Getting Rid of Indoor Slugs

Dealing with slugs that have invaded your house can be a nightmare. These pesky creatures leave their slimy trails all over your floors, cabinets, and even walls, and stepping on one can be a gross and sticky experience. However, getting rid of them is possible. Below are some tips on how to remove every slug from your home and keep them from coming back.

Foot by slug in kitchen

Older homes are especially vulnerable to slugs, given their many cracks and crevices, and dark and cool interiors. According to Collin, who lives in an old farmhouse in a wet valley, dealing with slugs outside is one thing, but finding them in the kitchen is a whole other ballgame.

Slugs have a keen sense of smell and are often attracted to pet food, kitchens, and pantries. Even leaving your dog's food outside on a rainy night will bring them running to your doorstep. Another reason why slugs are so hard to get rid of is their amazing ability to squeeze through very tiny cracks. They can also climb up walls and travel upside-down, making entry points almost limitless.

To successfully get rid of slugs, it's essential to inspect your home's nooks and crannies for gaps, joints, and holes that could be a potential entry point. Follow the slimy trails and locate these points by using a torch/flashlight in the dark. You can then use expanding foam or silicon-based sealant to seal these entry points.

While many homeowners may resort to using pellets in a dish under the fridge to repel slugs, this is not an effective solution. For one thing, pellets won't increase the number of slugs coming in since there's already enough of an olfactory smorgasbord in your house. Rather, take matters into your own hands and arm yourself with the right tools for sealing cracks.

With these tips in mind, you can become a slimy slug conqueror and keep these pests from invading your home.

If you're dealing with larger gaps, we strongly suggest opting for polyurethane foam in a can. This amazing material not only expands as it dries, but it also fills up every nook and cranny with a sturdy, waterproof and pest-proof barrier, while also protecting against the chilly winter wind, annoying noise, and troublesome rodents. Be particularly mindful of gaps around pipes or ducts, and any spaces around doors or the edges of baseboard trim.

Make sure to wear gloves and don old clothes when handling foam, as it tends to stick to everything in sight - including your hands, your hair, your clothes, your children, and even passing cars. Seriously. To prevent any mess, lay down newspapers or plastic sheeting, and keep a rag or two handy to catch any foam that oozes out of the nozzle. And once the foam hardens, simply trim off any excess using a serrated knife or hack saw blade. If the foam is visible, it can easily be plastered or painted over. Note that the can comes with a flexible nozzle.

Copper Slug tape

We would like to emphasize that, unfortunately, we cannot endorse copper tape as an effective solution for dealing with slugs and snails. While it may seem like a great option, our experience and tests have shown that it simply doesn't work well in real-life scenarios. Despite studies suggesting it could work in some situations, most of the time slugs and snails have no issues slithering right over it. Visit one of our favorite garden sites to see videos demonstrating this. While countless websites may try to sell you on copper tape, we cannot in good faith recommend it.

For smaller gaps (anything smaller than a pencil), we recommend using silicone sealant. Simply squeeze a bit into any suspicious holes and fill any spaces between the floor and wall, the space around door trim, baseboards, or the joints between timbers. A tube of sealant is much easier to use in tight spaces than a large cartridge and gun.

Silicone caulk tube

To purchase or read reviews for foam, follow this link for the USA and this link for the UK.

Looking for ways to control slugs and snails? The most effective method is to apply pellets in the areas where they tend to hide. Luckily, the new generation of slug baits is not only effective but also safe for children, pets and wildlife. The baits are made of iron phosphate, a compound that is non-toxic to everything except the slimy pests. Once they eat the bait, they'll stop feeding and crawl away to die in a few days.

Avoid using old-style baits that contain metaldehyde, which is toxic to dogs, cats, wildlife and people. Even if the old baits are coated with "animal repellent," dogs can still seek them out. Therefore, it's not worth the risk. Only buy baits labeled "pet and wildlife safe" and formulated with iron phosphate. Your pets, wildlife, and children will thank you.

Are you ready to purchase and read reviews? Click here if you're in the USA, or click here if you're in the UK.

Another method for preventing slugs from entering your house is to install door seals. Even a small gap under an exterior door can allow slugs in. This seal may look odd, but it's easy to install. Just slide it under the door. It's not recommended over carpet, but a few strips of duct tape on the bottom can help it slide smoothly. The inner and outer sections of the seal can even be trimmed to different lengths, and it can reduce draughts/drafts and noise, too.

Draught excluder

To read reviews or purchase in the UK, click on this link. To read reviews or purchase in the US, click on this link.

Hiding spots for slugs should be removed to control their population outside, ultimately reducing their entry inside your house. Follow our 6-step plan to get rid of slugs around your property.

Diatomaceous earth is a useful technique to eliminate slugs. It comprises millions of single-celled algae fossils formed into deposits, comparable to limestone, which can be used as a barrier or sprinkled directly on slugs. However, it is ineffective once wet.

Ducks are excellent slug eaters and add a unique charm to your garden. Keep in mind that they also eat your lettuce seedlings, so fence them out until necessary.

Salt is a tried and tested method of killing slugs; however, it is not recommended due to its harmful effects on plants, creating an orange slimy mess, and being an impractical choice to adapt to.

The Pacific Northwest is one area prone to slugs, where the Pacific Banana Slug thrives in the region's organic matter. Although these slugs are not problematic in gardens and forests, other slug varieties can wreak havoc and should be controlled. In this case, My Northwest Garden is a reliable resource for Pacific Northwest gardeners.

Avoid digging a moat filled with salt around your house. It is expensive and toxic to plants, leading to refilling after every rainfall. Besides, it is an impractical solution to ward off slugs.

Expressing our gratitude for your assistance is paramount! In the event that you make a purchase through one of the links on our website, we receive a modest commission from Amazon. These funds are utilized to conduct additional research on gastropod molluscs, such as slugs and snails. It is important to note that this does not affect the price you pay in any way; rather, it assists us in our endeavors. Fortunately, slugs are not finicky eaters, and we do not require the exorbitantly priced 'Royal Complete Duck & Rabbit Senior Slug Mix'.

Banana Slug

Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your generous support.

Additionally, Amazon in the United States is currently offering exceptional deals on a broad range of tools and related products.

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