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One of the most common questions when getting divorced is 'how long does a divorce take?' There are numerous factors that influence how long your divorce will take. Continue reading for a timeline of the divorce procedure.

Is it possible to get a "quick divorce"?

You may have heard of 'quick divorces,' which promised to end your marriage in a matter of weeks.

The truth is that in England and Wales, there was no such thing as a "quick divorce." The new 'no-fault' divorce process imposes a new minimum timeframe of 26 weeks from the filing of the application to the issuance of the Final Order.

This means that the divorce can now be finalized in 26 weeks. However, if there are any outstanding financial matters to be resolved, it is common for your divorce to take longer than this.

How quickly paperwork is processed and how busy the courts are will all have an effect on how quickly your divorce is finalized.

What factors influence the length of a divorce?

Even in a no-fault divorce, your divorce will likely take longer if you and your spouse cannot agree on:

  • Your financial assets are divided.
  • Contact information for your children

Your financial assets are divided.

You will be asked to provide evidence to assist with the division of financial assets during the divorce process.

If you and your spouse have assets, you must decide how to divide them as part of the divorce process. Assets may include the family home, pensions, savings, and personal effects, and you may be required to establish a child maintenance payment schedule.

Reaching a financial settlement can cause your divorce to be delayed, especially if you disagree on certain issues. This process can take time, whether you reach an agreement through your solicitors, mediation, arbitration, or the courts.

If the court must hear your financial agreement, this can add weeks or even months to the process.

Because the financial aspects of a divorce can be the most contentious, it is important to focus on them if you want the process to be completed as quickly as possible.

If you do not provide complete disclosure of your income, savings, pensions, or investments, you may face delays. Attempting to 'hide' assets can also significantly delay the process, as a 'Final Order' is frequently withheld until all financial arrangements are finalized.

Contact information for your children

If you have agreed on childcare arrangements, your divorce can be finalized. Otherwise, the process may be slowed while you establish a contact schedule for your children.

You do not need to go to court to reach an agreement, and you can create a framework for childcare through mediation or through your lawyer. However, if you do end up in court, the divorce process may be delayed.

Going to court can cause your divorce to take a long time and cost you a lot of money. Reaching an agreement through collaborative law or mediation can help you finalize your divorce faster.

Both of you are required to move your divorce proceedings forward. This could be accomplished by promptly returning documents or following up on the status of paperwork.

If there are issues that need to be resolved, the process will only move as quickly as the two of you can reach an agreement on these issues. Disputes over money or children can stymie the process, and any uncertainty about what to do next can cause delays.

Will handling everything myself expedite the process?

As legal aid requirements have become more stringent, an increasing number of people are representing themselves in divorce proceedings.

Handling legal matters yourself may save you money in the short term, but because your knowledge of the process may be lacking, it may cause the end result to be significantly delayed. You may require more time to prepare and present your case, and if you are unfamiliar with court procedure, you may overlook an important step.

A family solicitor understands the process and can handle issues that may cause your divorce to be delayed. They can advise you on the law, assist you in reaching an agreement on disputed issues, and pursue any outstanding paperwork.

How much time does it take between a 'Conditional Order' and a 'Final Order'?

You can apply for the conditional order after the 20-week period has passed.

Six weeks and one day after the conditional order is issued, you can apply for your final order, which is the document that legally ends your marriage. If you send it before this date, the court will reject it.

A quick look at the divorce timeline

There is a 20-week period between the start of proceedings (when the application is issued) and the applicant's ability to apply for a conditional order in divorce and civil dissolution proceedings. This gives the parties time to reflect and allows them to make practical arrangements for the future regarding their finances and any children.

At the end of the 20-week period, the applicant may request a conditional order, after which they may request a final order six weeks and one day after the date of the conditional order.

There are two ways to obtain a final order in the case of joint applications. First, one party notifies the other of their intention to seek a final order within 14 days. Following the 14-day notice, the other joint applicant withdraws and becomes the respondent, while the notice giver becomes the sole applicant. They have 6 weeks and one day from the date of the conditional order to file an application for a final order.

Alternatively, if joint applicants agree, they can jointly give notice for the conditional order to be made final.

This timeline assumes there are no financial or childcare issues to resolve, that you and your spouse are in agreement, and that all paperwork is completed and filed on time.

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