an EICR Certificate or an Electrical Installation Condition Report. If the test results show that you are in compliance with the latest regulations, you will be given an electrical safety certificate. Please keep this certificate safe. This is especially true for rental properties or if you intend to sell your home.

How Much Time Does It Take To Rewire A House?

When estimating how long it will take to rewire a house, consider the size and number of rooms. A full rewire of a typical house (3-4 bedrooms) can take up to 7 days to complete. However, the time it takes to rewire a house is determined by the size of your property and the number of new components you have installed.

Cost of Electrical Rewiring

We thought it would be helpful to include rough cost breakdowns in this section to assist you with planning and budgeting. Prices include labor, materials, final sign-off, and building control notification, all of which should be considered when requesting quotes.

As we've previously stated, cheap does not equal good when it comes to something as important as your home's electrical system and wiring.

How Much Does it Cost to Rewire a House?

Have you been attempting to calculate the cost of rewiring your home? Below is a detailed breakdown based on the number of bedrooms in your home. It is also important to note that the cost of rewiring an old house may be slightly higher due to building regulations and the property's nature (e.g. g if your house is on the market)

House Dimensions Average Price (plus VAT) Job Timeline How much does it cost to rewire a two-bedroom house? £1,500 – £3,000 3 – 4 days How much does it cost to rewire a three-bedroom house? £3,000 – £5,000 5 - 7 days How much does it cost to rewire a four-bedroom house? £5,000 – £7,000 7 – 10 days How much does it cost to rewire a five-bedroom house? £7,000 – £9,000 10 – 14 days How much does it cost to rewire a six-bedroom house? £9,000 – £15,000 14 - 20 days

How Much Does It Cost To Rewire A Bungalow?

Because the cost of rewiring a bungalow is comparable to that of rewiring a house, the above estimates are nearly identical. A complete cost breakdown is provided below.

Bungalow Size Average Price (plus VAT) Job Timeline How much does it cost to rewire a two-bedroom bungalow? £1,300 – £2,800 3 – 4 days 3 bedroom bungalow wiring cost £2,800 – £4,800 5 - 7 days How much does it cost to rewire a four-bedroom bungalow? £4,800 – £6,800 7 – 10 days How much does it cost to rewire a 5 bedroom bungalow? £6,800 – £8,800 10 - 14 days Cost of rewiring a six-bedroom bungalow £8,800 – £14,000 14 – 20 days

How Much Does It Cost To Rewire A Kitchen?

Cost To Rewire A Kitchen

The cost to rewire a kitchen varies depending on whether you are installing a new kitchen or upgrading your existing kitchen wiring.

The average cost of rewiring a kitchen is between £1,000 and £1,800 plus VAT.

Due to the use of multiple kitchen appliances, kitchens are the one room in the house with the most plug sockets and wiring. As a result, the price will be slightly higher than for other rooms in your home.

Bathroom Rewiring Cost

Cost To Rewire A Bathroom

If you are installing a new bathroom or simply need to upgrade your existing bathroom wiring, the average cost to rewire a bathroom is as follows.

The average cost of rewiring a bathroom is between £800 and £1,500 plus VAT.

The cost of bathroom rewiring varies depending on the number of extractor fans, plug sockets, shaving sockets, lights, electric towel heaters, electric showers, and so on.

Garage Rewiring Cost

When attempting to estimate the cost of rewiring a garage, several factors must be considered. The main consideration is how you intend to use the garage. If it's for work or exercise, you'll need more lights and sockets than if it's just for storage.

The average garage rewiring cost is between £500 and £1,000 plus VAT.

We've seen people try to do garage rewires on their own because it's "not in the house," and this is something we strongly discourage.

How Much Does It Cost To Rewire A Flat Or Maisonette?

People often believe that rewiring a flat or maisonette should be much less expensive than rewiring a house. Although this is not always the case because a flat can still have multiple bedrooms, living space, and a kitchen.

Rewiring a two-bedroom flat or maisonette typically costs between £3,000 and £4,000 plus VAT.

Of course, if you have more or fewer rooms, the cost will be slightly lower, but as a general rule, this estimate is in the range we've seen quoted the most.

Other Cost Factors for House Rewiring

  • House Size - In general, larger houses have more wiring, plug sockets, power points, lights, larger consumer units, and so on.
  • Property Layout - For example, a multi-story house is more difficult to rewire than a single-story bungalow. The wiring must be run over longer distances, which takes more time and raises labor costs.
  • Consumer Unit Access - If your wiring and consumer unit are in a difficult-to-reach location, the rewiring cost will be higher due to the difficulty of the job.
  • Empty or Occupied - If your house is empty, the electricians will be able to work more quickly and easily than if it is fully occupied.
  • Number of Fittings - If you intend to install a large number of new fittings, this will take longer to complete. Another important consideration is the type and quality of fittings, with more expensive/bespoke fittings taking longer to install.
  • Property Location - If your home is in the North of England, rewiring prices are typically lower than in the South.
  • Waste Disposal - Your electrician will most likely be able to remove any refuse, but depending on the scope of the work, you may have to hire a skip.

Is it necessary to obtain planning permission to rewire a house?

Customers frequently ask us if they need planning permission to rewire their home. Fortunately, the answer is no. The only possible exception is if you live in a listed building. If this is the case, you should contact your local government and check building codes before attempting any type of electrical rewiring in your home.

Checklist For Hiring An Electrician To Rewire A House

Choosing the right electrician to do your house rewiring is arguably one of the most important factors to consider. Faulty or improperly installed wiring can cause electrical fires, serious injury/death due to electrocution, or unnecessary and increased costs in having to hire another electrician to correct bad work.

When hiring an electrician to rewire your home, keep the following in mind:

  1. Qualifications - Your electrician must be fully qualified and trained to perform electrical work safely. Level 2 and 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations, as well as Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Electrotechnical Technology, should be sought after.
  2. Registered & Certified - Always hire an electrician who is registered with the Electrical Registered Competent Person and has been certified by organizations such as NAPIT or NICEIC.
  3. Insurance - Make sure they have adequate insurance, such as Public Liability Insurance, to protect you and your home in the event of an accident or property damage.
  4. Suitable Experience - We recommend hiring an electrician with at least 5 years of rewiring experience. Of course, the more experience they have, the better, but it is still critical to support young local businesses. If in doubt, simply request customer testimonials, references, and photos of previously completed house rewires.
  5. Guarantees - Having an electrical company that provides guarantees for peace of mind is always a plus. For example, at Complete Electricians, we provide all customers with a full workmanship guarantee, which means that we will fix any potential mistakes free of charge if they occur after completion and final handover.

What Should You Do Next?

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with a better understanding of how much it costs to rewire a house. We believe it is critical that homeowners receive transparent pricing so that they can make better decisions, budget, and plan more effectively.

If you need assistance estimating the cost of rewiring your home, please contact us today for a free quote and consultation. We offer complete electrical rewiring services for any type and size of home.

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