How Long Does It Take To Climb Snowdon? (Yr Wyddfa), How Challenging Is It To Hike Each Route?

Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa in Welsh) is possibly my favorite peak in the United Kingdom.

It is officially the tallest mountain in Wales, standing at 1,085 meters and nestled in the beautiful landscape of Snowdonia (Eryri) National Park.

Offering a variety of beautiful trails (as well as a mountain railway for those who don't want to walk) Snowdon is frequently referred to as the UK's busiest peak, attracting over 500,000 hikers each year.

Friends hiking up Snowdon, Wales

Many of these visitors are new to hill walking, so they frequently ask questions like:

'How difficult is it to climb Snowdon? ’


'How much time does it take to walk up Snowdon?' ’

As a broad generalization, conquering the formidable Welsh mountain could take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

Individual finishing times vary greatly on the peak because they are largely determined by three key factors: the route you take, the time of year you climb, and your level of fitness.

Let us break it down:

Snowdon is Wales' tallest mountain.

Top of Snowdon, Wales, Above The Clouds

The elevation is 1,085 meters (3,560 feet).

Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd

Where is Mount Snowdon?

Snowdon is located in Snowdonia National Park on the northwestern coast of Wales, which contains some of the most beautiful countryside in the United Kingdom.

Snowdon is a popular holiday destination, and it is conveniently located near the scenic Anglesey island (about which you can read more here).

The elusive Snowdonia Infinity Pool, nestled in the hills above the Llanberis Pass, is also close to Snowdon's peak...

How difficult is it to climb Snowdon?

Hill walking is a highly subjective experience; what is easy for one rambler may be difficult for another.

Nonetheless, if you're relatively fit and don't have any health issues, climbing Snowdon is definitely doable for those who have planned ahead of time and have the determination to reach the summit.

For novices or first-timers, we strongly recommend the Llanberis Path, which is widely regarded as the most forgiving trail up the peak (more on different mountain paths below).

How much time does it take to climb Snowdon?

In general, and depending on the route you take, hiking Snowdon could take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

Watkins Path Snowdon

The Llanberis Path, the easiest and most popular trail, is a steady walk to the summit that can take you up and down in 4-6 hours if you walk at a reasonable pace.

It will undoubtedly test you, but the gradual ascent to the trig point makes it Snowdon's most beginner-friendly mountain path by far.

However, keep in mind that hill walking is not a race. Don't be afraid to schedule breaks.

For more experienced hikers and daring types, advanced trails such as Watkin Path or Crib Goch may be appealing, both of which require some precarious scrambling and can potentially add several hours to your walking time.

Check out Naismith's rule for a more detailed and personalized estimate on mountain hiking times.

Snowdon Routes - From easiest to most difficult

Llanberis Path. Snowdon

While there are six recommended routes up Snowdon, there are several other options. Here are a few of our favorites, ranked by difficulty:

7) Lllanberis Trail

9 miles (14 kilometers) 5 km)
Start Location: Snowdon Parking, Llanberis, Caernarfon LL55 4TU

Summary: While covering the most distance on our list, the gradual incline leading up to Snowdon's summit is the most forgiving, making the Llanberis Path our top recommendation for first-timers on the mountain.

The Miners' Trail

8 mile (13 km)
Pen-y-Pass Car Park (SH 647 557) is the starting point.

Similarly, the Miners' Track begins as a relatively easy hike before gradually increasing in difficulty towards the top, where the path becomes steeper and more difficult to navigate.

5) The Snowdon Ranger Trail

8 miles (13 kilometers)
Llyn Cwellyn Car Park, off the A4085, is the starting point. (SH 564 551)

One of the oldest routes up Snowdown. The zig-zagging path will have your legs burning from the start, easing off only until you reach the second half of the climb, which involves a steep ascent all the way up to the peak.

4) The Pyg Track

7 miles (11 kilometers)
Pen-y-Pass Car Park (SH 647 557) is the starting point.

Despite being one of the shortest routes up Snowdon and requiring the least amount of ascent, the Pyg Track is far from easy. The steep ascent is made more difficult by the trail's rocky sections, which join the Miners' Track shortly before reaching the summit.

Rhyd Ddu Path 3)

8-mile distance 5 miles (12 kilometers)
Rhyd Ddu Car Park, off the A4085 (SH 571 526) is the starting point.

The Rhyd Ddu Path, known as the quietest route up Snowdon, is a good step up from the Pyg Track. While not as difficult as the Pyg Track, the narrow ridge of Bwlch Main is more exposed, which may pose a challenge for those who are not comfortable with heights.


8 miles (13 kilometers)
Start Location: Pont Bethania Car Park, Nant Gwynant (SH 627 507), off the A498.

The Watkin Path is widely regarded as one of the most difficult trails up the peak, with the most ascent of any route. The final scramble segment requires a strong sense of balance because you'll have to pull yourself up the eroded and exposed mountaintop.

1) Goch Crib

6 miles (9 kilometers) 8 km)
Pen-y-Pass Car Park (SH 647 557) is the starting point.

Summary: Climbing Snowdon via Crib Goch will have your knees buckling due to one of the most infamous grade 1 scramble segments in all of Britain. This exposed trail, which clambers along the stickleback ridge, is as thrilling as it is demanding, all while providing unrivaled views of the Welsh countryside below.

Snowdon Trail Distances Table

The Lllanberis Path 9 miles (14 5 km) Snowdon Parking, Llanberis, Caernarfon LL55 4TU The Miners' Path 8 miles (13 km) Pen-y-Pass Car Park (SH 647 557) is located off the A4086. Snowdon Trail 8 miles (13 kilometers) Llyn Cwellyn Car Park is located off the A4085. (SH 564 551) Pyg Track 7 miles (11 kilometers) Pen-y-Pass Car Park, off the A4086 (SH 647 557) The Rhyd Ddu Path 8.5 miles (12 kilometers) Rhyd Ddu Car Park (SH 571 526) is located off the A4085. Watkin Way 8 miles (13 km) Pont Bethania Car Park, off the A498 in Nant Gwynant (SH 627 507) Crib Goch 6 miles (9 8 km) Pen-y-Pass Car Park (SH 647 557) is located off the A4086.

Snowdon during the winter

The difficulty and length of time required to climb Snowdon are also heavily influenced by the weather.

Needless to say, summiting on a dry and clear day will be far easier than hiking after heavy snowfall.

Rain and cloud cover can also make visibility difficult and the rocky footpaths slippery. This is why a good pair of walking boots is necessary for grip and ankle stability.

Top of Snowdon, Wales

Snowdon is not recommended for inexperienced hikers, and even experienced hikers will need all of the necessary equipment to reach the summit.

This includes specialized equipment such as a pick axe and crampons, which the average hiker does not have lying around.

As part of the Three Peaks Challenge, Snowdon

For some ramblers, Snowdon may be the third mountain they must climb in the span of just 24 hours.

The National Three Peaks Challenge entails climbing the three highest mountains in the United Kingdom:

Scotland's Ben Nevis (1,344m)

Scafell Pike (978m) in England

Snowdon (1,085m) in Wales

It's safe to say that if you've already climbed Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike, the final ascent of Snowdon will be difficult.

Here's a quick video of us triumphantly reaching the summit of Snowdon during our Three Peaks Challenge:

Snowdon Climbing Guidelines

Preparation is essential when hiking any peak. The climb up Snowdon can be difficult, and the weather on the mountain is frequently unpredictable. Make certain to:

Bring appropriate footwear and clothing, including waterproofs, extra layers for warmth, and walking boots with ankle support.

Pack the essentials - A first-aid kit, compass, map, and torch are always useful. Phones are also excellent, but signal can be spotty during peak hours.

Bring plenty of snacks and water to keep your energy levels replenished. Remember to bring more fluids on hotter days because you'll sweat a lot more. For more information, see our post titled "10 Best Hiking Snacks To Fuel Your Next Adventure."

Walk with a friend and/or notify someone of your plans - it's always safer to climb with a friend. Keep someone informed of your hiking plans if you're climbing alone.

Check the weather forecast; if it doesn't look safe, don't go. Please return another day. The weather at the summit can be particularly ferocious.

Keep walking safely and happily

Top of Snowdon, Wales

Snowdon's Brief History

Snowdon was actually on the seabed over 500 million years ago, as evidenced by shell fossils discovered on the peak's summit.

Top Of Snowdon, Amazing Views

While geological evidence suggests that Snowdonia's distinctive landscape was formed over many years by volcanic and glacial activity, folklore claims that Snowdon's peak was actually created by the legendary King Arthur.

Snowdon is known in Welsh as 'Yr Wyddfa,' which roughly translates to 'The Great Tomb.'

It is said that Mount Snowdon was home to the fearsome giant Rhitta Gawr, who was known for killing men and making cloaks out of their beards.

Arthur defeated the ogre in a fierce battle on the summit of Snowdon. Before returning home, the king and his men built a tomb for the giant by piling rocks over the beast's body, resulting in the boulders seen today at Snowdon's summit.

Snowdon Peak, Summit. King Arthur

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